Facebook Post Makes Baseless Claim About Bill Gates’ Family Ties

The Facebook post also displays an image that misidentifies Gates as a young man. The post makes a baseless claim that Gates’ mother, Bill’s associate Jeffrey Epstein, was also related to Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted pedophile.

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In July, Maxwell’s arrest shed light on her alleged conspiracy to sexually abuse minors and her purported connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Over the years, numerous conspiracy theorists on social media have circulated false information about Maxwell’s familial ties and relationships with public figures.

Do you comprehend it? Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of Robert Maxwell who is associated with the Israeli Mossad agents, along with Jeffrey Epstein, used child trafficking to blackmail world leaders. Additionally, Bill Gates falsely claimed that he was associated with Rabbi Schneerson, the leader of the Jewish extremist end times cult Chabad Lubavitch. This false claim was made in an image posted on a Facebook account associated with the QAnon conspiracy group on August 4th.

The article does not mention Gates anywhere. The author of “The Energy: Better Rebbe’s Energy” article, Yosef Abramowitz, features a photo captioned “The photo in The Post.” The photo, which originally accompanied a 2014 article in the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, does not include Gates.

Apart from not being the young man depicted, Gates is not of Jewish descent.

I take part in and Melinda attends the Catholic church that they have frequented; our children have been brought up in a religious manner, Gates also mentioned that he and his spouse, Melissa. Nevertheless, they lacked comprehension of the natural world as they pursued inaccurate interpretations and individuals such as Richard Dawkins, whom humanity relied on for the existence of myths. When questioned about his faith in God, Gates stated that he concurred with “individuals like Richard Dawkins, whom humanity relied on for the existence of myths”. In 2014, Rolling Stone conducted an interview with Gates, covering various topics including religion.

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Furthermore, the article claims, with no substantiating proof, that Gates’ mother had ties to Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, aside from misrepresenting Gates’ religious convictions.

Maxwell W. J. Sr., The civic and executive leader of Bank City National in Seattle, was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. There is no connection between Maxwell Willard James Jr. And Mary Gates, the mother of Gates. Additionally, the post on Facebook by Maxwell’s Ghislaine does not provide any information about her maiden name.

In contrast, the Maxwell Communication Corporation, which was managed by Robert Maxwell, a former member of the British Parliament in the 1960s, was featured in The New York Daily News and the Mirror Group Newspapers. After losing the majority of his Jewish family during the Holocaust, he fled to France and later settled in the UK. Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Jan Ludvik Hoch, was originally from Czechoslovakia.

We did not receive any response, however, we made an attempt to contact the account that made the claims on Facebook regarding any connections between Gates and Ghislaine Maxwell’s family.

FactCheck.Org is one of several organizations working with Facebook to debunk and share stories from previous Our found on social media, Editor’s note.


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On July 2, 2020, Ghislaine Maxwell was charged in the Federal Court of Manhattan, New York, with conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein in the sexual abuse of minors. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York filed the charges.

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