Estimated 400-acre Oak Grove wildfire fully contained; 1 home destroyed

The blaze has returned to the nearby division. State assets have been deployed and the Forest Service mentioned that the fire was initially approximated to cover an area of 400 acres. On Thursday, the Texas A&M Forest Service confirmed that the fire, spanning 365 acres, is now completely under control.

The Hays County OES post reported that there was limited fire engagement throughout the region. Firefighters and bulldozers were tackling the northern section, whereas the southern part of the fire exhibited only a small amount of smoke.

The Forest Service announced on Sunday that the fire did not spread, and any occurrences of flare-ups and visible smoke came from inside the specified containment boundaries.

During the night, there was no increase in the fire size, stated Walter Flocke, a representative for the Texas A&M Forest Service. Firefighters will survey the fire during daylight hours, as announced by officials on Sunday.

There are no current evacuations, but Flocke said people should stay up-to-date on fire information and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

He mentioned that the Sunday forecast suggests “incredibly low humidity” and “hazardous fire conditions.” A Red Flag Warning will be put into effect later today.

On Saturday night, bulldozers persisted on the sides of the fire, as stated by Texas A&M Forest Service. According to Hays County, crews and aircraft would be present at the scene on Sunday. National Guard helicopters would carry out water drops, while a 20-person hand crew, 15 fire engines, and five bulldozers would be responsible for managing the fire.

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Impacted by the fire, Pedernales Electric Cooperative stated that it was present at the location endeavoring to reinstate electricity for the affected inhabitants as of 2:10 p.M. On Sunday.

Forest Service officials from Texas A&M University confirmed on Sunday that one home was destroyed, in addition to a number of outbuildings, as they continue to provide updates and assess damage caused by the fire.

Fire control

Flocke stated that once crews are completely confident that a fire will not spread beyond the designated area, they have achieved full containment. In the current situation, the fire’s perimeter is at 95%, indicating that it is 95% contained.

“It is a level of certainty that crews can start demobilizing and can depart the fire from that point,” Flocke stated.

Crews were working to mitigate the hot spots and cool down the area. The fire wasn’t spreading because there was so much heat on it, although the containment was at 20% at the time, Flocke said Sunday morning.

Evacuations in the area

Several others were put in danger, and one home was completely demolished. Mayor Mitchell of Kyle City stated that around 30 houses were cleared out on Sunday.

On Saturday, two churches acted as evacuation locations in San Marcos and Wimberley.

A resident of Hays County, Dan Searle, stated that his family prepared and made arrangements to evacuate if the fire threatened their home.

“It’s just stuff,” he said. “We need to save ourselves.”Output: “It’s simply belongings,” he stated. “We must safeguard ourselves.”

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Flocke law enforcement and arson investigators said that if a person is found to be negligent, fines will be enforced under the cause of the fire.

“Individuals simply need to exercise caution in any circumstance, regardless of their activity,” Flocke expressed.

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