Elisabeth Moss on a Possible ‘Shining Girls’ Season 2: ‘There’s More Story to Tell’

“I’m actually open,” Moss informs TheWrap regarding the continuation of the sci-fi series on Apple TV+.

Elisabeth Moss in Shining Girls

Elisabeth Moss stars in the Apple TV+ series, Sh

The finale of “Girls” on Apple TV+ was a fitting ending for a tense and traumatic season, as we watched Elisabeth Kirby (Moss) turn the tables on Harper, the traveler who had brutally assaulted her years before.

But is it really the same place where the novel by Lauren Beukes, “The Shining Girls,” ends, despite the limited series finishing in roughly the same location that Moss isn’t convinced this is where the story should stop?

TheWrap reports that the series, helmed by Silka Luisa, states, “Speaking from my own perspective, to be completely honest, I believe there is additional narrative to be shared.” “In the initial season, you often provide an overview of the situation, I believe.” “However, in the subsequent season, you have the opportunity to delve into the main subject matter and enjoy yourself.” “Therefore, I would be intrigued by the question of ‘where do we proceed from here’ without the need to elucidate the universe, but rather to explore it on a more profound level.”

Elisabeth Moss on How She Kept Track of Her Character’s Rapidly Shifting Reality in ‘Shining Girls’ (Video)

“Do I understand what I am supposed to do now? I think this character is really interesting to me, but I’m not sure what the complication is. I’m not even sure if the ending is going to be a happy one or not. Moss, who is also an executive producer on the series, directed two episodes and is the one responsible for the questions.”

Moss says there have definitely been discussions about the second season, but there are many people who have to make the decision as to whether or not we should do it again. Like, everyone’s always talking about anything and everything, so it’s not surprising that there’s a big conversation about it.

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The Emmy recipient is presently occupied shooting Season 5 of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” but asserts she’s “technically accessible” to come back for additional “Shining Girls.”

She states, “In a technical sense, I am currently free.” Alright. I am uncertain, yeah. Blah, blah, blah and it prepares to possess we’d and it inscribe to possess they and if even, we had Season 2.

Wagner Moura in “Shining Girls” (Apple TV+)

One thing she would like to witness more of is the connection between journalist Dan Velasquez (Wagner Moura), the individual who had faith in her extraordinary tale about the manipulation of time around her, but unfortunately does not live long enough to witness her victory over Harper. As the story concludes, when Kirby goes back a few years and encounters Dan at a bar, he does not recollect her.

I think my favorite scene of the season is when she shares a tragic and incredibly romantic moment with him in the bar. You don’t remember it anymore, and you don’t know this person, but maybe they do. There’s something romantic and interesting about the idea of their memory jogging. That scene was so fun to do, and I loved it.

“Thus, solely Wag and I are aware of the contents written on that sheet of paper. I possess it. I continue to possess the sheet of paper which she writes on and gives to him,” Moss additionally discloses that she retained a leaf from the notepad that Dan always holds.”

“Shining Girls” is available for streaming on Apple TV

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