Seven weeks before Denver’s mayoral runoff election, the first public poll of the matchup between candidates Brough Kelly and Mike Johnston shows a dead heat, attracting plenty of undecided voters.

The poll suggests that in the city’s June 6th election runoff, 34.1% of respondents from the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and undecided 27% left supported the former CEO and president of the chamber, Brough. Additionally, the poll indicates that 38.9% of likely voters supported Johnston, the former leader of Gary Ventures Community and a former state senator. This bipartisan poll was conducted by a team last week.

The support levels between the candidates were a statistical tie, indicating a difference within the margin of error of approximately 4.8 percentage points.

Situated in Jackson, Mississippi, Cygnal partnered with Chism Strategies, a Democratic consulting company. Cygnal, a respected Republican polling company headquartered in Washington, D.C., Carried out the survey of 410 probable runoff voters on April 11-12. The overview report for the survey, initially disclosed by Axios Denver, indicates, “The outcome of the race is still uncertain.”

In the beginning of February, the exact same ensemble and companies carried out a survey of the field of mayoral candidates consisting of 17 contenders in the general election. The survey was initiated by a coalition of Colorado startup and business executives working together as a committee known as “A Denver For Us All.”

On April 4th, participants indicated approximately equal levels of backing — around 21% — for Brough and Johnston. The recent survey’s sample, in conjunction with adjustment according to the pollsters’ runoff turnout assumptions, seems to lean slightly more towards conservative compared to the initial election outcome. Lisa Calderón, a progressive candidate who garnered 18.2%, was narrowly defeated by Brough who received 20%. Johnston emerged as the top contender in the first-round election on April 4th, garnering support from 24.5% of voters.

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In order to gather backing, there are ample chances for them — the second round showcases two of the relatively centrist contenders in the historically extensive initial pool.

Approximately 25% indicated an unfavorable opinion of each candidate, with 50.4% expressing this sentiment towards Brough and 56.6% towards Johnston. According to the recent survey, the majority of respondents held favorable opinions of the candidates competing in the runoff.

Among those surveyed, approximately 24% either had no stance on Brough or were unfamiliar with her, while the corresponding figure for Johnston was nearly 19%.

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  • They stated that they either did not vote in the April 4th election or were unsure. This could potentially attract more voters to the runoff election, as indicated by the 10% sample polling from Cygnal.

    According to the survey’s results, the contenders are almost evenly divided between females, with Johnston leading among males. Brough is preferred by voters with a college education, while Johnston is more inclined to receive support from voters who are affiliated with the Democratic party.

    The survey discovered that the top challenges prioritized by city government for voters remain unchanged from the February poll. These challenges include crime and public safety, which ranked at 34%, followed by housing availability and affordability at 24%, and homelessness at 20%.

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