Easy Black and White Milkshake Recipe

The Black and White Milkshake is the perfect choice for impressing guests, as it not only allows for quick preparation but also showcases a visually stunning black and white color contrast. If you are looking to amaze your loved ones with a delightful and visually appealing dessert, this indulgent treat is the way to go.

The blending of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, milk, and various other ingredients creates a delectable Black and White Milkshake. The combination of vanilla and chocolate ice cream gives the milkshake its black-and-white color when served in a glass or jar.

Serve the milkshake in a tall jar or glass, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cream. In a blender, blend the milk, ice cream (chocolate and vanilla), and additional ingredients such as chocolate chips, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, milk, and ice cream (white and black).

White and black milkshakes are an easy and versatile dessert, perfect for making a crowd-pleasing treat for family and friends on special occasions or parties.

Ingredients For Black and White Milkshake

To prepare a Black and White Milkshake, you will require:

  • 1 serving of vanilla frozen dessert.
  • 1 serving of chocolate gelato.
  • 1 glass of milk.
  • Chocolate sauce.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Chocolate chunks (if
  • How To Make Black and White Milkshake From Scratch?

    First, assemble your supplies. Blenders and a tall serving glass or jar are also required in addition to the components listed above.

    As per your preference, you can utilize either homemade or store-bought vanilla ice cream. Commence by pouring one cup of each, vanilla ice cream and milk, into the blender. Moving on to the next step, fill the blender with vanilla ice cream and milk.

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    Depending on how powerful your blender is, this should take anywhere from one minute to thirty seconds. Blend the milk and vanilla ice cream together until it becomes creamy and smooth. Thirdly, combine the vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender.

    The upper part of the glass should contain approximately half an inch of empty space for the layer of chocolate milkshake. Once it has been thoroughly mixed to achieve a smooth texture, a tall glass or jar is ideal for containing the vanilla milkshake. As the fourth step, utilize a tall glass or container to present the vanilla milkshake.

    As you did with the vanilla, select whichever chocolate ice cream you prefer and simply pour one cup each of chocolate ice cream and milk into the blender. Once you have filled the blender with chocolate ice cream and milk, proceed to the fifth step.

    Blend the chocolate ice cream and milk in a blender until it becomes smooth and creamy, which typically takes around thirty seconds to a minute, depending on the blender’s power.

    If you want a clean line between the layers of white and black, pour it down the middle of the glass. Carefully pour the chocolate milkshake on top of the vanilla milkshake into the tall jar or glass, if you desire consistency. The vanilla shake has been poured into the glass when it’s the seventh.

    Fluffy cream on the surface, and liquid chocolate on top. Creamy whipped cream and chocolate drizzles on the surface are not fully satisfying without black and white milkshakes. If desired, you can also add some chocolate chunks.

    The ultimate step: consuming it! At this juncture, your Milkshake that is both black and white is complete and prepared to be served. Assemble your beloved individuals to relish this delectable treat, and revel in witnessing their reactions as they experience the remarkable juxtaposition of the black and white arrangement. The presentation is striking as they savor the sweetness.

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    How To Store Black and White Milkshakes?

    These are the steps you need to follow to preserve your homemade Black and White Milkshake:

    Put the shake in an airtight container. Place the milkshake in a container with a tight-fitting cover, such as a mason jar.

    Place the container in the refrigerator and allow the milkshake to cool entirely before serving.

    The initial step is to take out the milkshake from the freezer before it is completely frozen. A suitable container for freezing, like a plastic container or ice cream tub, should be used. If you want to preserve the milkshake for an extended period, you can achieve this by freezing it.

    If the milkshake is too solid to be easily scooped out of the container, you can try refrigerating it for a couple of hours. Prior to consuming, remove it from the freezer a few minutes in advance so that the milkshake can be served at a moderate temperature.

    After the milkshake is frozen and then thawed, its texture may change slightly. If the frozen milkshake is too thick to scoop easily, you can add a small amount of milk to make it less thick before serving.

    Homemade black and white milkshake recipe

    Easy Black and White Milkshake Recipe

    Looking for a beautiful and delectable treat to impress your guests, a White and Black Milkshake is an easy way to create color contrast and surprise with its creamy rich dessert.

    Preparation Time: 5 minutes

    Cooking time is 15 minutes

    Time required: 20 minutes

    Course Drinks.

    Cuisine American.

    4 portions.

    Calories 91 kil

  • 1 serving of vanilla ice cream.
  • 1 serving of chocolate gelato.
  • 1 serving of milk.
  • Chocolate sauce.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Chocolate chips are not
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    First, collect your supplies. You will require a mixer, a tall glass, and the aforementioned items.

  • Blend together a combination of vanilla ice cream and milk. Use one cup of vanilla ice cream and one cup of milk. You can use store-bought or homemade vanilla ice cream.

  • Depending on your power blender, this should take around 30-60 seconds. Blend until the milk and vanilla ice cream are smooth.

  • Leave half an inch at the top of the glass for the chocolate milkshake layer. Pour the creamy vanilla milkshake into a tall jar or glass. Fill a tall glass with vanilla milkshake.

  • Combine milk and chocolate-flavored ice cream. Combine one cup of chocolate-flavored ice cream with one cup of milk. Similar to vanilla, any type of chocolate-flavored ice cream can be utilized. You can utilize any chocolate-flavored ice cream, just like vanilla. Combine one cup of milk with one cup of chocolate-flavored ice cream. Combine milk and chocolate-flavored ice cream.

  • This should take approximately 30-60 seconds, depending on the strength of your blender. Blend the chocolate ice cream and milk together until they become smooth. Combine the chocolate ice cream and milk in a blender and blend until smooth.

  • Pour the chocolate milkshake over the vanilla milkshake by placing the glass directly down to distinguish the layers of white and black.

  • Chocolate sauce. and whipped cream. Top your Black and White Milkshake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. You can also sprinkle chocolate chips.

  • Keyword monochrome milkshake formula.

    This milkshake is perfect for sharing with family and friends, and it also makes a great drink for a fun experimenting party. The flavor and presentation of this dessert will definitely wow your visitors. I really hoped that you liked this recipe for White and Black Milkshake.


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