Eartha Kitt’s Daughter Details the Performer’s Life and Legacy: ‘It Was Truly a Blessing’

Eartha Kitt, with her unique voice, worked hard to become one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. She brought animated films to life, whether as Catwoman, Batman’s sensual nemesis, or as Baby Santa, belting out nightclub staples in four different languages. Whether she was acting in films as a friend and mentor or captivating audiences on TV, Eartha Kitt’s talent couldn’t be denied. As one of the most charismatic and alluring mixed-race performers of her time, she achieved worldwide fame. She was truly purrrfect in every way.

Shapiro Kitt, 60, informs Closer, “It was genuinely a boon to have the capacity to live a life aware of the extent of love I received.” Eartha’s daughter, her utmost significant responsibility, prioritized being a mother above all else. Her legacy remains significant, almost 15 years after her demise. However, Eartha’s utmost happiness in life was discovered away from public attention.


In the memoir “A Daughter’s Love Story: Kitt & Eartha,” the survivor recalls her relationship with her mother, detailing a lot about her childhood. She spoke about the pain she experienced, as she was raised in a relative’s home where she was sexually and physically abused. At a young age, she was sent away and never knew her father, who was of African and Cherokee descent, while her mother was white. Eartha never experienced the blessing of knowing Keith Mae.

Eartha Kitt, a relative of Mamie, enrolled in the High School of Performing Arts (later renamed Metropolitan Vocational High School) when she moved from Southern California to Harlem. After moving to Harlem, she joined the Katherine Dunham Dance Company and became a member at the age of 16. Later on, she pursued a career in both screen and stage roles, as well as singing gigs in Europe.

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Eartha’s love life wasn’t spectacular, as she enjoyed close friendships with men like Dean James and Sidney Welles, recalling her relationships with boyfriends who were like brothers and sisters, such as John McDonald, a real estate investor, and Arthur Loew Jr., An heir to a movie studio, because her mixed-race heritage made her marriage to them unlikely.

Kitt states, “I believe my mother struggled in her marriage.” The short-lived union resulted in the creation of the true love of Eartha’s life. Eartha committed herself to providing her with a joyful childhood, something she never experienced. This involved taking Kitt with her on numerous journeys, teaching her the art of tending the vegetable garden at their Beverly Hills residence, engaging in playful activities, and sharing words of wisdom from the very moment her daughter was born. According to Kitt, one of her mother’s most cherished quotes was, “I’ve utilized all the adversity I’ve faced as nourishment for growth.”

Missing her, I long for the times when my mother would find my words amusing. While my family doesn’t share the same sentiment, Kitt, a married mother of two, fondly recalls, “She found my sense of humor quite entertaining.” They also delighted in sharing laughter together.

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