Duane Owen executed in killings of babysitter, mom. What Karen Slattery’s sister said

Owen was found guilty in the brutal killings of Worden Georgianna, a 38-year-old single mother and executive secretary, and a 14-year-old babysitter from Boynton Beach.

Owen brutally assaulted and murdered Worden using a hammer on May 29, approximately two months thereafter. On March 24, 1984, Slattery was repeatedly stabbed and sexually assaulted while caring for a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old at a residence in Delray Beach.

Owen, who was sentenced to death and convicted for the second time by a jury, was granted a new trial in the killing of Slattery. He claimed that he was looking for hormones to become a woman when he committed both murders.

Owen’s younger sister, Slattery, who was 10 at the time of her murder, said that the state of Florida took too long to carry out the sentence.

“Advance and place a shelf on it, Karen’s book can now be closely placed by the Slattery family. In fact, today on June 15, 2023 at 6:14 p.M., Karen’s final chapter of the book was actually written by The Slattery family in Florida. Today, Karen lives on in her legacy and, more importantly, in the lives of her family, friends, and community. Owen attempted to write the final chapter of Karen’s book in 1984, on March 24th, stating that “this process is finally over after thirty-nine”. Deputy Johnson, now a sheriff deputy in Monroe County, read a prepared statement.”

Duane Owen’s final moments were spent in solitude on Thursday.

He woke up at 7 in the morning and had his final meal early, at 9:45 in the morning.

It was a bacon cheeseburger without a bun, onion rings, strawberries, a vanilla milkshake and coffee. Meals can’t cost more than $40.

Owen did not receive any visits from a clergyman, acquaintances, or relatives.

A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Corrections released a statement on behalf of Owen, wherein she noted that he delivered it at 7:45 a.M.

It read:.

The U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Florida Supreme Court were the final appeals in which that argument served as the foundation. Owen’s legal representatives have consistently asserted that he lacked mental capacity during his trials and in multiple subsequent appeals.

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Owen’s execution for leaving the door open was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, but his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied. The 11th Circuit Court later rejected his lawsuit on Wednesday morning, June 5th.

Owen was the 103rd individual put to death in Florida since the capital punishment was reinstated in the United States in 1976.

Just two murder cases in Palm Beach County resulted in capital punishment

Two hours before the execution of Duane Owen and with thunderstorms near, the area designated for protesters was empty.

William Van Poyck, the guard who transported a fellow prisoner to a doctor in downtown West Palm Beach, was executed in 1987 for the murder of a prisoner at the Glades Correctional Institution. He was the last person to be put to death in Florida for a crime committed in Palm Beach County.

Patricia Greenfield, a 19-year-old student at George Washington University, worked as a convenience store clerk in Delray Beach during the summer. She was executed in 1977 for the murder of Martin Lee Nollie, the only other case. Martin stabbed her to death and left her body at the dump in Lantana.

Duane Owen began consuming alcohol at a young age. His parents passed away when he was a child.

Duane Owen was found guilty and sentenced to death for the murders of 14-year-old Karen Slattery of Boynton Beach and Georgianna Worden, 38, of Boca Raton.

Said that he has endured his attorneys.

A childhood friend of Owen described his residence as one characterized by alcohol misuse.

“It was the sole residence I am aware of that receives beer delivered by a beer truck,” the acquaintance mentioned.

Owen’s mother, who struggled with alcoholism, passed away when Owen was 11. Two years after that, his father took his own life.

By that time, Owen himself had been using narcotics and alcohol for an extended period.

Duane Owen grappled with gender identity disorder

The gender with which that individual identifies and the gender an individual is assigned at birth — gender dysphoria, which arises when there is a conflict, may have originated from another Owen grappled with those challenges.

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Many individuals experiencing gender dysphoria endure feelings of unease, sadness, and frequently resort to substance or alcohol misuse.

Owen’s attorneys have argued that, based on a 13-hour examination from a neuropsychologist, he suffers from a host of mental health problems.

In legal filings with the U.S. Supreme Court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Owen’s lawyers claimed that because of his unchanging psychotic delusions and dementia, he does not possess a logical comprehension of the correlation between his offense and imminent capital punishment.

Defense attorneys frequently cite the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to argue that mentally ill individuals cannot be legally put to death, as it would be considered a cruel and unusual punishment.

Those whose mental illness makes them “unaware of the punishment they are about to endure and the reasons behind it” should be protected from being executed. It is worth mentioning that the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently declined to establish a definitive ban on the execution of individuals with mental disabilities.

Some states have started to expand restrictions on the capital punishment of individuals with mental illnesses.

A gurney in an execution chamber at Florida State Prison in Starke where inmates receive lethal injection.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, which monitors death penalty cases and legislation nationwide, Ohio and Kentucky have both prohibited the capital punishment of individuals suffering from profound mental illness.

Florida among 24 states that continue to carry out capital punishment

According to a DPIC review, three states – Pennsylvania, California, and Oregon – currently have moratoriums imposed by their governors, while twenty-three states have eliminated the death penalty. Florida is among the 24 states that still retain the death penalty.

Onlookers observe from behind a transparent barrier as a person is undergoing a clinical execution, the event of a final feast and a chance for final remarks are commemorated, and it frequently adopts elements that are routine — demonstrations and opposing demonstrations — in the jurisdictions where the procedure still exists.

After perpetrating atrocious deeds, advocates of capital punishment emphasize its significance as a still essential deterrent and a money-saver, rejecting the idea of a convicted murderer being nourished, sheltered, and given medical assistance at the expense of taxpayers.

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Instead of permitting journalists to bring a cell phone, laptop, smart watch, or even their own notepad and pen when witnessing Owen’s death, corrections officials provided them with a notepad and a pair of pencils. The effectiveness of the death penalty as a deterrent is somewhat limited because it is mostly concealed from the public eye.

Besides its limited deterrent effect, the death penalty is also not a money-saver.

DPIC Executive Director Robin Maher, whose organization remains neutral on the issue of capital punishment, stated, “If you seek to save money, the death penalty is not the optimal choice.”

The sentence before imprisonment, which is often imposed for years, includes a costly and lengthy appeals process, and in some cases, it even includes the death penalty, all of which are funded by taxpayers.

Maher expressed that incarcerated individuals who have been convicted in the United States usually serve an average of 18 years in prison, starting from the moment they are sentenced until their execution.

In 1985, Owens was sentenced to death for the murder of Slattery and for Worden’s killing in 1986. He had to endure a much longer period of waiting to be executed than the time it took for Slattery’s murder.

He has essentially spent 38 years in the custody of the state, waiting for his death.

During that period, individuals who solely have recollections of Slattery and Worden experienced a distinct form of hardship.

What activities could Karen Slattery and Georgianna Worden have engaged in if they were alive?

Karen Slattery, 14, was stabbed to death by Duane Owen in 1984 in a Delray Beach home where she was baby-sitting.

Did she just have her braces removed? Was she a freshman at John Pope High School, where she was a talented diver hoping to earn a spot on the U.S. National team? Who might be Slattery today?

In 1977, she moved to Boca Raton with her divorced husband John, right? She relied on Worden, an architectural firm, and worked as an executive secretary in Syracuse, N.Y., To take care of her daughters.

The 11-year-old girl called upon a neighbor after witnessing blood in her mother’s bedroom. Owen had murdered their mother when the girls were 11 and 9 years old.

Following the initial strikes, she managed to survive for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. A forensic examiner concluded that, in some way, Owen had hit Worden in the skull with a mallet on five occasions.

The murder of Worden deeply devastated her family.

Walter Sharritts, Georgianna Worden’s father, made a plea to the court for Duane Owen’s execution, stating, “Georgianna should not have lost her life. She had the right to live, but it was unjustly taken away from her.”

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