Drenching rains continue flooding risk in Missouri, Southeast Friday after stormy Thursday causes damage

The forecast for Friday is that there will be strong thunderstorms sweeping through the area, with no significant differences. There has been a week of continuous heavy rain across western Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri, resulting in several inches of rainfall and leading to flash flooding in certain areas. It’s been quite a soggy week in Columbia, Missouri.

Additional precipitation of 2 to 4 inches could occur in the cautioned region. The Green Acres mobile home park had to evacuate due to thunderstorms that resulted in a substantial rainfall of approximately 9 to 11 inches. On Friday morning, a Flash Flood Emergency was declared for Union City, Tennessee.

Another Flash Flood Emergency has been issued for Hickman, Kentucky, after 7 inches of rain have fallen between 3 and 4 inches more than expected. Emergency management has reported numerous evacuations and flooded roads in Fulton County and the city.

Meanwhile, in Oneonta, Alabama, water rescues were initiated due to flash flooding caused by a rainfall of 3 inches within a span of 4 hours, as reported by the National Weather Service.

The same area of Alabama, northern Tennessee, and western Kentucky has been soaked since Wednesday, extending through southeastern Missouri and central parts. Flood Watches cover a large portion of the region from Friday morning.

The possibility of flash flooding is accompanied by sufficient rainfall, resulting in storm accumulations of 2-3 inches. Thunderstorms moving along a stationary frontal boundary and accessing abundant moisture from the hot, humid air in the region are causing rainfall rates of 1-2 inches per hour.

Several reports of flash flooding have been renewed in Alabama, specifically in Oneonta and Tennessee’s Dyer. Spotters have reported that several inches of rain have fallen in the southern regions, with radar estimates showing the extent of the rainfall. This flooding has also affected cities such as Jefferson City, Sterling Mount, and Linn in Missouri. These reports of flash flooding came in on Friday morning.

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The Flood Watches end around midday Friday, with thunderstorms finally diminishing Friday afternoon.

Thunderstorms on Friday’s heels are the hours of storms that moved into the South in the morning, where hail and damaging winds were reported across six states. Flash flooding in Missouri was also produced by the evening storms on Thursday.

Most of the damage reports were centered between Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta, where trees were knocked down, and power outages topped 50,000.

In Alabama and Georgia, lightning strikes caused injuries to at least two individuals.

Missouri deals with inundation

Over the last 48 hours, a total of 9.32 inches of precipitation has been recorded in close proximity to Mokane, Missouri, making it the highest reported rainfall in the state of Missouri on Thursday.


In Sullivan, Floodwaters had engulfed Highway 185, while other Missouri highways were experiencing flooding in Syracuse and Florence. The National Weather Service stated that numerous streets in the town of Patton were submerged. Spotters reported significant flooding in the towns of Eldon and New Bloomfield as well.

The State Parks of Missouri, including Meramec State Park and St. Francois State Park, had to be closed on Thursday due to flooding.

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