Dónde ver el gran final de La Casa de los Famosos México: Horario, canal de transmisión y streaming

After the start of June 4th, where we find ourselves today, with a few hours of the Grand Final Gala, where famous people from Casa La winner still have the opportunity to be crowned, with the participation and integration of 14 celebrities and four inhabitants.

Sergio Mayer and Poncho de Nigris, Nicola Porcella, and Wendy Guevara were the winners of the 4 million pesos prize in the program. Emilio Osorio, who was one of the five finalists, came in fifth place in the competition. It is worth mentioning that the competition took place on Friday, August 11th.

You can access the 24/7 transmission, including all the content, with Plus VIX accounts. However, the winner will be announced at the last Gala of the Grand Final on Sunday, August 13th, where the program’s Gala will be open on television channel at 8:00 PM.

On August 13th, at 8:00 PM, you will be able to watch the grand final of “La Casa de los Famosos 2023” live through the Vix streaming platform and the Estrellas Las channel.

Así debes votar por tu elegido en La Casa de los Famosos

The winner of the Final Gran Gala will be decided among the five finalists, and now the dynamics are to choose from. The viewer has the power to decide which participant continues in the show, and it has been clear since June 4th when Mexico Famosos los de Casa La began.

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You must do what you need to do to pay attention to it.

  • You should access the official website of La Casa de los Famosos México 2023: http://lacasadelosfamososmexico.Tv/vota.
  • The alternative is that you can do it by scanning the QR code that appears in the broadcasts of the galas.
  • Both on the web and through the QR code, the voting must be done within the timeframe of the program. It is worth noting.
  • Users were able to start voting from this Sunday to last Wednesday during the final airing of Gran La de Gala.
  • Click on “voting” on the official page of the program.
  • The teacher asked the students to complete their assignments by the end of the week.Output: The instructor requested that the pupils finish their tasks by the conclusion of the week.
  • Click on “submit” for your vote to be cast and valid.
  • As a Premium Vix subscriber, if you are a selected resident, you will be able to cast up to 10 votes in the following process, but you are only allowed to vote once in the general public.

  • Repeat the steps mentioned above.Output: Follow the previously mentioned steps again.
  • After you have voted, you need to locate and click the button that says “Continue voting”.
  • Log in with your ViX Premium account and password.
  • Cast your votes for the designated participant until you achieve a total of 10 votes.
  • Your 10 votes must be used in the same session.
  • Lista completa de Celebridades que Participaron y los Eliminados cada semana en La Casa de los Famosos México

  • Marie Claire Harp – Eliminated in the first week.
  • Sofía Rivera Torres – Eliminated in the 2nd week.
  • Ferka Quiroz – Eliminated in the third week.
  • Raquel Bigorra – Eliminated in the 4th week.
  • Paul Stanley – Eliminated in the 5th week.
  • Barbara Torres – Eliminated in the 6th week.
  • Apio Quijano – Eliminated in the 7th week.
  • Jorge Losa – Eliminated in the 8th week.
  • Mariana ‘Barby’ Juárez – Eliminado en la novena semana.
  • Emilio Osorio – Quinto Finalista.Output: Emilio Osorio – Fifth Finalist.
  • Nicola Porcella – FINALIST GRAND FINAL.
  • Sergio Mayer – FINALISTA GRAN FINAL.Output: Sergio Mayer – FINALIST GRAND FINALE.
  • Wendy Guevara – FINALIST GRAND FINAL.
  • Poncho de Nigris – GRAND FINALIST.
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