Does Burger King Have Ice Cream On Their Menu?

Do you consider yourself someone who regards desserts as an essential part of a meal? If you know the importance of a satisfying meal with a dessert, then have you ever wondered if King Burger serves ice cream on their menu?

Burger King Soft Serve

The pie sundae, Hershey’s cone, and soft serve cup are available for $1.99 and $1 respectively. There are three ice cream options to enjoy: two soft serve flavors and a sundae. Yes, King Burger does offer ice cream on their menu.

The menu of the local Burger King restaurant can be checked to see the available flavors. Some locations may offer different options such as caramel soft serve or chocolate soft serve. The variety of ice cream options may vary depending on the specific Burger King outlet’s location.

Now let’s discover what ingredients they use in their ice creams and what sizes are available. Let’s explore what ice cream flavors BK offers in this blog.

The price menu below provides a glimpse of the available flavors for their soft serves. There are three flavors to choose from, each with its own price. The soft serves at King Burger are cool, velvety, rich, and creamy. Only cones and soft serves are offered on their ice cream menu.

Please be aware that the prices may differ depending on the geographical area within the United States.

What Ice Cream Sizes Are Served At Burger King?

Depending on slight variations in location, customers who prefer to receive a 4 oz serving are likely to come in a standard size cup when ordering ice cream. While choosing between a cup or cone, Burger King offers customers the option.

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For those who prefer a slightly larger serving of ice cream, Burger King offers a classic Sundae that will satisfy any sweet treat cravings.

What Is Burger King Soft Serve Made Of?

The Monarch’s Burger is a creamy confection made by mixing elements like dairy, sweetener, and milk, resulting in a distinct consistency and flavor.

The different flavors of toppings for cookies, nuts, or jelly beans include a variety of ingredients such as caramel sauce, strawberry sauce, and chocolate sauce.

Additionally, it also includes other components such as skim milk, whey, corn syrup, stabilizing agents, and emulsifiers for flavor.

Together, these ingredients work to give Soft King Burger a creamy and smooth consistency, while helping to enhance its fresh flavor.

Does Burger King Ice Cream Have Real Milk?

The fast-food chain uses a blend of cream, sugar, and milk to create its soft-serve ice cream. Yes, Burger King’s ice cream does contain natural milk.

BK uses authentic dairy products in its soft-serve ice cream. This is because they provide a more prosperous, creamier flavor and texture.


Burger King provides a range of ice cream cones and cups on their menu, which includes flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. To summarize, Burger King indeed offers ice cream.

The costs range from $1.69 to $1.99. The cups are available in a standardized size, and the prices might differ based on the location. Burger King offers alternatives such as sundae ice cream cups for individuals who favor cups instead of cones.

It is always a smart decision to place your order, therefore it is crucial to take note of the ingredients and allergen details beforehand, as certain choices of ice cream may contain allergens like lactose, gluten, wheat, and soy.

Thank you for dropping by. Also, make sure to visit them to find out if Burger King offers fish sandwiches, milkshakes, and salads on their menu. We have also written several articles on this topic.

Burger King Soft Serve Flavors

Burger King offers a wide range of soft-serve flavors at various locations globally. Let’s swiftly explore different places where BK provides a diverse selection of soft-serve flavors.

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Vanilla Soft Serve

The classic vanilla flavor of King’s Burger complements any savory burger perfectly, and its creamy and smooth texture is sure to win your heart.

This dessert is incredibly smooth and creamy, making it perfect for diving into. It does not have a grainy or icy texture, but instead, it is delightfully soft. The flavor of vanilla is definitely not lacking, and it is wonderfully sweet.

Chocolate Soft Serve

The creamy chocolate dessert is a definite must-try for chocolate enthusiasts. Indulgent and luscious, this delightful flavor will warm your heart.

Adding to its velvety and luscious consistency, it is also infused with fresh milk and cream. This imparts a rich and genuine chocolate flavor, crafted using genuine cocoa powder.

Caramel Soft Serve

It has a deliciously sweet and buttery flavor with a hint of caramel. If you want a unique flavor, try serving the King’s Burger with a soft caramel flavor.

The impeccable sugary flavor captures one’s attention, but occasionally caramel desserts can be excessively sugary. It’s not excessively dominant, which is what I adore about Burger King’s caramel soft serve.

Burger King Korea’s Truffle Honey Ice Cream

Simultaneously, it is a light and indulgent frozen treat. The honey is accompanied by a creamy truffle-infused ice cream. This truffle honey ice cream is no different, and Burger King Korea is renowned for its creative selection of dishes.

The honey adds a touch of sweetness that perfectly offsets the earthy and rich flavor of the truffle oil.

New Zealand’s Kiwi Crunch Sundae

You will desire the consistency. It’s crisp and has a gooey and velvety flavor once you take a bite. Kiwi Crunch Sundae combines a sugary kiwi sauce and cookie fragments served on top of smooth vanilla ice cream.

Smooth ice cream complements the zesty taste, resulting in a revitalizing and authentic New Zealand kiwifruit crafted from the heavenly element, the kiwifruit sauce.

Brazil’s Dulce De Leche Sundae

If you are in Brazil and at Burger King, you won’t want to miss out on the delicious Dulce de Leche Sundae.

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This delectable dessert features a perfect combination of salty and sweet flavors, served with soft and creamy dulce de leche and a drizzle of crunchy peanut pieces.

New Zealand’s Cookies And Cream Sundae

The Burger King’s sundae is a delicious dessert topped with a velvety, creamy soft-serve base and luscious chocolate sauce or caramel, along with strawberry sauce and cookies.

To add the finishing touch, the sundae is adorned with delectable chocolate cookie fragments crafted with Hershey’s chocolate.

New Zealand’s King Fusion Jelly Choc Blitz

Fusion Blitz Choc Jelly, New Zealand’s delectable treat, features a generous mound of velvety soft-serve ice cream perfectly complemented by the tangy sweetness of raspberry jelly and indulgent chocolate sauce.

The wobbly texture of the jelly pairs perfectly with the creamy softness of the ice cream, creating a genuinely sensational dessert experience.

New Zealand’s King Fusion Raspberry Orbz

Try the cool treat from Burger King at locations in New Zealand, which features soft and velvety ice cream crowned with juicy, fruity balls bursting with the flavor of raspberry fusion.

You can select between the tangy deliciousness of raspberry or the sweet fragrance of peach to enhance your soft serve.

New Zealand’s King Fusion Peach Orbz

This dessert, whether raspberry or peach orbz, is garnished with exploding spheres of fruity tastes. The velvety, luscious frozen yogurt is Burger King’s latest flavor fusion, peach orbs, a scrumptious treat.

The candy Orbz, with its unique texture, adds a fun and crunchy element to the soft and velvety dessert.

Bahamas’ Chocolate Fudge Sundae

If you are in the Bahamas, try the King’s Burger – a cool and creamy soft serve ice cream sundae made to order, served with a swirled fudge chocolate topping that perfectly complements the velvety vanilla.

Fiji, like other nations, can also be found in the dessert. The heavenly dessert is delicious and has a rich taste. The addition of chocolate fudge sauce creates a significant difference in taste.

Cyprus’s Oreo Fusion Sundae

Burger King’s Cyprus offers delicious soft vanilla layered with delightful chocolate fudge sauce and garnished with genuine Oreo cookie pieces.

It is worth experimenting with and a specially prepared menu item, making it an ideal accompaniment to the Oreo-infused soft serve. This dessert is indulgent and creamy, without being excessively sugary.

Pennsylvania’s Oreo Brownie Sundae

The menu item, a custom-made order, is complemented by a moist brownie Oreo chocolate sauce. It is served with a soft vanilla swirl topped with chocolate fudge. The ice cream is creamy and refreshing. Pennsylvania’s Oreo brownie sundae.

Give this sweet treat a go, you’ll certainly be tempted if you’re a lover of Oreo cookies. In just a single mouthful, you experience a delightful combination of smooth, crispy, and soft – the consistency is flawless.

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