Does 7-Eleven Take EBT? What Can I Buy at 7-11 With SNAP?

Are you interested in having some ice cream? Perhaps slushies or Slurpees? Are you in the mood for a cold soda or some hot tacos or pizza? Can you use your EBT card to purchase these items at 7-11? Does 7-Eleven accept EBT payments? This popular convenience store is often frequented by recipients of food stamps in the United States, with over 9,000 stores across the country.

At 7-Eleven, you have the option to both utilize and not utilize food stamps for certain purchases, encompassing a comprehensive roster of items. Furthermore, within this particular article, we will furnish responses to these inquiries.

Moreover, we will provide answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the utilization of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) at

Finally, we will demonstrate how you can locate the closest 7-Eleven establishment in your vicinity.


  • About 7-Eleven.
  • Famous Food Items at 7-E
  • Does 7-Eleven
  • What items can you purchase with Food Stamps EBT at 7-Eleven?
  • What you cannot buy at 7-Eleven using Food Stamps EBT.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about What You Can Purchase At 7-Eleven Using Electronic Benefits Transfer
  • How to Locate a 7-Eleven Store in the
  • Additional shops that accept SNAP EBT Benefits.
  • About 7-Eleven.

    7-Eleven is a well-liked convenience shop that offers nourishment, refreshments, hot and cold drinks, fuel, and many other items.

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    7-Eleven stores, in general, are open for 24 hours a day, making them an appealing store that offers food stamps to some customers. This is what makes 7-Eleven stores attractive, as they are open for 24 hours every day.

    In 2022, there were a grand total of 9,519 convenience stores of the 7-Eleven brand in operation across the United States

    Famous Food Items at 7-E

    Here is a list of the top 23 food items at 7-Eleven, according to Thrillist (in order of popularity): 1. Spicy Bite 2. Spicy Chicken Breakfast Sandwich 3. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese. Biscuit 4. Stuffed Waffle 5. Ham & Cheese. Taquito 6. Spicy Chicken Wings 7. Chicken Nuggets 8. Mini Beef Tacos 9. Chicken Tenders 10. Nachos 11. Mozzarella Sticks 12. Pepperoni Pizza 13. Beef Chimichanga 14. Jalapeño Cream Cheese. Taquito 15. ¼ Lb. Big Bite 16. Big Bite 17. Steak and Cheese. Taquito 18. Stuffed Meatball and Pepperoni 19. Chicken Chipotle Taquito 20. Cheese. Pizza 21. Monterey Jack Taquito 22. Buffalo Chicken Roller

    Indeed, 7-Eleven acknowledges SNAP EBT cards at the majority of its stores throughout the United States.

    However, you are allowed to purchase food items with your EBT card at stores like 7-Eleven, but there is a strict list of eligible items.

    Essentially, you can only use your food stamps at 7-Eleven to purchase food that you are going to take home to prepare.

    This implies that not all food products available at 7-Eleven are eligible for purchase using SNAP EBT.

    Moreover, it is not possible to utilize your SNAP/Food Stamps EBT benefits to buy any non-food products available at 7-Eleven.

    Please refer to the list below for the food items that you can buy using your SNAP EBT benefits at 7-Eleven.

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    Exception: You can Purchase Hot Food at 7-Eleven with TANF EBT Cards

    The majority of states distribute benefits for Needy Families (TANF) on Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards

    TANF EBT cards offer greater flexibility.

    Consequently, you can utilize TANF EBT to buy hot food products, including the ones mentioned earlier.

    Moreover, it is possible to withdraw cash from an automated teller machine (ATM) using TANF EBT cards, which is prohibited as per the SNAP EBT card regulations.

    What items can you purchase with Food Stamps EBT at 7-Eleven?

    Here are a few instances of food that can be bought using SNAP EBT cards or food stamps at 7-Eleven:

  • Fruits, veggies, and
  • Ice Cream.
  • Breakfast cereal.
  • Soda.
  • Meat and fowl
  • Energy Beverages with Nutritional Labels
  • Milk.
  • Candy.
  • Spaghetti, grains, and
  • Yogurt.
  • Pre-packaged snacks.
  • Cheese.
  • Preserved legumes and seafood
  • Bread.
  • Juice.
  • Peanut butter.
  • What you cannot buy at 7-Eleven using Food Stamps EBT.

    You are not allowed to buy the following products at 7-Eleven using your SNAP EBT benefits.

  • Beer, wine, spirits, cigarettes, or tobacco
  • Vitamins, medications, and
  • Live creatures (excluding mollusks, aquatic creatures, and
  • Foods that are warm when sold.
  • Cleaning supplies.
  • Paper products.
  • Pet foods.
  • Hygiene items.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about What You Can Purchase At 7-Eleven Using Electronic Benefits Transfer

    Here are the most frequently asked questions about what you can and cannot buy with SNAP EBT benefits (Food Stamps) at 7-Eleven.

    Can you still get hot pizza from 7-Eleven with food stamps?

    No, you are not allowed to buy hot pizza with Food Stamps EBT at 7-11.

    Nevertheless, it is possible to buy frozen or refrigerated, raw pizza at 7-Eleven with food stamps and subsequently cook or heat the pizza at your home.

    Can you purchase Slurpees and Slushies at 7-Eleven with SNAP EBT?

    If you intend to consume them at home, you can purchase items like drinks, slushies, iced coffee, smoothies, and other similar items using EBT SNAP.

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    Additionally, while a customer is standing in line, they may sip a drink on the store premises, as long as it is not intended for consumption elsewhere and they are not ineligible.

    Nevertheless, beverages that are served hot (like coffee, lattes, tea, etc.) Are not qualified for acquisition using SNAP benefits.

    In general, heated food products are not eligible for acquisition with SNAP benefits.

    Does 7-Eleven accept food stamps for hot food?

    No. Heated food items are not eligible for purchase with SNAP EBT benefits.

    How to Locate a 7-Eleven Store in the

    To locate a 7-Eleven convenience shop in your vicinity, just utilize the 7-Eleven store finder.

    Click here to find the store’s location.

    As depicted below, click on the “Submit” button and proceed to input your Street, City, State, or Zip Code in order to locate the closest 7-Eleven convenience store on the website.

    Additional shops that accept SNAP EBT Benefits.

    Here is a compilation of additional shops that accept SNAP EBT Benefits:

    Grocery Stores

  • Trader Joe’s.
  • Costco.
  • Wegmans.
  • Whole Foods.
  • Kroger.
  • Aldi.
  • Safeway.
  • Publix.
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Sam’s Club.
  • Walmart.
  • Target.
  • Amazon.
  • Instacart.
  • Albertsons.
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

    Here is a compilation of some of the most well-liked convenience stores in the United States that accept Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT).

  • Speedway.
  • Wawa.
  • Murphy USA..
  • Casey’s General Store
  • Royal Farms.
  • Buc-ee’s.
  • Love’s Travel Stops
  • Cumberland Farms.
  • Circle K.
  • Stewart’s Shops.
  • Kum & Go.
  • Sheetz.
  • Parker’s.
  • Murphy USA..
  • Maverik.
  • GetGo.
  • Yesway.
  • Thornton’s.
  • Kelley’s Market.
  • Chevron.
  • Jacksons Convenience Stores
  • QuikTrip.
  • Pilot.
  • QuickChek.
  • Kwik Trip.
  • RaceTrac.
  • Pharmacies

  • CVS.
  • Walgreen.
  • Rite Aid.
  • Duane Reade.
  • Dollar Stores

  • Dollar Tree.
  • Dollar General.
  • Family Dollar.
  • Summary – Does 7-Eleven Take EBT?

    In conclusion, Food Stamps are accepted at 7-Eleven stores in the United States.

    However, you are unable to buy warm food that can be eaten at the store using SNAP EBT.

    Furthermore, purchasing non-food items using your food stamps is not allowed at 7-Eleven.


    We trust that this article regarding the inquiry – “Does 7-Eleven Accept EBT?” Was useful.

    If you have any additional inquiries regarding Food Stamps or EBT Card, kindly inform us in the comments section underneath.

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