Dodger Stadium game-day workers protest, threaten to go on strike

The union representing the workers stated that if the Dodgers fail to meet their contract requests by the end of June, hundreds of game-day workers at Dodger Stadium could initiate a strike as early as next month.

According to USWW SEIU officials, the negotiations are scheduled to return on Friday. Approximately 500 workers from different sides, including security officers, groundskeepers, and ushers representing the union, are asking for a 43% wage increase over five years and an increase in the Dodgers’ employer’s healthcare contribution.

Able to need to consider what they need to negotiate in order to be able to survive in this city.

I think it is important for this organization, which employs a lot of people and represents the city of Los Angeles, to be aware that they need to provide livable wages for their employees, not just for the sake of those individuals but also for the sake of the community as a whole.

Since November, representatives from the union have stated that they have been in talks with the Dodgers. Their previous agreement, which lasted until Jan. 31, was a five-year contract that incorporated an increase of 18% over its duration. They have been addressing the expired agreement since that time.

According to Union spokesman Sebastian Silva, the majority of union members are seasonal employees. Full-time groundskeepers earn $31.72 per hour, while part-time groundskeepers make $19.80 per hour. Security workers who receive the lowest pay earn $19.48 an hour, with additional pay based on their length of service. Similarly, the lowest-paid ushers and janitors earn $17.28 per hour.

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The Dodgers stated that they anticipate a prompt resolution and are currently engaged in active discussions with the Union.

He never said that negotiations for the contract have been contentious. He moved to the crew grounds next year and became a full-time employee in 1994. Frank Torres, one of the full-time groundskeepers at Dodger Stadium, began working as a part-time security guard at the stadium in 1988.

“The Dodgers are no longer the same team,” Torres mentioned. “This is the corporate world.”

On Saturday, a few hours prior to the Dodgers welcoming the New York Yankees for the second matchup of the dominant teams’ weekend series, the demonstrations on Vin Scully Avenue commenced at 11:30 a.M. The demonstrators sported violet shirts and clanged cowbells. They vocalized chants in both the English and Spanish languages. As a sign of support, a few motorists honked their car horns while passing by.

Irene Aguilar, the chief steward of the union for Dodger Stadium workers, said that the union chose to protest on Saturday, knowing that the game will be televised nationally, to make sure they conclude the demonstration on time for employees to report to work.

Aguilar expressed, “We perceive that our opinions are not being listened to, and all we long for is for our viewpoints to be recognized.”

Aguilar, who has been working at Dodger Stadium since 1997, said that other workers at the Stadium are seeking wages that are similar.

Earlier in the month, concession workers, who are directly employed by the Dodgers, are currently pursuing a contract. In the meantime, the 500 employees working for Levy Restaurants, a Chicago-based company that manages the concessions at Dodger Stadium, finalized a contract agreement in October. This agreement involved a minimum $10 increase over a two-year period after they had previously threatened to go on strike during the All-Star Game three months prior.

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Aguilar stated, “The workers there and we are in charge, and it appears that they are just treating us like family. We want to start treating the Dodgers like family.”

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