Doc Martin: Where are the original cast members now?

Rupert Young

Rupert Young portrayed the character of Sir Leon in the BBC’s fantasy drama, Merlin, during seasons two to five. Additionally, he took on the role of young doctor Adrian Pitts in the show’s inaugural series. Following his time on Merlin, the actor went on to make appearances in The White Queen and The Good Karma Hospital.

MORE: Martin Clunes, the star of Doc Martin, discloses that the enduring ITV series has been challenging for his wife Philippa.

In Netflix’s second season of the hit period drama Bridgerton, he notably portrayed the character of Lord Jack Featherington, and this was his most recent role.

Rupert portrays the character of Lord Jack Featherington in the TV series Bridgerton.

Stephanie Cole

Stephanie Cole played the character of Aunt Joan Norton in the show, appearing in several episodes throughout the six-year run of the drama series. She made her final appearance in the fourth season’s last episode in 2009.

After her role in the long-running series, Sylvia Goodwin went on to play in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, before joining Greg Davies’ comedy series Man Down.

She most recently portrayed Aunt Ann Walker in the renowned BBC series, Gentleman Jack.

Stephanie portrays the character of Nesta in Man Down.

Mary Woodvine

Mary Woodvine portrayed the character of Joy Cronk in four episodes of the series, debuting in the first season.

Viewers may also recognize Mrs. Teague for her portrayal in the period drama Poldark on BBC. The actress has appeared in several TV shows over the years, including EastEnders, Casualty, and Doctors.

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Mary Woodvine portrayed the character of Joy Cronk.

Stewart Wright

Stewart Wright played the role of PC Mark Mylow in the initial and subsequent seasons of the TV series, returning briefly for a solitary episode in 2019.

Then he went on to make several appearances on the TV sitcom “Housebound,” a small, comedy series that features my wife and me.

MORE: Philippa Braithwaite, the producer of Doc Martin, is already considering spin-offs.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the actor became a Deliveroo rider in his hometown of Bristol before returning to acting in the sports film Cry Jungle in 2022.

Stewart Wright portrayed the character of PC Mark Mylow.

Lucy Punch

Lucy Punch portrayed the character Elaine Denham, who served as the receptionist for Portwenn Doctor’s Surgery, during the first series.

Since her time on the drama, the actress has made several major appearances in film and TV, including New Girl, Unfortunate Events of Series A, Trinian’s St., And Fuzz Hot, all of which are comedic films from 2007.

Martin Clunes, the protagonist of Doc Martin, reveals a hidden tribute to a deceased relative in the eagerly awaited tenth season.

In the Sky television series Bloods, she is recognized for portraying Jo, as well as for her portrayal of pretentious mother Amanda in the BBC comedy Motherland.

Lucy Punch plays the character Amanda in the TV show Motherland.

Felicity Montagu

Felicity Montagu played local radio DJ, Caroline Bosman, in the show. An original character, she appeared in seven episodes across three seasons.

ITV’s The Durrells, in which she portrayed cousin Prue, and notably appeared as Lynn Benfield in the BBC show, This Time with Alan Partridge, as well as the comedic movie, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Additionally, she portrayed Gloria in the Channel 4 comedy Hullraisers. Following these roles, she has gone on to feature in various television series and films.

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ADDITIONAL: Ben Miller shares ‘demanding’ filming encounter while returning to the role of Doc Martin.

MORE: Martin Clunes discloses his daughter’s heartfelt farewell to Doc Martin.

She is set to star in the upcoming spin-off, Paradise Death, which is a spin-off of Beyond Paradise. David Thewlis and Olivia Coleman are also alongside her, and she has also played Patricia Wycherley in the HBO miniseries Landscapers.

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