Do Photos Prove Michelle Obama Is Transgender?!

Do viral images circulating on social platforms prove that Michelle Obama is genuinely a transgender individual who was assigned male at birth?!

Take a glance at those trending images, and discover the actual truths!

Truth : Photos Do NOT Prove Michelle Obama Is Transgender Woman!

This is yet another example of fake news, created to disparage Michelle and Obama by persuading Republicans and misogynists of the reasons why they are here.

Fact #1: Michelle Obama has delivered two daughters.

It is incredibly ludicrous because she delivered two daughters – Malia Obama and Sasha Obama. The assertions that Michelle Obama is a transgender individual who was assigned male at birth are not only unfounded.

In November 2018, Michelle Obama revealed that during their marriage, Malia and Sasha underwent IVF (in-vitro fertilization) in order to address their infertility issues. Unfortunately, they also experienced an early miscarriage. This revelation shed light on Michelle Obama’s personal experience with infertility.

Men who were assigned male at birth and identify as transgender women cannot give birth or experience miscarriages because they lack both ovaries and a uterus, which might leave some individuals wondering.

And no, Malia and Sasha Obama were not taken in.

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Malia and Sasha Obama
Malia Obama with her new baby sister, Sasha (2001)

Fact #2: Michelle Obama has been a woman throughout her entire life.

Even if you disregard the fact that Michelle Obama gave birth to two girls, she grew up as a female. Her family and friends only recognized her as a girl and later as a woman, never as a boy or a man who transitioned to being transgender.

Michelle Obama occasionally posts pictures from her childhood on her Instagram profile, which serve as evidence that she experienced girlhood and not boyhood.

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Conversely, none of these assertions that she was born male have ever been supported by any evidence.

Young Michelle Obama

Fact #3: Michelle Obama’s photographs underwent editing.

I investigated the most common photos of three individuals sharing “evidence” that Barack Obama is a former President and Michelle Obama is a transgender woman.

The photo taken by AFP photographer Jewel Samad, which claims to show Michelle and Barack Obama scratching their crotch, was photoshopped.

The photo description is available on Getty Images as image number 167345551, with the original photograph.

AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad. Obama was on his way to Dallas, Texas to participate in a Democratic National Committee function later in the day. US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on April 24, 2013, to depart for Dallas, Texas. He will also be present at a remembrance ceremony in Waco on Thursday for the individuals who lost their lives in the West, Texas, fertilizer plant blast.

In the original photo, Michelle Obama can be observed gazing downwards while shielding her groin with her right hand, as she battles against the forceful gusts generated by the rotating helicopter blades.

The “groin” was then included by the creator of false news. Suddenly, her dress appears significantly broader, prompting the modification of the hand angle in the editing process.

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Do Photos Prove Michelle Obama Is Transgender?!

Michelle Obama’s birthday was celebrated on January 17, 2019. An original photo posted by former President Barack Obama was edited to create a fake but viral photo.

The originator of fabricated information changed her hairstyle, choosing a crewcut, and broadened her facial characteristics to produce a more manly look.

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Do Photos Prove Michelle Obama Is Transgender?!

This viral photo of Michelle Obama from a screenshot of a video she gave at the National Democratic Convention in August 2008 shows a visible bulge in Barack Obama’s pants.

On that particular day, in Denver, Colorado, Michelle Obama walked onto the stage of the Pepsi Center, and from the moment she did so, dozens of photographers captured images of her speech, while tens of millions of people observed.

If Michelle Obama had actually displayed a bulge resembling a penis on that particular day, it would undoubtedly have been documented in the videos and photographs taken at the time.

The viral photo that was evidently edited to add a penis bulge. None of the real photos taken by photographers that day showed a penis bulge.

If Michelle Obama were a transgender woman, she would not have been able to give birth to her two daughters (who were with her on that day). I should also reiterate, once more, that.

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Do Photos Prove Michelle Obama Is Transgender?!

Fact #4: This Is Simply False Information About Politicians.

This is another instance of false information concerning politicians and their families, similar to these illustrations:

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    This article that verifies facts, and kindly BACK our efforts!

    Claim : Photos Prove Michelle Obama Is Transgender Woman!

    People are sharing photos that purportedly provide evidence that Michelle Obama is a transgender individual who was assigned male at birth.

    WeLoveTrump: Joan Rivers “Passed Away Unexpectedly” After Making This Statement About Michelle Obama…

    Michelle Obama is a person who was previously known as Michael. Obama is homosexual #TrumpIsBetter.

    They conceal the only truth of Lucifer, don’t they? They tell children God’s truth and conceal it. And probably, he has a bigger piece than you, and he is still a male. She is a transgender woman who was assigned male at birth.

    I am open to the idea that Michelle Robinson was born a female, even though it seems unlikely that she got something swinging around down there, as she is known as Michelle Obama now.

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    Do Photos Prove Michelle Obama Is Transgender?!

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