Do Dunkin Refreshers Have Caffeine? (Levels Compared)

  • Does Dunkin Refreshers Contain Caffeine?
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  • Starbucks introduced their competitor almost a decade ago, and they were introduced in the summer of 2020. Dunkin’s Refreshers are a new addition to their menu.

    Throughout the nation, they can now be found at the majority of Dunkin’ stores. The revitalizers were introduced as a vibrant, rejuvenating, and thrilling item to uplift customers’ spirits throughout the extended months of the pandemic.

    Green tea serves as the caffeine provider in the refresher beverages. The foundation of a Dunkin’ Refresher is comprised of iced green tea, fruit concentrate, and B vitamin.

    The flavor selection for the included fruit concentrate in the refresher depends on the type. The fruit concentrate is made from natural green tea extract and derived from water, sugar, and natural flavors.

    Caffeine in Dunkin Refreshers Compared to Other Drinks

    Are you wondering how to know if it’s good to compare the regular refreshers you order? If you’re thinking of swapping your afternoon coffee order for a refresher, it might be a good idea to cut down on your caffeine intake.

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    1. Dunkin’ Brewed Coffee

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    The caffeine content of Dunkin’ brewed coffee is one of the highest among all beverages at a rate of per fluid oz. In comparison to a Refresher, Dunkin’ brewed coffee has 4.5 times the amount of caffeine.

    The reason behind the high caffeine content in beans is that it gets released more slowly during the brewing process, resulting in a longer-lasting effect.

    2. Iced Coffee

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    Dunkin’ iced coffee contains more than four times the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce compared to Dunkin’ Refresher, making it a highly caffeinated beverage.

    The slight reduction in caffeine content is a result of adding ice, which dilutes the coffee and reduces its strength.

    3. Cold Brew

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    In comparison to Dunkin’ Refreshers, cold brew has 2.5 to 3 times higher caffeine content per fluid ounce.

    The cold brew preparation takes between 12 and 18 hours of soaking the coffee beans, so the method naturally yields more caffeine.

    4. Classic Cappuccino/ Latte

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    Unlike other coffees on the list, Dunkin’ latte and cappuccino contain one shot of espresso, steamed milk, and less caffeine than a regular cup.

    In comparison to a Refresher, lattes and cappuccinos have three times the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce.

    5. Iced Macchiato

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    By incorporating milk and ice, the increased caffeine levels are achieved by utilizing additional espresso. It nearly reaches the recommended daily limit for caffeine consumption, a sizable iced macchiato at Dunkin’.

    When compared to Dunkin’ Refreshers, the iced macchiato contains 3.5 times greater caffeine content per fluid ounce.

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    6. Iced Green Tea

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    Unlike other refreshers, green tea iced is naturally less caffeinated. Unlike the green tea extract, the green tea iced refreshers do not contain green tea. Dunkin’s green tea iced is the most similar drink.

    Iced green tea has 1.5 times lower caffeine content per fluid oz in comparison to a Dunkin’ Refresher.

    7. Chai Latte

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    Chai latte is made with black tea, which has a higher caffeine content compared to the green tea used in the refreshers.

    In comparison to a Dunkin’ Refresher, chai latte has double the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce.

    8. Frozen Coffee

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    Dunkin’s drink is packed with the highest levels of caffeine, making it an excellent idea for a refreshing frozen coffee.

    Iced coffee has 5 times higher caffeine content per fluid ounce in comparison to a Refresher!

    9. Americano

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    Although the flavor is not strong, this beverage is commonly considered to be low in caffeine. The Americano is made by combining hot water with a minimum of 2 shots of espresso.

    Interestingly, the Americano contains 3.5 times the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce compared to the Refreshers.

    10. Iced Sweet Tea

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    In comparison to Dunkin’ Refresher, the iced sweet tea at Dunkin’ has 1.5 times lower caffeine content per fluid ounce.

    How much less caffeine does the green tea extract, which boosts content, have in the refreshers? The most caffeine-packed teas are made using black tea, and I prefer the sweet Iced tea at Dunkin’.

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    11. Dunkin’ Espresso

    How Caffeinated Is It?

    There are other espresso brands that are more caffeinated than Dunkin’. For instance, a shot of espresso at Starbucks contains approximately 90 mg of caffeine, whereas Dunkin’ espresso has 116 mg, just for comparison.

    In comparison to Dunkin’ Refresher, the espresso has 15 times greater caffeine content per fluid oz.

    So, Does Dunkin Refreshers Contain Caffeine?

    (1) Green tea extract is a more concentrated version of tea, which means it packs a good punch of caffeine. However, the majority of caffeine comes from brewed green tea. All Dunkin’ Refreshers contain caffeine. Yes.

    As these two components are included in the foundation of the beverage, there is no choice for a non-caffeinated rejuvenator.

    Caffeine in Dunkin’ Refresher

    Dunkin’ Refreshers contain an equivalent amount of caffeine as brewed coffee or a shot of espresso.

    The amounts of caffeine in tea can vary depending on the type and brewing procedure, as revealed by Dunkin’, although you will find the caffeine amount in each size below.

  • Small (16 oz): 66 milligrams.
  • Medium (24 oz): 99 milligrams.
  • Big (32 oz): 132 mg.
  • Dunkin’ Refreshers vs. Starbucks Refreshers Caffeine

    The variation in volume is attributable to that. Starbucks Refreshers are merely 30% less caffeinated when compared in fluid oz. Nevertheless, the Dunkin’ version appears to have only half the caffeine at first sight.

    Starbucks Refreshers are less caffeinated primarily because they utilize green coffee extract instead of green tea extract.

    Small (16 oz): Tall (12 oz): Medium (24 oz): Grande (16 oz): Large (32 oz): Venti (24 oz):


    We wondered how many of you, like us, came to a clear answer and wondered if Refreshers from Dunkin’ have caffeine, even though they contain less caffeine than most coffees.

    They’re still a great choice to exchange your cold brew with, just be mindful of your caffeine consumption!

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