Dirty Dog’s Car Wash Receives A $35M Growth Equity Investment From The Cynosure Group

Synovus Bank has facilitated the rapid expansion of Dirty Dog’s by arranging a new credit facility. In addition, Cynosure’s investment in Dirty Dog’s has also contributed to this expansion. Cynosure, based in Salt Lake City, announced a strategic equity growth investment to fund the company’s expansion and growth in key markets. The goal is to open 25 additional nationwide locations over the next 36 months.

Emmett mentioned, “Since the beginning, Synovus Bank has backed our progress. We are thrilled to be teaming up with them presently.” Emmett, the proprietor and creator of Dirty Dog’s, expressed, “This well-planned alliance not only grants Dirty Dog’s the essential funds to swiftly broaden, but it also furnishes us with extra assets, guidance, and guidance from a team that has a proven history of collaborating with and collectively expanding founder and management-owned enterprises.”

Opened in 2018, Dirty Dog’s currently operates in Georgia and Alabama. The growth of contact-free car washes during COVID-19 can be attributed to several factors, such as the ability to maintain social distancing and affordable pricing. Moreover, the contact-free model requires fewer employees and offers greater time efficiency. As a result, Dirty Dog’s plans to expand its operations. The company experienced significant growth during the pandemic, which has led to plans for opening new locations in Melbourne, Tampa, North Ft. Lauderdale, Port Richey, Daytona, Ocala, Royal Palm Beach, Brooksville, Miami, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, and West Palm Beach in the near future. This expansion will allow Dirty Dog’s to enter the Florida market.

Andrew Braithwaite, the Managing Director at Cynosure, expressed, “Dirty Dog’s has positioned itself as a frontrunner in a fiercely competitive but thriving industry. We take great pride in acknowledging the company’s unrestricted progress and unwavering dedication to its clientele and local community. We are thrilled to establish this fresh alliance and eagerly anticipate contributing to their swift growth and expansive development.”

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Emmett stated that they have developed a carwash with all the advanced features and components. The carwash is designed to be contemporary, hygienic, reasonably priced, and practical for all individuals. The objective was to introduce a business plan that prioritizes an excellent user experience throughout the entire process. This initial investment proved successful when Emmett decided to leave their legal profession and invest in a touchless car wash model. They implemented advancements like an improved customer experience, enhanced branding, and top-notch design.

As part of their strategy, the branding firm enlisted Dog’s Dirty attributes, a brand known for building intentional and playful communities, to create a brand-minded and supportive community for professional sports teams. The program “Helping Heroes” always supports first responders, law enforcement, and teachers by offering monthly discounts and events.

In just one year, Dirty Dogs gave over 10,000 car washes to cleanse police cars in the nearby communities it serves.

Keisha Escoffery, Chief Operating Officer of Dirty Dog’s, stated, “Amid the escalated pandemic, we ensured that our local frontline workers were aware of our presence to provide them with support, ever since our business inception.” Being at the forefront of service and community, investing in the community holds significant importance in our business framework.

By prioritizing a modern and clean self-serve design, Dog’s Dirty has built a community of dedicated customers who have further instilled loyalty and trust.

Emmett expressed, “During a period when individuals were in need, we provided cleanliness. They have consistently backed us, and as a result, we were resolute in maintaining reasonable prices and continuing our support for our communities, even during an economic downturn.”

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