Did Selena Gomez Ever Get Plastic Surgery? Why She Has Sparked Rumors More Than Once

Reading to keep up with what Selena Gomez has said about plastic surgery speculation, it is evident that she has faced a few rumors throughout her career. This includes a public joke she made onstage at the SAG Awards in February 2022. However, despite the public scrutiny that comes with fame, Selena Gomez has managed to amass a huge fan base thanks to her impressive career in Hollywood as a singer and actress.

Has Selena Gomez Admitted to Getting Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Selena agreed with him that she was excited about receiving the upcoming winner award. Onstage, her costar Martin Short made a joke about her receiving Botox and accompanied it with a joke about her stumbling on the red carpet and breaking her heel. Initially, she was spotted barefoot after her heel was broken, but she eventually took her shoes off and walked barefoot on the red carpet. Former Disney Channel star, Selena, who was presenting the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role award, was seen onstage while presenting the SAG award.

Martin said, “Okay, me as well,” responded the former cast member of Wizards of Waverly Place, to whom the Botox is recent because the enthusiasm is difficult for me to articulate, despite feeling excited as well.

Aside from the lighthearted remark, Selena has not publicly verified whether she has ever undergone cosmetic modifications, nor has she directly addressed the allegations of plastic surgery from her fans.

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Have Fans Accused Selena Gomez of Getting Plastic Surgery?

In March 2022, the Grammy Award nominee posted an adorable Instagram self-portrait, revealing the fresh fringe haircut she acquired.

Did Selena Gomez Ever Get Plastic Surgery? Why She Has Sparked Rumors More Than Once

Courtesy of Selena Gomez/Instagram

While most of her fans showered her with complimentary comments on the photo she captioned “New hair, who dis?”, There were a few alleged others who also commented that her pictures were Photoshopped and speculated that she had gone under the knife.

User wrote on Instagram, “It looks like a job nose,” adding before, “I could look at her nose all day, but her new hair cut is nice.”

She claimed another, it’s her chin. She pointed it, it’s no longer rounded. She did a picture side by side. She has either redone her chin or used Photoshop.

Has Selena Gomez Responded to Negative Body Image Comments?

In a TikTok video, the founder of Rare Beauty addressed the issue of body-shaming only a month after. Regardless of any kind of public critique, Selena always maintains a positive attitude.

She expressed in her April 2022 video, “I am flawless just the way I am… That doesn’t match. You’re too large. You’re too petite. ‘You’re too tiny.’ Regarding this matter, individuals complain because it concerns me personally, honestly.”

Selena Gomez Makeup Free Photos

Selena Gomez/Instagram

In a video interview with Giving Back Generation in November 2019, Selena discussed body changes that led to speculation about a boob job.

Input: a bit.A little.

Selena, observing, “That was one of the instances where I thought, I no longer have to conform to that 19-year-old physical form because I am not in that stage anymore,” ultimately determined that she should value her inherent physique despite grappling with the criticism regarding her body appearance.

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