Did Night Vision Footage Show ’10ft Alien’ From Las Vegas UFO Crash Report?

In someone’s rear garden, there was a report of an item colliding, followed by firsthand testimonies of a vibrant streak across the heavens. This comes after the enigmatic series of occurrences from the end of April.

Up to this point, Newsweek’s Misinformation Watch dissects the narrative. Following the documented collision, did any of the individuals present assert to have witnessed extraterrestrials measuring “10ft tall” that the most recent video, captured in night mode, genuinely depicts?

A stock image of an alien. A new video, purporting to show a mystery creature hiding behind a garden fence, has been tied to last week’s reports of a “UFO crash” in a residential area of Las Vegas. iStock / Getty Images

Starting from Friday, April 9, several tweets surfaced displaying a eerie video featuring the peculiar creature.

The CBKNews user stated that this footage was viewed 6.8 million times, in which a gentleman responded to the scene where the same officers, minutes before landing their patrol car, captured clear dashcam footage of a UFO flying in the Las Vegas area. Watch the actual footage of the alien landing in #Vegas #Las!

The post referred to a report that appeared days earlier, which showed the Las Vegas Police investigating a mysterious incident through body cam footage.

According to reports from local media, he claimed to have witnessed two individuals moving in his backyard located in the northwest valley. An unidentified individual contacted the police to report seeing an object descend from the sky.

During the call to the police, the person described the figures as “extraterrestrials,” stating that they seemed to possess sizable gleaming eyes and expansive mouths, estimating their height to be somewhere between 8 and 10 feet.

The police officers left the property after apparently finding something suspicious, but citing concerns about privacy, they later took place in a crash where extensive footage of the backyard, where much was blurred out, was supposedly taken.

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The officer can hear him saying that he walks away from his vehicle to back and house, alright? Hey, don’t call us back if those 9-foot beings come.

In the street, a Las Vegas Metro police officer conversed with a civilian as he witnessed a blazing meteor dash through the nocturnal heavens earlier on the same evening.

The police are investigating the unexplained phenomenon and are examining the object that was filmed by a dash cam, which shines brightly above and is unidentified.

The police department decided to investigate the property where the crash was reported for several days in order to conclude the case. Despite efforts to establish a connection between the two events or ascertain what transpired, the police investigation was allegedly inconclusive.

Based on the imagery provided by Google Earth, the circular “crash site” has been visible at that specific spot for a minimum of one year before it was revealed that UFO enthusiasts and online investigators have now cast doubt on the accuracy of the report.

While it does not entirely discredit the whole story, the “alien” in the widely shared video captured with a night-mode camera is undoubtedly a false assertion.

Firstly, when it comes to verifying content that is manipulated or dubious, it is often flagged as a red flag for a mismatch between the audio and video. The video appears to be intercut with genuine audio recorded via the police body cam.

“The video known as ‘the alien’ displays the recording date of 2023/05/26, which contradicts the timeline provided by the police. The incident mentioned in the report took place nearly a month earlier, but it was not discovered or reported by the media until June. Additionally, there is a second point to consider.”

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Above all, the video is not authentic since it is a digitally generated content.

On Friday, June 9, a visual effects artist with the TikTok handle “owltreestump” created the video using the open source computer graphics software called “blender3d.” The video made use of the hashtags “CGI” and “blender3d.”

The TikTok video has garnered approximately 64,000 overall interactions, a small portion of the quantity obtained by the derivative viral videos.

Amidst the discussion of UFOs and extraterrestrials, the alleged whistle-blower David Grusch has been making sensational allegations in interviews and TV appearances, while the U.S. Government’s release of several previously classified UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) videos has been attracting attention once again.

Significant criticism has emerged regarding the lack of substance in Grusch’s claims, and further investigation seems warranted. It is intriguing how Watch Misinformation Newsweek explained them.

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