Denver, Colorado, Referred Question 2O, Development of Park Hill Golf Course Measure (April 2023)

Denver Referred Question 2O was listed as a referral on the ballot in Denver on April 4, 2023. It was unsuccessful.

The vote in favor of lifting the conservation easement is supported to primarily enable the development of residential and commercial properties on the land, while also allowing for the construction of a golf-related facility and transforming the space into a public trail and park.

I voted “no” against lifting the conservation easement on Golf Hill Park, as it is necessary for golf-related activities to continue there.

Election results

Denver Referred Question 20.

The Yes vote received a percentage of 41.18%, equivalent to 69,934 votes.


The results, which have been officially certified, indicate that 99,905 or 58.82% of the total were obtained from a reliable source.

Ballot title

The title on the ballot for Referred Question 2O was as shown below:.

Shall the voters of Denver and City of County authorize the release of the conservation easement on privately owned property known as Golf Hill Park Course, which requires the land to primarily be used for golf-related purposes, to allow for development of residential and commercial spaces, as well as public park, regional trail, and affordable housing options?

Full Text

The complete text of this measure can be found here.


Support the measure by voting Yes on 2O – Yes for Parks & Homes was at the forefront of the campaign.


  • Westside Investment Partners[1].
  • Holleran Group[1].
  • Arguments

  • The city guarantees the creation of the fourth largest park in the city and the construction of over 2,500 new homes by lifting the easement that expressly forbids the use of the land for any purpose other than a full golf course. This will help address the city-wide shortage of high-quality affordable housing, as the closed Denver Northeast Golf Course on Hill Park is privately-owned and no longer in operation since 2018, as stated by Homes & Parks for Yes – 2O on Vote.
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    No on 2O, Yes for Parks and Open Space spearheaded the effort against the proposal.


  • Former state senator and present City Council candidate Penfield Tate[3].
  • Lisa Calderon, a candidate for mayor of Denver [3].
  • Arguments

  • “The group of volunteers came together because they shared a sense of the importance of saving the last significant piece of open space in Denver, which could eventually become a new park with the goal of having a fabulous regional park for Denver’s densely developed and crowded areas, potentially mitigating the negative effects on public health caused by the lack of green space.”
  • “There has been a sham process for input in this developed land, which residents do not want. The developer’s and city’s claims are contrary to the fact that the Conservation Easement is preserved if the land is operated as a golf course. The Westside Investment Partners (developer) and the City Administration’s claims are also contrary to the fact that the land does not need to be operated as a golf course to protect it from development. Denver’s citizens and the city have paid for the Conservation Easement to protect this land.”

    Path to the ballot

    Also, please refer to: Regulations governing local ballot initiatives in Colorado.

    The Denver City Council referred the measure to the ballot.

    How to cast a vote

    Also, please refer to: Voting in Colorado.

    Click “Show” to discover additional information about voter enrollment, identification prerequisites, and polling hours in Colorado.

    How to participate in an election in Colorado.

    Poll times

    By postal service, instead of in physical presence, individuals who opt to cast their vote can have polling stations operating from 7:00 a.M. To 7:00 p.M. Local time in Colorado. An individual who is waiting in line when the polls conclude must still be granted the right to vote. [4][5].

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    On Election Day, a person has the option to enroll for voting in Colorado if they are at minimum 16 years of age and will turn 18. Before Election Day, a voter is required to have resided in Colorado for a minimum of 22 days and hold citizenship of the United States.

    Voters in Colorado can register to vote at least eight days before Election Day in order to automatically receive a mail-in ballot. However, they also have the option to register by mail, email, fax, in person, or online and submit a form. [6][7].

    Automatic registration

    Colorado automatically enrolls eligible individuals to vote through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Online registration

    Also check out: Online voter registration.

    Colorado has established an online voter registration platform. Residents have the opportunity to register for voting by accessing this website.

    Same-day registration

    Colorado permits individuals who vote in person to register on the same day.

    Residency requirements

    Colorado legislation mandates a period of 22 days residing in the state prior to an individual being eligible to participate in voting.

    Verification of citizenship

    Also check out: Legislations allowing noncitizens to participate in voting in the United States.

    Colorado does not demand evidence of nationality for voter enrollment.

    Verifying your registration

    The site Go Vote Colorado, run by the Colorado Secretary of State office, allows residents to check their voter registration status online.

    Voter ID requirements

    For further details, please click here. In order to cast a mail-in ballot, voters may also need to provide a photocopy of their identification and return it along with their ballot. When voting in person, Colorado requires voters to present non-photo identification.

    Click here for the most up-to-date information sourced directly from the Office of the State of Colorado. As of April 2023, the following list shows the current forms of identification that are accepted.

    “The following papers are acceptable forms of identification:.

  • Unacceptable forms of identification include documents given to individuals who are not lawfully present or temporarily lawfully present, as specified in Part 5 of Article 2 of Title 42, C.R.S. A valid identification card provided by the Colorado Department of Revenue or a valid Colorado driver’s license are acceptable forms of identification.
  • A legitimate United States passport.
  • A valid employee identification card with a photograph of an eligible elector issued by any political subdivision, authority board, municipality, county, or government entity or agency, department, or branch of the U.S. Government.
  • A legitimate pilot’s license issued by the federal aviation administration or another authorized agency of the United States.
  • A legitimate U.S. Military ID card with a picture of the eligible voter.
  • The elector’s name and contact information, along with a recent (dated within the past 60 days) utility bill, bank statement, government check, salary statement, or any other official document from the government that provides proof of residence.
  • A Document of Indian or Alaskan Native Ancestry.
  • A legitimate Medicare or Medicaid card issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • A verified duplicate of a United States birth certificate for the voter.
  • Official records of citizenship.
  • C.R.S., 23-3.1-102(5) defines a valid student identification card as a photograph of an eligible elector issued by a higher education institute in Colorado.
  • The eligible elector with a photograph issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Health Administration, a valid veteran identification card.
  • A legitimate identification card issued by a federally recognized tribal government validating tribal affiliation.
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    Any form mentioned above that displays your address must indicate a Colorado address in order to be considered a valid form of identification.

    The following papers are also considered valid forms of identification for voting:

  • Confirmation that a voter resides in a communal residential establishment, as defined in section 1-1-104(18.5), C.R.S.
  • For the purposes of voter registration and eligibility, a person’s identification shall be sufficient and the voter is committed to the Department of Human Services as a person confined to and eligible for their services. Verification of voter status is required.
  • A voter who is confined in a detention facility or county jail is indicating to the county clerk’s designee or the sheriff of his or her county through written correspondence.
  • See also


    Elections in the State of Colorado, specifically in the counties of Colorado, including Denver (the capital), involve local ballot measures.

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