Delphi documents: Richard Allen told wife he killed girls; investigators believe knife used in murders

DELPHI, Ind. – Newly revealed documents in the 2017 Delphi killings offer fresh perspective on the evidence against Richard Allen.

For the first time, Judge Frances Gull Allen has been assigned to oversee the high-profile case in which German Libby and Williams Abby were killed. Additionally, on Wednesday, 19 more filings were sealed as investigators believe it is necessary to publicly reveal how they were killed.

You can locate the paperwork in this vicinity.

He was responsible for killing the teenagers, as he admitted during a phone call to his wife. The documents also revealed other things.

The defense responded to the state’s motion to suppress evidence for the first time publicly, stating that investigators believed a knife was used to kill the girls. The document also includes the warrant search and the search warrant.

“According to the documents, the autopsies determined that the girls’ deaths were homicides and their injuries were inflicted by a sharp instrument.”

Investigators also discovered that “items of clothing belonging to the girls were missing from the scene, including a pair of underwear and a sock.”

Abby Williams and Libby German
13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German. (Credit: Family)

Investigators sought to search Allen’s car, shed, and other structures on the property. The search warrant indicated that they were specifically looking for a particular cell phone, clothing, electronic devices, knives, and firearms at Allen’s residence in Delphi.

Law enforcement authorities have recovered numerous items, including multiple sweatshirts, knives, boots, and electronic devices such as laptops, iPods, and cell phones, from Allen’s property. Prosecutors believe that these items are linked to Allen.

A separate document revealed that Allen admitted to the murders in April 2023 during a phone call with his wife, abruptly ending the call.

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The document states that Richard Allen admits to committing the murders of German Liberty and Abigail Williams. He confirms this in the transcribed phone call, which investigators had transcribed.

Prosecutors also stated that Allen admitted to his mother during a phone conversation from prison.

As per a state filing pertaining to Allen’s mental health records, Allen has confessed to committing the crimes he is accused of at least 5 times during conversations with his wife and mother using the publicly accessible jail phones provided by the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Following a psychiatric assessment and being required to make only one phone call, he has refrained from doing so. Subsequent to his admission on April 3, Allen’s conduct underwent a significant transformation. Nonetheless, prosecutors disputed the notion that his admission is trustworthy and expressed skepticism regarding the extent of physical and mental pressure he experienced during his captivity. Allen’s legal representatives put forth counterarguments.

By April 14, according to court documents, Allen’s strange behavior began to subside and he was eating and sleeping regularly once more.

In October 2022, I interviewed him and Allen at Allen’s second appearance, where investigators discovered new information. He informed the investigators about the conservation officer case he had initially discussed with Allen back in 2017, on the same day the murders occurred.

Richard Allen arrives in court on June 15, 2023

Investigators stated that Libby German had captured the footage. The investigation unveiled a crucial piece of evidence in the form of a video, which depicted the notorious “Bridge Guy” wearing attire that closely resembled what he had previously confessed to owning. Additionally, he informed the authorities about the presence of firearms and blades in his residence.

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He also had a similar blue Carhartt jacket worn by the Bridge Guy. His wife confirmed to the police that Allen owned several knives and guns.

On October 13th, 2022, authorities carried out a search of Allen’s residence. The police requested a search warrant relying on accounts provided by Allen and individuals who saw the incident.

Allen’s defense attorneys are challenging the evidence, even though an analysis conducted by the Indiana State Police Laboratory confirmed that a bullet, which was discovered near the bodies of the girls, had been fired from Allen’s firearm.

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