Death Parade has gained such popularity that Madhouse Studio is under immense pressure from fans who are demanding a second season. Despite their reputation for producing one-season anime, the studio has succumbed to the fans’ requests and announced that Death Parade Season 2 is on its way.

Tachikawa Yuzuru’s brief movie Death Billiards served as the inspiration for Death Parade, also recognized as Desu Paredo. The animated show comprises of 12 episodes. It is genuinely enthralling, with every individual recounting the most demanding trials and teachings in life.

The critically acclaimed and highly praised Parade Death has been warmly received by both critics and fans. The show’s popularity is evident in the overwhelming positive reception it has received, with the series’ ratings on IMDb at 7.9/10 and on MyAnimeList at 8.16/10.


In this spectacular journey, all emotions…Sadness, punishment, loneliness, anger, love…Are vividly portrayed. In just one episode, you form a connection with them. Even though the guests only appear in one or two episodes, they strive to capture our attention.

Still unknown and its release date and whether Season 2 of Parade Death is confirmed or not is not yet known. Still hoping that they can continue to please their fans, the popular anime series that was cancelled will hopefully be announced by Studio Madhouse, who are actively working on it.

Part 2 has not been released yet because there have been many theories about why. Part 2 is still in development and Madhouse Studio announced the second installment in 2016 due to the popularity of Death Parade.

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Created by Tachikawa, Death Parade depends exclusively on a brief movie, unlike other anime shows that are typically adapted from literature and graphic novels. Madhouse Studio might be facing difficulties due to the absence of material for the second installment, primarily.

The new story completely coincides with the ending of part 1, with some parts lacking realistic source material and some parts lacking realistic source material due to the previous section.

Nhân vật của Death Parade Phần 2:

If the creator decides to revive the series, it is likely that Death Parade Season 2 will showcase the same performers as the previous season.

Decim Chiyuki Nona Ginti Clavis Quin Castra Oculus.Output: Decim, Chiyuki, Nona, Ginti, Clavis, Quin, Castra, and Oculus.

Đoạn giới thiệu Death Parade Season 2

Chưa có thông báo chính thức từ nhà sản xuất.Output: There has not been an official announcement from the producer.

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Cốt truyện Death Parade Season 2

Once individuals pass away, they are transported to one of numerous enigmatic establishments within the intricate realm of the afterlife, as showcased in Death Parade. To offer a more comprehensive understanding, let us revisit the occurrences in the initial segment.

The deadly game decides whether they will be reborn or sent to the void, and the deceased must participate. Decim, a bartender and the Arbiter of Quindecim, revolves around the story. Decim begins to develop human emotions after meeting Chiyuki, a mischievous black-haired woman. The bars are operated by bartenders who act as Arbiters.

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Decim’s character development is further explored in the narrative, as he continues to grapple with the complexities of his job at the afterlife bar. While he initially struggles with welcoming new souls, Decim begins to embrace his role when Chiyuki, who has recently departed from the mortal world, enters his life. Chiyuki’s arrival prompts Decim to reconsider his beliefs and sets in motion a series of events.

Decim không nhận ra rằng điều đó có thể xảy ra nếu mà cô gái tái sinh sau khi bị hủy diệt lại trở về thế giới thật và đưa cho Chiyuki khả năng đó. Có thể xảy ra điều đó nếu Decim không nhận ra. Cuộc gặp gỡ đầy cảm xúc và sự thay đổi sau đó có thể thay đổi cách Decim hành xử và nhìn nhận về con người thực sự.

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