“Dawns” by Zach Bryan (ft. Maggie Rogers)

Although Zach Bryan relies on a metaphorical motif, the message is relayed pretty overtly, simply by putting vocalists in the role of lovers and portraying the things they regret, that they are hooked up to look back on.

It seems that both Rogers and Zach later realized that jumping into this romance headfirst was a mistake, knowing that they have gotten to know each other in a way that proves they would not make an ideal partner for each other. Whether they are seriously contemplating moving forward with this relationship or not, if you oppose the idea and have reasons to believe it is not fulfilling your desires or for the wrong reasons, it appears that both Rogers and Zach see this romance from a different perspective. And the reason for this seems to be that they are addicted to the idea of romance.

What does “Dawns” mean in Context?

The phrase “dawns” is basically used as a synonym for “days” in this track, where Bryan Zach utters “you on wasted’ve I all my dawns my all wasted’ve I’ve” in the first verse when he puts forth “you on wasted’ve I’ve lines along the taken be also can that”. They both put forth “you on wasted’ve I’ve lines along the taken be also can that” when the chorus comes in “both they when chorus the in you”. Of course, they literally don’t have all their days dedicated to this relationship, but they give me “forth put both they when chorus the in you” when my “back” dawns give me “forth put both they when chorus the in you”. All my days and nights wasted on you I’ve also taken “lines along the taken be also can that”.

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In the pre-chorus, Rogers, who is more artsy, also explores other colorful ways to express the concept of ‘dawn,’ which leads us back to the realization that Zach isn’t her and saying it is painful.

Zach Bryan, raised in Oklahoma but a Fan of The Philadelphia Eagles

A fan of the Philadelphia Eagles is actually Bryan, and in Bryan’s case, he is not always a devoted supporter of the hometown football team. The nearest American football teams would include the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, and Kansas City Chiefs, so Kansas is located just north of it, while Oklahoma is situated just north of Texas. Oologah, a small town in Oklahoma, is where Zach Bryan grew up.

The Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is a fascinating destination for individuals of various ages.

On January 27th, the track was officially released to the public, as the singer honored his commitment. This information is relevant in relation to the release of “Dawns” because Zach pledged to release the song if the Eagles convincingly won their NFL playoff game against the New York Giants, which took place on January 22, 2023.

The Artists at Hand

In 2022, Zach Bryan solidified his position as a renowned figure in the realm of country music with the launch of the extensive but highly acclaimed album “American Heartbreak”. In 2016, Maggie Rogers made a striking entrance into the music industry as an alternative artist, supported by an endorsement from Pharrell, with her popular track “Alaska”.

This is the first time Zach and Maggie have collaborated, and they co-wrote the song “Dawns”. However, Maggie doesn’t have her own verse in this song, but she does lead the second pre-chorus.

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In the meantime, Zach Bryan co-produced this song with a frequent collaborator, Eddie Spear.


If this case doesn’t appear to be anything like heartbreak, the vocalists being sad that they embarked on this romance in the first place, it should still be noted that “Dawns” is lyrically done as a traditional breakup song, but with a fresh metaphorical spin. Maggie and Zach should be applauded for taking a well-worn musical concept of romantic disappointment and putting a new twist on it.

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