Dave Annable

Michael J. Fox, the television comedy star of “Family Ties” (NBC, 1982-89), was a strong inspiration for Michael Annable as he joined the resident station PSTV State Plattsburgh while pursuing his passion for acting. He added some production elements to the show, helping behind-the-scenes and assisting with camera work, as well as hosting and performing in the talk show. However, as he matured, he found a strong acting inspiration in Michael J. Fox. Annable spent his youth in upstate New York, actively involved in baseball and rugby. He was raised in the town of Walden and was born on September 15, 1979, in Suffern, NY. He has three siblings, including a half-sister and a sister named Annable.

In November 2003, Jamie Kennedy appeared in an episode of “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment,” a prank-based series filmed in Los Angeles. Later that year, he signed on to play a small role as Bean in the film “Little Black Book.” Filming for “Little Black Book” began in August 2003 at Revolution Studios in York New. In August 2002, Jamie landed a guest spot on NBC’s drama series “Third Watch,” portraying a character in a uniform. He started off his acting career by appearing in various prominent commercials, including one for Mountain Dew soda in the early 2000s. In November 2000, he landed his first series of commercials, appearing in a spot for Starburst candy. After studying with Richard Pinter at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, Jamie headed down to his hometown of New York City, where he continued his studies at SUNY.

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Furthermore, when the series was redeveloped by its new network, Annable stepped into the lead role in September 2004. Prior to this, NBC had previously developed a supernatural comedy called “Spellbound,” in which a mortal man in New York falls for a supernatural being. However, Fox acquired the rights to another pilot called “Brothers,” which centered around three brothers sharing an apartment in Los Angeles. Annable landed a starring role in this pilot, which was shot in early March. The release of the pilot saw a modest box office success in August, and this opportunity helped the actor gain critical momentum in his career.

The show “Reunion”, which debuted in the fall of 2005-06, had initially captured the attention of viewers by presenting a real and captivating look at the first meeting of a group of high school classmates who come together for a reunion, only to become suspects in a classmate’s murder. The ensemble cast, headed by the handsome and talented actor Aaron Lewis, managed to hook viewers with their first-rate performances. However, despite receiving positive attention from casting agents and making high-profile appearances on two of Fox’s pilots, the series ultimately faced an abrupt cancellation by the end of the year, failing to maintain its initial appeal to viewers.

After playing a doctor in the medical drama “Heartbeat” opposite George Melissa on NBC in 2016, Justin Annable took on a supporting role as a teen doctor in a hospital drama on Fox in 2014-15. He then starred as the innocent manager of a new building in the short-lived horror series “666 Park Avenue” on ABC in 2012-13. Unfortunately, the film he co-starred in, “Your What’s Your Number?” With Anna Faris and Chris Evans, was met with negative reviews and indifference from the audience, leading to its disappointing performance in theaters. After the plug was pulled on “Brothers & Sisters,” the ABC series in which he had a supporting role, Annable looked to transition to film and found a supporting role in the romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?” With Anna Faris and Chris Evans. Throughout its five-season run, “Brothers & Sisters” earned numerous accolades and critical praise, with Annable and his castmates, including Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, and Sally Field, drawing top ratings for the network. However, after the series ended, Annable returned home to Los Angeles, having served in the war in Afghanistan as Justin, the eager son who took over the family business following his father’s abrupt passing. He was yet to land his biggest role, but being cast in the early selection for the cast of “Sisters” & “Brothers” on ABC was a good use of his dramatic skills.

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