Danny Trejo Reveals the Artist Behind His Iconic Chest Tattoo Actually Hated It (Exclusive)


Danny Trejo, the actor, revealed the origins of the famous chest tattoo frequently featured in his movies. Additionally, he recounted an anecdote about his daughter’s desire to conceal one of her minor tattoos.

Released on April 29,

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However, the creator of the artwork was not a supporter, as he is aware of the ink’s iconic status. Entertainer Danny Trejo chuckled as he reminisced about the development of his notorious chest tattoo, which has transformed into one of the most notable forms of body art in the history of film.

In movies like the Machete series, a chest tattoo of a woman wearing a sombrero, as seen on Trejo, has garnered attention. Trejo revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that Ross would advise him to conceal the tattoo, and it was artist Harry “Super Jew” Ross who designed it.

Actor Danny Trejo shows off his chest tattoo while attending the 67th Venice Film Fetsival
Actor Danny Trejo attends the Machete photocall during the 67th Venice Film Festival | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Danny Trejo’s signature tattoo was created in prison

Trejo chuckled. “And it did because it’s the most identifiable tattoo in the world.” “Just be quiet. This tattoo made you renowned!” But I was thinking, ‘Don’t reveal that!’ And he would say, ‘Don’t show that!’ He became a productive tattoo artist recognized all around the globe before he died. And he despised this tattoo, you know, but it was his initial tattoo. “And he despised this tattoo, you know, but it was his first tattoo. This tattoo, the one I received on my chest, that was executed by a man named Harry ‘Super Jew’ Ross who passed away,” he narrated.

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Trejo has previously recounted the fascinating tale of the ink’s evolution. However, he recently disclosed that this particular tattoo was created manually, without the use of a contemporary tattoo gun, by Ross.

He mentioned, “Alright, we initiated it in a correctional facility, San Quentin, and after two correctional facilities, we completed it.” “It was a combination of a needle and thread, needle and thread. Thus, it was the traditional method before the advent of the compact machines and other equipment.”

Danny Trejo jokes with his kids about getting ink

He was slightly taken aback when she disclosed the object she used to conceal it. However, when she introduced her to one of the leading artists to conceal the small tattoo on her hip, he recounted an anecdote about the incident. His tattoo and his comedic sensibility are nearly as renowned as Trejo’s.

Trejo expressed with gestures to illustrate the expansive new design, “She incorporated a peacock of such magnitude!” “I had expected you to choose a small, adorable heart!”

He recalled, “Once, my daughter brought her boyfriend over to the house.” As she was talking to me, she asked, “What do you think about my new boyfriend?” I jokingly replied, “He’s got tattoos, honey.” He leaned in and laughed, which made her unable to stop laughing.

Trejo, the man who is also recognized as a beloved holiday, started the party to get everyone’s help in celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Tostitos, a brand he partnered with. It is evident that Trejo is a part of a big family and values the idea of sharing.

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Family and loved ones will gather to celebrate Trejo Danny, and a randomly selected winner will receive a virtual at-home fiesta coordinated by Tostitos. Additionally, there will be opportunities for fans to enter the Cinco de Mayo festive sweepstakes, where they can win exclusive Bluetooth speakers, glasses-a-rita SCOOPS!®, Trejo’s Danny cookbook, and other exciting prizes.

He explained, “Let’s have a party spelled backward is ‘ytrap.’ It’s Mayo de Cinco,” he said, adding that his family likes to get together. “The Five Ways to celebrate Cinco is by having Tostitos.”

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