Danny Keough Net Worth and How He Made His Money

Danny Keough earned his wealth through various endeavors such as singing, playing multiple instruments, guiding others in music, acting, and more. He accumulated a net worth of $500 thousand.

The singer, who was born in Chicago, began his career as a session musician by performing at small venues and clubs in Los Angeles. However, his luck turned around when he was chosen by a record label company. He subsequently formed a short-lived music band and also played with other bands. Furthermore, he kick-started his career as a session musician by entertaining at small venues and clubs in Los Angeles after being chosen by a record label company, which changed his fortune.

Lisa Marie Presley also collaborated with Lewis Lee Jerry and Neil Vince, as well as with Black Crowes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Michael Jackson, among other big names in the music industry. Danny also worked with her.

How Much is Danny Keough’s Net Worth?

According to the information we obtained from credible sources, Danny Keough’s estimated net worth is $500k. Nevertheless, his monthly and yearly earnings remain undisclosed.

What are Danny Keough’s Net Worth Sources?

Danny sustains himself in the entertainment field as a singer, artist, lyricist, guitarist, musical guide, and performer.

The various ways he earns money consist of a list of the following: advertising campaigns for brands, financial support, and recommendations. Additionally, the musician who plays multiple instruments also earned a substantial amount from selling music albums, performing live, going on tours, and streaming, as well as receiving royalties from songwriters. The majority of his yearly earnings stemmed from these avenues.

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  • Singing.
  • Music collaborations.
  • Acting.
  • Sponsorships and advertising
  • Early Music Career

    Towards the later part of the 1980s, this happened; he started performing as a session musician, playing both the guitar and the piano for various vocalists. Danny Keough, a session musician, made a conscious decision to move to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of America, after completing his academic pursuits in his birthplace of Chicago, Illinois.

    It was said that he had a good start in his music career, but it is not known how much he made from his early career. Obviously, his debut album didn’t make a big hit, but Danny wrapped up the 1980s as he dropped it. It was while he was doing these minor gigs that he attracted the attention of a recording company that offered him a contract. He was also spotted at other smaller venues and open mic nights.

    His First Band Was formed in the 1980s

    Alongside his intimate companions who perform under the stage name, The Blitz Brothers, he founded it, and the musical group he ultimately created was named Margin Blue. Following his modest success in performances across Los Angeles, Danny Keough made the decision to proceed and establish his own band. Danny utilized this opportunity to propel himself to greater accomplishments, even though it was temporary.

    While playing as a session musician, Danny had the opportunity to have some gigs with the music group called The Valley Stars. Moving over to the popular rock band called Lethal Weapon, which originated from his native Chicago, he played the guitar. It was during his time with the Los Angeles-based band called Rise that he made admirable contributions to their album “Tracks” which was released in 1987.

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    Tickle Me Pink, a band in which Danny played bass guitar, had a successful run in the 1990s.

    Danny Keough Scored his Big Break with Lisa Marie Presley

    After Lisa Marie Presley hired him, guitarist Danny made his debut album “Concern” in 2003, which marked a milestone in his career. He had previously earned good pay from his gigs with different bands, playing different styles of music. He also served as her musical mentor and played bass as well.

    Danny Keough's net worth
    Danny and Lisa image source

    The marriage bond, which the couple formed over time, and blossomed into a romantic partnership, eventually evolved into a lasting professional collaboration; it didn’t simply conclude with one album, as the duo’s working relationship continued.

    After the marriage of Danny Keough and Lisa Marie Presley came to an end, they continued to be friends, even with Mariah and Lisa. Lisa kindly provided Danny with a place to stay as a guest in one of her properties.

    Danny quickly resolved the lawsuit, even though his career in music was gaining a great boost, announcing that he would give his widening audience as a bass guitarist. He also lent a helping hand to Lisa in her custody battle with Michael Jackson.

    Danny Keough’s Collaboration with Michael Jackson

    This particular gig, titled “Dirty Diana,” is among his most successful projects. In this legendary track, Danny Keough further lined his pockets with the collaboration of music with the iconic Michael Jackson.

    Diana went on to become one of the bestselling tracks from Time. Thanks to his successful collaborations with other artists, Danny’s music career was catapulted to greater heights, opening up new opportunities for him. This is all thanks to his contribution to the song Dirty.

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    Within the field, all of these factors contributed to establishing the multi-instrumentalist’s credibility. With millions of copies sold globally, the albums History and Dangerous demonstrated remarkable triumph, utilizing Danny’s expertise for Michael Jackson.

    After delivering exceptional work, Danny Keough secured opportunities with renowned musicians such as Michael Jackson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Vince Neil, the Black Crowes, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    He has gained fame for his exceptional guitar skills and his style of music has been described as a fusion of three genres – country, rock, and blues.

    Danny Keough Earned from Acting. Roles

    The Lodge (2019) and Cabin by the Lake, the 2000 film, stand out as significant entries in Danny Keough’s acting career and another noteworthy source of income for him.

    Before scoring notable roles, Danny appeared in cameos in productions such as Trucks in 1997, Attacks! Mars in 1996, and Day Independence. In 1991, he was part of the cast of Trouble Double, where he shared the screen with Michael Paré, and also featured in earlier films.

    Other productions in which the bass guitarist appeared include The Glass Jar and The Keeper, Fools Hasten In, The Siege, Charmed, CSI: Miami, The Break-Up Artist, and The Giving Tree.

    Danny Never Made it Big Despite his Numerous Gigs

    In the music business, although linked to some of the most prominent figures, Danny Keough never had the chance to compete with the major players in the entertainment industry throughout his career. He only ever earned enough to get by.

    Danielle Riley revealed that her father faced hardships in life, residing in cabins, trailer parks, and similar places due to a lack of funds to establish a comfortable home. It was confirmed by Danielle Riley herself that her father struggled financially, leading to the decision for the children to permanently reside with their mother following his divorce from Lisa Maria. Even after the separation, he lacked the means to support his children. Danielle also emphasized that her late mother was financially more stable than her father could ever be.

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