Danity Kane Today: See How the Performers Thrived After Starring in MTV’s ‘Making the Band’

All women are leading new paths and discovering new passions in life. Where are they now? Danity Kane, the group that starred in the reality series “Making the Band 3” on MTV, topped the charts with their debut album.

In 2005, viewers watched as Gibson Laurieann and Diddy competed to secure their spot in the girl group. This led to a fierce battle between Woods D. And Richard Dawn, Fimbres Aundrea, Bex Shannon, and O’Day Aubrey.

Scroll down to see what all five girls from Post-DK have been up to. Despite a series of firings and fights, the girl squad broke up after releasing three studio albums in 2014. Although it seemed like they were destined for a long career and global success.

Aubrey O’Day

Following their encounter on Famously Single, she proceeded to have a romantic relationship with DJ Pauly D (whose real name is Paul D. DelVecchio Jr.) From Jersey Shore for almost three years. Additionally, she made appearances on Marriage Boot Camp and Famously Single, participated in The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother, and was the main focus of a reality show named All About Aubrey. Aubrey truly established herself as a genuine reality television personality after being dismissed from the original lineup of Danity Kane in 2008.

Aubrey, following her solo record deal, often shares sizzling snaps and Cameos with her fans in addition to engaging with them through chat. She has nearly 1 million followers on social media these days.

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Shannon Bex

In August 2019, the singer took a break from social media, sharing a self-portrait as their last post. Their debut self-titled album, released in 2015 as a duo electro-pop group called Dumblonde, immediately gained favorable reviews from Billboard, VH1, and Spin, reaching No. 129 on the charts. In the aftermath of the girl group’s disbandment in 2014, the performer Aubrey started working together again almost immediately.


Aundrea Fimbres

Aundrea seems to have dropped out of the spotlight after announcing her departure from the band’s second iteration in May 2014. She said she was ready for the “next chapter” in her life and shared rare new snaps with her family in January 2019, still enjoying life post-limelight. It was reportedly during her days in Danity Kane that she recorded the track “Phoenix,” but she appeared on her bandmate Dawn Richard’s song “In The Air” in 2015. She also publicly showed her wedding on a Facebook post in November.

Dawn Richard

She teased her new album titled “Scenes” on Instagram on February 17, 2021. Additionally, she collaborated with Adult Swim on an animated commercial that aired in April of the same year. Dawn also released two solo albums, “Redemption” and “Blackheart”, which were honored as two of the best albums of 2016 by Paste and Vulture. This songstress found critical success in her solo career following her breakup with Danity Kane.

D. Forests

Following their dismissal from the group in 2008, Wanita Denise Woodgett, also known as this singer, made the decision not to take part in Danity Kane’s reunion. In the subsequent four years, she put out three mixtapes and two EPs, venturing into a solo career after the drama. Upon the reformation of Danity Kane in 2013, the celebrity declared that she would solely be “rooting for them” as a supporter, but also expressed to Us Weekly that she “would certainly consider collaborating and/or performing with Danity Kane once more.”.

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The team later reconciled and amazed supporters with their inaugural tour in four years in August 2018.

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