Dallas releases technology accountability report following ransomware attack

Click here to scroll down and read the full report. The report was expected to shed more light on the period of time covering the potential attack. The release of the city’s monthly Technology Accountability Report brought on Friday.

According to the report released by the IT team in Dallas on Friday, an incident of ransomware attack occurred on May 3rd. The management promptly took additional measures to support the team’s recovery activities and mobilized and organized a broader support in the city. The report also states that the malicious software further spread and the team disconnected devices and services systems from the city’s network to contain the situation.

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On Thursday, the city stated in a released message, “During our handling of this occurrence, we still express our gratitude to our staff for their diligent efforts and value the support of the local community. We persist in giving importance to the reinstatement of our urban services.”

Click here to access a full update by the City of Dallas shared this week.

The hacker group known as Royal eventually took responsibility for the release threats of personal data from other government documents, medical records, and court cases.

The city officials stated that there was no evidence of sensitive data being leaked. The city teams mentioned in Thursday’s update that they are still conducting their investigation.

The city stated, “As per relevant legislation, we will inform those individuals directly and offer assistance to safeguard their information if the investigation concludes that individuals’ confidential data was implicated in this occurrence. Our teams are diligently working to comprehend the details of the situation and aim to ensure that the investigation confirms the involvement of individuals’ sensitive information in this incident, providing resources to aid in protecting their data if necessary.” There have been inquiries regarding the consequences of this event and the potential impact on sensitive data, if any. We are aware.

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Expect should we and important is report the why about Frisco in DKBInnovative with Haba Randy expert cybersecurity with spoke 5 NBC.

He stated, “That information is consistently disclosed at some point in the future. It’s merely a question of time. In one manner or another, that will be revealed. So, in one manner or another, that will be disclosed. Well, the inhabitants of Dallas provide that payment and the city must be open about how their taxation funds were utilized. Because ultimately, if the city of Dallas is going to make that payment. I believe many individuals fail to comprehend that these instances of ransomware, the objective is to acquire funds.”

Haba cautioned that the city cannot openly discuss what has been done to secure the systems. However, they may release basic information on why it happened and what happened.

“According to him, the report must include details about which data, if any, was compromised and extracted, possibly the attack method used, how the system was breached, and also other relevant information.”

The Friday report characterized the efforts during the previous month as ‘meticulous’.

The report indicates that conducting a thorough evaluation of every system and device “to guarantee they are devoid of malicious software” has been necessary for the installation and integration of extra security elements and protocols, as well as the reconstruction, imaging, and recovery from backups of servers and devices when needed.

Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, a cybersecurity expert at UT Dallas, states that the current goal is to further educate staff on preventing weaknesses and enhancing the security of systems.

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To ensure their safety, other cities in northern Texas will probably refer to reports similar to TAR. According to her, a city or company becomes increasingly susceptible as it hires more employees.

She stated, “I believe they would be inclined to target major urban areas since that’s where they receive the most extensive media attention.” “This will only serve as motivation for other organizations, including Royal, to launch attacks. They might not do so immediately. Will they now target Dallas once more?”

According to Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, a professor of computer science at UT Dallas, the key element is to restore internet connectivity as rapidly as feasible.

Dr. Kantarcioglu stated, “I’m questioning whether you can have a better plan, which would cut something like this in 10 days. But I’m not criticizing or messing with their plan. They said they have a plan for it, of course. If you have a plan for it.”

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