Dad Wants Ex-Wife to Name Their Baby After the Pregnancy His Mistress Lost

April 27, 2020 at 6:51

I’m being criticized for not wanting to give my baby the same name as the baby my ex had with his mistress, which ended in a tragic miscarriage. A mother-to-be recently posted on Reddit’s Am I the Asshole (AITA) forum to ask about this situation, and the headline summarizes it quite well. I don’t know if quarantine is making everyone go crazy or something, but seriously, guys.

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Let’s hear more of this story. However, the loss that resulted from you leaving was another pregnancy. After that, you insist on picking the name for the kid, even if someone else gets impregnated immediately and it’s not under the circumstance of the dude who impregnated you. This poor woman is confident that she’s not the asshole, but there is a lot of unpacking to do in this hellish situation.

Currently, I am six months in and I have decided to keep custody 50/50. He asked for custody 50/50 and I informed my ex. It’s my ex’s decision to keep it, and I decided to keep custody 50/50. However, a few weeks later, a coworker of mine posted that she had a miscarriage, saying that he had feelings for his coworker but did not act on them. However, he had feelings for his coworker and did not act on them, saying that he had a miscarriage. They had gotten engaged and the ex was the father, but they broke up with me in January this year.

Fortunately, that is a relief. She proceeds to clarify that her former partner and his colleague are still betrothed, and that the lady is “pleasant enough” and has “expressed regret excessively.”

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OP continues, “alright seems Coworker,” and although he lied to both of us, I’m mad at him but I’m willing to co-parent with my Ex. However, I don’t want to be one of those coparents who talks shit about the other. I don’t want to be entitled to his child legally, regardless of my own feelings, because I don’t want to co-parent with my Ex. But I’m mad at him for lying to both of us. I’m willing to co-parent with my Ex, but I don’t want to be one of those coparents who talks shit about the other. I don’t want to be entitled to his child legally, regardless of my own feelings. Putting her first and being the bigger person, honestly, every co-parent should take this attitude. It’s don’t go too far.

Isn’t it? Despite everyone’s admirable efforts, they are moving forward with the best interests of the child in mind, and it’s going well. There is no decline or negative outcome in sight.

The OP explains that before the fiancée miscarried, her ex and his now-fiancée had selected names. She adds that they want to use these specific names for her baby and are unwilling to let her choose any. They have provided both a first and middle name for a boy or a girl, and all the names hold sentimental value. Then, they basically stated that they are outnumbered as there are two of them and only one of her.

Oh. Darn

“The commenters are, of course, livid with us about this completely unfounded and unwarranted legal rights-based instruction, which also violates the couple’s rights.”

Who the fuck says that the woman giving birth is “outvoted” on baby names??? What the heck did I just read https://t.Co/xcaNPQ7lJP.

— Alex (@BlairAprElliot) April 27, 2020

I feel for this woman and I hope she gets more than 50/50 custody because f**k that guy https://t.Co/ZIDtbppuUY.Output:

— 🌸 (@aquapaths) April 27, 2020

This is so insane, I can’t handle it. Https://

— Caitlin (@cej1989) April 26, 2020

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