Cyrus Mistry death: Seven e-challans issued to Anahita Pandole for speeding since 2020

Cyrus Mistry’s death | Palghar Superintendent of Police Balasaheb Patil said: “Prima facie, it appears to be a case of overspeeding. We are investigating the matter.”

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— The Indian Express (@IndianExpress) September 4, 2022

On September 4th, Darius and Anahita, who were driving from Mumbai towards Palghar, suffered serious injuries in an accident. Dr. Ahmedabad and his friend Jehangir Pandole were killed after the Mercedes-Benz car they were in hit the railing of the Charoti over bridge and fell into the Surya river in Palghar. Cyrus Mistry, aged 54, also lost his life in the tragic incident.

The Pandoles possess a company in which the vehicle is registered. During the issuance of e-challans, she was operating the vehicle. As per a police official, an FIR has been lodged against Dr. Pandole following the incident at Kasa station. Officials mentioned that the Mercedes car has received seven e-challans for exceeding the speed limit from 2020 to 2022.

The officer stated, “Therefore, she ultimately collided the automobile into the perimeter wall of the bridge,” the large vehicle was traveling on her right side. Observing this, Dr Anahita also attempted to make a right turn but was unable to do so because a car in front of her made a right turn and proceeded safely. As per the authorities, Darius claimed that a small vehicle was traveling in front of their car. In early November, the police documented Darius’ statement.

According to the police, Cyrus Mistry’s car, a Mercedes, crashed into a divider near Charoti on a bridge. There were four people in the vehicle, of which two, including Mistry, died on the spot. The others have been taken to a hospital.

— Express Mumbai (@ie_mumbai) September 4, 2022

The collision and smashed it into the wall, she was unable to stop the car in time. She was unable to make a wise decision, she was unable to reduce the collision but since the car was traveling at a high velocity, she could have veered left and collided with the barrier. The officer from Kasa mentioned, “Anahita could have veered left and collided with the barrier which might have lessened the collision but due to the car’s high speed, she was unable to make a sound decision.

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The police stated that they are waiting for her to fully recover. Once she is discharged from the hospital, the Kasa police will submit the chargesheet in a magistrate court in Palghar and take her signature as per CrPC.

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A senior police official from Palghar district stated, “Since she is still recovering, we have not yet taken her statement. Her signature will be necessary, and she will need to be present in court when the chargesheet is filed. However, we have chosen not to apprehend her in accordance with the CrPC.”

According to the Kasa police, the physician who examined the car involved in the accident presented damning proof contradicting the report received from Mercedes Benz in early November.

The Mercedes-Benz company provided the police with a technical analysis report based on the Event Data Recorder (EDR), which helped them ascertain that the vehicle taken from the damaged vehicle was not able to apply brakes in time. The report also indicated that the vehicle was overspeeding.

The EDR, which is an in-car recorder, helps the car makers understand how the car was performing around 30 seconds before a crash takes place, whether the airbags were activated and the seat belts were used, whether the brakes were applied when the car was moving, and at what speed the car was.

“A Palghar police officer stated that the vehicle collided with the perimeter barrier after its velocity decreased from 100 kmph to 89 kmph in a span of 3.5 seconds. The brakes were engaged within 1.5 seconds and were applied five seconds prior to the collision. According to the EDR report, the car was traveling at a speed of 100 kmph.”

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The official stated that in this particular instance, the car did not experience a rollover, therefore the curtain airbags and five other airbags did not deploy as intended. It is worth noting that the car was equipped with a total of seven airbags. Additionally, the two individuals who tragically lost their lives were not wearing seat belts, as confirmed by the EDR report. Furthermore, the driver was charged with speeding as the speed limit on that road is 90 kmph.

The official stated that the individuals in the backseat perished as a result of not having their seat belts fastened. According to the official, had they been wearing seat belts, their heads would not have collided with the headrest, potentially preventing the injuries from being fatal.

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