Curtis ‘Cousin Eddie’ Smith released on bond one month after Alex Murdaugh’s murder conviction

The man who purportedly shot Alex Murdaugh in the head in a peculiar failed assassin scheme has been set free on bail, just one month after the discredited lawyer was found guilty of killing his wife and son.

Curtis “Cousin Eddie” Smith, who was previously a client of a law firm, a distant relative, and accused of being a drug dealer associated with Murdaugh, made an appearance at the Richland County Courthouse in South Carolina on Monday afternoon. Judge Clifton Newman approved the reinstatement of his $250,000 bond and allowed him to be released under house arrest.

The testimony never materialized. Observing his previous agreement to provide testimony against Murdaugh in his trial earlier this year, prosecutors did not oppose his release on bond. Judge Newman recognized Mr. Smith’s ongoing collaboration with authorities in his decision.

Judge Newman informed the defendant that the sugar levels were extremely high, while also acknowledging the decrease in health resulting from the defendant’s time in jail, as highlighted by Mr. Smith’s legal representatives.

He stated that he has acquired 55 pounds while imprisoned.

Mr Smith’s release comes with strict bond conditions, including a GPS monitor and confinement to his home except when going to work.

“Should he violate those conditions, stressed Judge Newman, the court would not tolerate any deviation, leniency, or latitude in any manner when meeting Mr. Smith.”

Mr Smith confirmed that he comprehended the judge’s caution.

Facing multiple charges, Mr. Smith purportedly shot Murdaugh as part of an assisted suicide plot on the side of a road in Hampton County during the September 2021 occurrence.

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The incident unfolded from June 7, 2021, to September 4, 2021, after Murdaugh was ousted from his law firm for stealing millions of funds. This incident involved the double murders of Paul and Maggie.

Murdaugh dialed 911, stating that he was attacked in a drive-by shooting while he was replacing a flat tire on his car.

He was taken to a hospital where he obtained medical treatment for what authorities described as a “minor gunshot wound to the head”.

He upheld the lie for several days, and even devoted hours to fabricating a made-up assailant with the help of a police sketch artist.

However, Murdaugh’s account of the event rapidly fell apart.

In a scheme involving assisted suicide, he admitted to law enforcement one week afterwards, on September 13th, that he had masterminded the entire story, requesting Mr. Smith to fire and murder him in order for his surviving son, Buster, to receive a $12 million windfall from a life insurance policy.

Both he and Mr Smith were apprehended and accused in connection with the occurrence.

Mr Smith, who was implicated in assisting him with a narcotics and $2.4 million illicit money transfer operation, faced additional charges related to Murdaugh’s fraudulent financial endeavors in June 2022.

He was initially set free on a $250,000 bond and instructed to undergo drug testing and GPS monitoring.

Following multiple visits to grocery stores and private residences, he was discovered to have breached the conditions of his bond and was subsequently instructed to return to jail in August 2022.

Mr. Smith allegedly misled the court about how much money he had at the time the judge had no money to set bail.

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It later emerged that he had over $50,000 in a bank account during that period, as per the prosecutors.

Smith, Mr. Is currently awaiting trial after the latest hearing in court on Monday. He is facing a series of charges, including aggravated battery and assault, assisted suicide involving Murdaugh, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, money laundering, methamphetamine trafficking, forgery, and presenting and pointing a firearm.

Mr Smith’s name repeatedly cropped up during Murdaugh’s murder trial – a trial that was dubbed South Carolina’s “trial of the century”.

Murdaugh was found guilty of shooting Maggie and Paul on the family’s expansive 1,700-acre property on June 7th, 2021.

Paul was shot twice with a 12-gauge shotgun, almost completely blowing his brain out of his skull, while he stood in the dog kennels’ feed room.

After the killing, Murdaugh said prosecutors that she opened fire and grabbed a semiautomatic Blackout .300 rifle as her husband tried to flee, referring to Maggie.

She was shot five times, with two bullets hitting her head, after she had dropped to her knees.

The murders of Maggie and Paul, and the potential involvement of Mr. Smith, aimed to generate inquiries from the disgraced attorney’s legal team before Murdaugh’s trial for murder.

Mr. Smith claimed in his defense that the lie detector test failed when he was asked about the night of June 7th, 2021, but in October.

It is possible that Mr Smith, or another individual, could have been accountable for the killings, yet he was not summoned as a witness by either the prosecution or the defense. The defense team did not present any proof to support this claim during the trial.

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The jury established with certainty that it was Murdaugh who killed his family members.

Mr. Smith, the attorney, released a statement saying that the murder conviction of Murdaugh had been exonerated, suggesting that the suggestions of baseless slayings could not have been the cause of the verdict.

Smith’s lawyers T. Jarrett Bouchette and Aimee Zmroczek asserted, “The unfortunate fatalities of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were unrelated to our defendant, it should now be evident.”

Throughout the nearly year-long discussion of our client’s case, both outright falsehoods and half-truths, as well as innuendo and speculation, have permeated the public discourse. However, neither the defense team for Mr. Smith nor Mr. Murdaugh has revealed any evidence or testimony that could involve them in the extensive technological and forensic analysis conducted by law enforcement during the investigation.

Mr. Smith, a decent and good man, was like many others who took advantage of the opportunity to present his story at the trial, and it was manipulated by Mr. Murdaugh. “The statement added: We look forward to the opportunity,” said Mr. Smith.

Murdaugh is also facing trial on over 100 charges related to the multi-million-dollar fraud scheme and roadside shooting cases.

But, whatever the outcome in those cases, he will now die behind bars after he was sentenced him to life in prison.

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