¿Cuándo se celebra el Día del Padre en Honduras, Bolivia y otros países iberoamericanos?

This day of celebration, which dates back to June 19, 1909, in the United States, honors a woman named Dodd Smart Sonora, who wanted to pay tribute to her father, a veteran of the civil war, and took on the responsibility of caring for her six children and their education on the farm where they lived.

To honor him that month, Smart Dodd decided, since his father was born in June, but it wasn’t until 1924 when the celebration took on a national character, thanks to President Calvin Coolidge who supported the concept.

In the United States, President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation in 1966 declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. Over time, this date became a tradition.

Although the date and origin of Father’s Day celebration vary according to the regions, many Latin American countries acquired the same date to honor not only fathers but also grandparents and uncles.


In some Catholic countries, the Day of San José, which is celebrated on this day, maintains a close relationship with Jesus Christ’s father, Saint Joseph, who is considered an important paternal figure in the religion.

March 19th is the day when Spain and Bolivia celebrate the profession of carpenters, led by the foreman José San. This is also the case in Honduras, which belongs to the ancient world.

In 1959, when the President of the Government, Ramón Villeda Morales, proclaimed it through a legislative decree, Father’s Day acquired official status in Honduras.

In March 19, the Bolivian Father’s Day was established by Hugo Suarez Banzer, the Bolivian president at that time, in 1974. This initiative was promoted by Víctor Handal Salame, a private entrepreneur. Before that, in 1958, it was celebrated as the Day of José San, the patron of carpenters and workers, in Bolivia, as part of its history.

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He decided that the father figure should also be honored after speaking with one of his students’ fathers one day. But every year, he and his students would prepare a handmade gift for Mother’s Day, thanks to a teacher, Manuela Vicente Ferrero. In Spain, the tradition started in 1948.

Since then, he has been advertising and promoting the idea, which was bought by Galerías Preciados, a Spanish department store group. The article was so successful that it encouraged other schools to promote this celebration. That is why he wrote to the magazine ‘El magisterio español’.


The United States celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, a date that many Latin American countries have also adopted and celebrate every year.

The family in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela celebrates the parents’ work with gifts.

Brazil is the only country in Ibero-America that celebrates this date on the second Sunday of August, like other countries, with abundant gifts and meals, and where the whole family gathers.

No official legislative decree existed until 2012, but on June 23, 1960, the first celebration of Father’s Day was held in Nicaragua as the Nicaraguan Father’s Day.

In Guatemala and El Salvador, Father’s Day is celebrated every June 17th, while in Uruguay it is celebrated on July 19th.

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