Crisis at Hyrule Castle walkthrough for all Zelda locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

After completing all four regions of the “Regional Phenomena” main quest, you will be able to finish The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Crisis at Hyrule Castle.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to find Captain Hoz and complete the entire step quest above Purah’s location.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to accomplish that task. Naturally, Purah will instruct you to rescue her. Princess Zelda eagerly awaits your arrival at Hyrule Castle, after you have reported back to Purah and make an astonishing revelation.

Here’s how the quest for the Crisis at Hyrule Castle operates.

In this particular area of Hyrule, it is highly recommended that you have the best armor, which can be upgraded halfway using the Great Fairies. Additionally, you should bring a variety of attachments for your arrows, such as fruit fire, flowers bomb, and other suitable weapons. It is also advisable to pack plenty of food. However, despite these preparations, you should still be ready for some challenging battles ahead. It’s important to note that this is not the final battle, so you don’t need to prepare specifically for the end.

Additionally, if feasible, arrive with the Travel Medallion accessible to simplify the process of exploration.

With all that being mentioned, it’s time to sneak into Hyrule Castle.

Zelda location #5 (unnamed basement hallway)

From the opening below, you can either jump off the cliff directly behind the hanging Fire and glide into the castle ceiling, or head down the stairs on the right. Alternatively, after passing through the Ice, instead of heading up the stairs, go south to reach location #3 from the outdoor stairs.

In this fight, you will have the opportunity to use your electric orbs to attack the enemies one by one. It is important to focus on dodging their attacks and prioritize eliminating them from the farthest to the closest. This can be a challenging and annoying battle, but if you enjoy the Shock three fight, you will have a great time.

The Royal Bow will drop one third of all valuable items, and the Royal Shield Guard will drop one second of all valuable items. The Royal Bow Guard will drop valuable items like the first Shock.

Zelda location #6 (sanctum)

As a minimum suggestion, we advise carrying a large quantity of arrows. Ensure that you possess nourishment readily available, despite recently acquiring commendable equipment from the band of adversaries. Prior to proceeding, it would be wise to contemplate refilling your hearts and replenishing your provisions. This marks the final destination.

If you have any, you should also consider bringing resistance to gloom.

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With great caution, we skillfully executed a sly little climb on the inclined cliff face. Subsequently, we traversed the bridge adjacent to the precipice and progressed upwards from Princess Zelda’s chamber in order to reach the sanctuary.

Once you’re ready for this segment of the battle boss, go straight into the Sanctum and take a shot at it.

How to enter Hyrule Castle

You can also build a bird-like structure using a couple of batteries, a stick for steering, and some fans. Whatever you get on your mitts — balloons, rockets, Zonai, you can ascend as high as you can using this trick.

A choice is the capacity to respec — bear in mind, this necessitates a significant amount of endurance, but you can also utilize Tulin’s breeze to effortlessly soar to that location from Lookout Landing Skyview Tower if you possess ample stamina.

You can also use these devices to lift yourself at least close enough to one of the many pouring waterfalls out of the castle, while wearing Zora armor and swimming.

We use Autobuild to give us a sweet feature, lifting balloons. This place truly is a test of what you have learned so far.

To facilitate convenient teleportation, it is highly recommended to unlock the shrine (known as Serutabomac Shrine) situated on the northeastern side. Upon reaching Hyrule Castle, you can effortlessly ascend and descend the floors by scaling the walls.

When you need to go back to the top, you can easily teleport just by pointing to a new direction and effortlessly glide wherever you want. I highly recommend placing the Medallion Travel at the top so you can ascend and climb all the way up to Castle Hyrule, I strongly suggest going the extra mile.

Zelda location #3 (Princess Zelda’s room)

Remove them, and ensure that you have your Wise Ones prepared and are prepared to venture into the cavern directly in front. Depart from the library by ascending the stairs if you are not employing the Travel Medallion strategy. A multitude of dreadful creatures known as Horriblins inhabit that location.

Once you make it out of the cave, head up these stairs, where there’s some Lizalfos and a Moblin waiting for you.

Enter the castle ruins and ascend up, hitting this blockade in the wall once. Keep moving up the stairs and defeat them.

Dive into the pit to confront the following horde of adversaries.

Once again, you will catch a glimpse of Zelda for a brief moment before she calls forth three Fire-Breath Lizalfos and vanishes.

In such cramped quarters, there are numerous adversaries, so be cautious about their locations, but they are defeated in the same manner as other foes.

Obtain a Royal Guard Hat by unlocking the chest situated behind the divider in the upper-left corner of the chamber once you have finished eliminating them.

How finding Zelda locations in Crisis at Hyrule Castle works

It’s a huge dungeon, broken up into several different parts around various entrances, rather than being the same way in the ruins of Castle Hyrule, as it is in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Zelda will summon a swarm of enemies and vanish to a new location, and every time you run into her, she will hide in several different locations.

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Throughout your journey in Castle Hyrule, you should utilize all four of your Sage abilities to assist your allies and fend off plentiful enemies that will come.

Link runs up to Zelda in a dark castle room, with her back turned away. There are several Sages around him, like Yunobo and Sidon, who have a ghastly blue glue to them in Tears of the Kingdom. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Below, we’ll list out the locations Zelda appears, in order, and what enemies she spawns, so you’re prepared to take them down.

Zelda location #1 (second gatehouse)

You’ll need to go to the designated building from above and enter through the windows.

You have the ability to deliver a powerful electric shock, causing the Bokoblins to release a package of Yellow Chuchu jelly, which one of the Bokoblins possesses. Two Bokoblins dressed in black and a Boss Bokoblin dressed in black will be summoned, and Zelda will disappear suddenly once you accomplish this.

Take care of any other bokoblins that may be on the move to the next location. These ones are relatively small fry in comparison to the others you’ll be fighting here.

Zelda location #2 and #3 (library)

If you want to reach the castle, you can simply drop the Medallion Travel on the edge of the castle. However, in order to access the stairs from B2 and reach the location of the second Zelda Castle, you will need to go down to B3 in Castle Hyrule.

Once the battle commences, you have the opportunity to inflict initial harm on the adversary by utilizing the detonations caused by the Chuchus. After it topples, relentlessly strike it and aim your arrows directly at its eye to defeat the Hinox. Upon your arrival, Zelda will summon a Black Hinox along with one Chuchu of each elemental type.

Occasionally, when an opportunity arises, the Hinox will target your Sages while they inflict harm on him. Due to the limited space available to maintain a safe distance for shooting arrows, engaging in close combat with the Hinox can be quite challenging. The assistance of the Sages proved to be valuable during this particular section.

Before you go investigate, you may want to uncover the hidden bookshelves. In fact, the stairs you just came up through will lead you to the nearby location where Zelda’s off and you can finish off the Hinox.

Utilize the Ultrahand device on this bookshelf situated in the western area to acquire a Shard of Dinraal’s Spike from a chest.

By utilizing Ultrahand on the bookshelf beneath the library entrance in the north, you can acquire a pair of Royal Guard Boots and a Royal Guard’s Shield from a chest located behind it within the King’s Study.

Use physical attacks to defeat them, and use elemental weapons or arrows to expose Gibdos. Once defeated, a swarm of Gibdos will be summoned, and Zelda will approach you.

Zelda location #4 (unnamed basement room)

To reach the following destination, simply slide off the western edge of the fortress and enter this doorway right here.

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If you are not prepared, this is a very powerful enemy, which is the Silver Moblin that Zelda summons, and it is even worse if you are caught unaware, so it will just whack you and possibly do damage to the entire bar in your hearts. What’s worse is that she summons the Moblin behind you, if you are unaware. There are a few Ice Keese, which are less of an issue, and a very powerful enemy, which is the Moblin Silver that Zelda summons, at this time. 🙁.

It is highly challenging, therefore we suggest utilizing a single-handed blade and a defensive barrier, allowing you to counter its gigantic assaults. You have the option to confront it directly using a blade and barrier or you have the choice to maintain a safe distance and launch arrows towards its head. Prioritize swiftly disposing of the Ice Keese before focusing on defeating the Silver Moblin while maintaining a safe distance.

Do not forget to utilize Yunobo’s charging and slashing abilities, as well as Sidon’s water and Riju’s lightning abilities, to greatly damage opponents.

Phantom Ganon (x5) boss fight strategy

You may already have encountered them, but you will need to fight a group of five while exploring. However, you will not only need to fight Ganon, but also the Phantom.

It is best to focus on one of Ganon’s most occupied Sages at a time, as they may occasionally shift their attention to you. Fortunately, you can use your own Sage and sometimes turn their focus towards you. In this way, it is recommended to use a one-handed sword. Additionally, you can actually use your shield to block its hard-hitting attacks.

You seem concerned about the need to worry, so rest assured that the Sages will not die. While the Sages are preoccupied with various matters, you have the option to use arrows to achieve headshots on Ganon’s Phantom.

Eventually, you’ll be able to remove the Phantom Ganons individually, and the second stage will commence.

Hastily bring it down to examine it as soon as you are able to witness arrows shooting from Ganon, who spreads gloom. Your objective should not be to focus on Ganon’s other actions, which divert attention from all the things that make your Sages freeze and trap in gloom. Make it a priority to confront Ganon as soon as you spot him spreading gloom. The fight essentially remains the same, as Ganon’s Phantom is now present on the floor, ready to spread gloom.

The quicker you eliminate them, the sooner the darkness will also dissipate, taking away any lingering sadness in your hearts (just like it does in the Depths).

In the meantime, that will be all once you defeat the Phantom Ganons. You will receive a Heart Container for your efforts and a long cutscene will unfold.

Before your departure, make sure to seize whatever you desire: bows belonging to the Demon King, an abundance of spears shrouded in darkness, and numerous swords wrapped in gloom. Additionally, you will find various spoils of war scattered across the ground.

Now, you will start formulating a new plan as the group prepares to return to Landing Lookout. This next move involves finding a long-lost ally, which is part of the game.

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