Crashes and Disasters | 2 men killed in fiery plane crash at California airport

Officials and an audio recording of the dialogue indicated that a one-engine plane collided at Van Nuys Airport on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 2, resulting in the fatalities of both individuals on board, subsequent to the pilot informing the airport’s control tower about a power failure experienced by the aircraft.

Based on stored air-traffic-control communications, the pilot stated that the aircraft was experiencing “a certain amount of power decrease” but refused the help of firefighters who were going to meet the plane on the runway, as they were about to land.

The control tower notified the pilot that he was authorized to land on either runway.

Presently, the pilot emitted a short shout shortly after, and subsequently an air-traffic controller confirmed the accident: “We’re currently speaking with the authorities involved in the incident.”

The tower suggested that other pilots should land at nearby Burbank or Whiteman airports.

At 10:37 a.M., Firefighters were sent to the airport after the plane’s front end slammed into the ground of the tarmac.

Capt. Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department stated during an afternoon media briefing, “The firefighters swiftly sprung into action.” “Regrettably, the occupants, two adult males, were pronounced deceased,” he expressed. “The collision resulted in a fiery inferno, making it an extremely devastating crash.”

Scott mentioned that foam was utilized in an attempt to extinguish the fierce fire caused by aviation fuel.

A police officer from the airport was in close proximity when the accident happened.

According to Capt. Karla Rodriguez from the airport police, one airstrip was shut down for half an hour, while the other one stayed accessible, and there were no significant effects on airport activities.

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The aircraft was a 2015 Czech Sport Aircraft Sport Cruiser, according to records from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA stated, “Both the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will conduct an investigation.” “Additional information will be given and the NTSB will be responsible for overseeing the inquiry.”

Altitude increases while making a much sharper left-hand turn, then lifts off after the third attempt. The plane, which has the registration of a CSA Sport Cruiser, returns to the airport by doing touch-and-go loops towards the east end. This flight is tracked by a third-party service called FlightAware, and the data is displayed.

The plane, which was indicated by FlightAware data, took off around 7 a.M. For a 90-minute flight. The plane headed north towards Santa Clarita.

On Monday and Tuesday, the aircraft recorded eight flights, per day, including two to and from Camarillo.

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