Cori Bush calls Byron Donalds a ‘prop’ for white supremacy after Speaker nomination

‘He is a pawn,’ Bush, who is also African American, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

Progress–it’s disgraceful. Despite being Black, his inclusion in the mix is not because he advocates for a policy agenda that aims to maintain and sustain white dominance.

Former Republican Representative Doug Collins criticized Bush’s remarks as racially discriminatory.

Collins replied to the post, stating, ‘Madam Representative, this constitutes racial bias and you ought to be accountable for your conduct. It is disgraceful, offensive, and lacking in integrity.’

If you cannot disagree with your colleague Mike Lee, a Republican Senator from Utah, without accusing him of racism, that might be part of the problem.

Donalds’ name was nominated in the competition following a spontaneous media briefing held on the stairs of the US Capitol, where he engaged with journalists earlier in the day on Wednesday.

He stated that it is ‘in the hands of’ McCarthy as to whether he withdraws from the competition for House Speaker.

Donalds spoke to reporters on the steps of the US Capitol after voting for himself in the second round of Wednesday’s Speaker vote.

Donalds, a staunch supporter of the former president himself, dismissed the high-profile supporter when questioned by DailyMail.Com about his thoughts on Donald Trump endorsing McCarthy.

‘President Trump has held that position for several months. Given President Trump’s personality, he is unlikely to change his stance,’ Donalds started.

The members are going through the process, but it’s good to know that there is no disrespect towards President Trump. And that’s not all, you should also understand the true reality of the White House.

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Following one of Wednesday’s votes, while nominating Donalds as a replacement, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, another loyal supporter of Trump, openly insisted that the former president contact McCarthy and urge him to withdraw from the competition. This occurs subsequently.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives experienced a rare occurrence as they were unable to select a speaker during the initial round of voting, marking the first instance of this happening in a century. To compound matters, McCarthy faced multiple failures on Wednesday, exacerbating the chaos within the House.

It has set the Republican Party’s new – although narrow – House majority off to a chaotic beginning.

The motion to vacate, referred to as the proposal that would enable any five Republicans to request a new Speaker vote at any moment, approved the inclusion of last-minute concessions that they had requested, even though McCarthy’s attempt was thwarted by a group of 19 conservative individuals.

Jim, who has repeatedly stated that he does not want the gavel, joined the rebellion in the third round, where all the critics of McCarthy’s point coalesced around the GOP representative from Jordan.

Then on Wednesday, Donalds was selected by Texas Rep. Chip Roy in the initial round and Boebert in the subsequent round.

He told reporters on Wednesday that he actually never came here to try to be a leader, adding that he did not have the desire for the Speakership.

‘I didn’t come to DC with an interest in becoming Speaker of the House,’ Donalds stated.

I understand that it is also my responsibility to ensure that our conference reaches a point where we are doing things in a constructive and effective way.

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On Wednesday, Donalds cast his vote in favor of himself in all three rounds – in contrast, Jordan, on the other hand, expressed his lack of desire for the position he was being nominated for on Tuesday.

Republicans have descended into chaos already on the second day of their narrow majority.

The delay in selecting a new Speaker has prevented the 118th Congress from being sworn in.

Republican legislators were observed engaging in intense discussions on the House floor and in different corridors outside of the chamber.

McCarthy’s critics have made clear that his concessions are not enough, signaling that the inter-party fight has taken a deeply personal turn.

Donalds initially endorsed McCarthy but has now advocated for additional dialogues and gatherings for his party to reach a consensus.

Nevertheless, he informed journalists that the battle may not be concluded yet for the present House GOP leader.

When questioned about whether McCarthy should resign, he responded, “I believe we have not reached that stage yet.” “You know, to conclude.” He has the ability to resolve this entire situation, I believe there are numerous individuals in the assembly who are eager to engage in meaningful discussions regarding how we can move forward.

‘However, I will not speak on behalf of Kevin, and that is something that he and his team need to resolve.’

He indicated that he had not yet communicated with McCarthy but “expected” to have a discussion later on Wednesday.

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