Consulado de Honduras en Charlotte se muda a nueva sede y cuenta con nuevo cónsul

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Consulate General of Honduras embarks on a fresh chapter, as a newly designated consul arrives and the relocation to a bigger, more advanced, and well-equipped main office takes place.

The new Consulate of Honduras is located at 5820 el en ubicada, Suite 3118-G/J Blvd., Harris W.T. E, Charlotte, NC, 28215.

On Saturdays, in order to expedite passport delivery, the consulate will be attending to it in the near future. From Monday to Friday, the service hours will remain from 9:00 a.M. To 5:00 p.M.

Today, on Tuesday, July 5, the new consular office, which is spacious due to the merging of two premises located in the office complex, began serving Salvadorans.

To request an appointment, it is necessary to go through the new page system of the Honduran Government’s consular services and appointments, which we will explain to you step by step here. You can obtain an appointment for any consulate service in the United States in Honduras.

Since the opening of the consulate in October 2020, Mr. Raúl Sabillón has been in charge, but on May 30th he was replaced by Enrique Fernando Flores Dubon, a 40-year-old individual who is the new consul of this diplomatic representation where he arrived.

Charlotte, who previously lived in Canada, now resides at Pain Bon Au College of International Business Management specializing in Paralegal Studies. She holds a degree in Paralegal Studies and a master’s degree in International Business Law from the University of Barcelona. Additionally, she is a lawyer from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, Dubon Flores.

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In Canada, he worked with the well-known immigration law firm, Gérald Milot. He worked with his parents at a legal firm where they are attorneys. He served as a Human Rights Commissioner at the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras.

Last week, Enlace Latino NC had the opportunity to speak with Consul Flores Dubon. The headquarters were being inaugurated and the new consul was overseeing the final tasks.

The opening of the new headquarters, which the Department of State of North Carolina had been waiting for, was delayed for at least three months due to permits and authorizations from the Honduran government.

Impresión de pasaportes hondureños el mismo día iniciaría el 11 de julio

From July 11th onwards, it is expected that the eight new teams for the passport printing system will be installed and able to start printing at the headquarters.

“The consul said, ‘On the same day, we will be able to deliver and print them, but we will not only capture information, we will also be a printing center for passports now.'”

Honduras has four major consulates in the United States, with a high concentration of Hondurans in Atlanta and Miami, as well as in New York and Charlotte.

The official pointed out that each consulate has eight printing machines with the capacity to print 170 and 120 passports daily.

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If you plan to process the Honduran passport in the United States, you can check here the documents that will be required.

Mejor servicio y agilizar entrega de pasaportes atrasados

The Honduran consul shared that they have many plans, including expediting the delivery of 7,000 overdue passports and seeking to expand their staff by hiring 6 fewer officials among their current personnel.

Among the six officials, the second consul, Raúl Vivas, who has been employed at the headquarters since the commencement, is encompassed.

Flores Dubon pointed out, “providing them with the service they deserve, and being able to offer dignified attention to fellow countrymen, is changing the face of civil service, the idea of the new government authorities.”

Sending a consular agent, the government is in the process, and it is also expected to authorize the hiring of two local individuals, with the permission of the Honduran government. The diplomat agrees with this.

Pasaportes hondureños atrasados

The Honduran Consulate in Charlotte informed on June 20th via its Facebook page that the passports that were processed prior to December 6th have been predominantly printed, whereas the ones requested after that specific date will be printed at the newly established main office.

The message in the social media post says, “please note that 12 years of neglect cannot be changed in a couple of months, we know you have waited a long time and we apologize, 80% progress has already been made”.

Having equipment for the printing of ID cards would also be considered for this headquarters. Another good news is that the consular headquarters in Charlotte will have two machines for capturing and printing the DNI cards that will be sent to Honduras.

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Esperan regularizar la solicitud de citas consulares

The consul pointed out that there has been a decrease in Hondurans making appointments in recent months, this is due to the fact that passports have not been issued.

“Flores Dubon explained that the average number of appointments we will have is between 100 and 120. Once we are in the new location, about 60% of the people who make appointments actually show up. However, we are not printing passports anymore, and people are aware of this. The communication between Honduran individuals is significant. This is due to the fact that we have been serving between 50, 60, and 70 people per day. I have the data here for the month.”

Regarding the passport application, the consul mentioned that it has been necessary to go to the Atlanta headquarters in cases of emergency.

The new consular headquarters will provide information and updates to nationals who suggest entering the Facebook page of the Consulate, said Consul Dubon Flores from NC Latino Enlace.

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