College World Series scores: Ole Miss wins 2022 championship with sweep of Oklahoma

College World Series scores: Ole Miss wins 2022 championship with sweep of Oklahoma

It’s the first national title in Ole Miss baseball history

            Dayn Perry

June 26, 2022 at 6:13 pm Eastern Time • 5 minute


Miss Ole is the champion of the 2022 World College Men’s Series. The Rebels emerged victorious in the best-of-three final, defeating the Sooners 4-2 in a closely contested match on Sunday afternoon in Oklahoma.

Miss Ole won the decisive Thursday afternoon contest by defeating Arkansas 2-0. Meanwhile, Texas A&M was eliminated, punching their ticket to the finals, and gaining more clarity by defeating Oklahoma on Wednesday. Auburn thumped Arkansas in their elimination game, resulting in their elimination. This was Texas A&M’s second loss in the regional super, causing them to be eliminated from this year’s CWS. Notre Dame, the overall 1 seed, stunned Tennessee and eliminated them on Tuesday. The first two schools to be eliminated were Stanford and Texas, both of whom were thought to have the track record to make it far in the College World Series. The final stage of college baseball’s World Series began last Friday, with the thought that the eight teams would all have a chance to win.

College World Series schedule

Matches on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU can be streamed on fuboTV (Try for free).

Sunday, June

  • Ole Miss defeats Oklahoma with a score
  • Saturday, June

  • Ole Miss ten, Oklahoma three.
  • Thursday, June

  • Ole Miss 2, Arkansas 0 (Arkansas knocked
  • Wednesday, June

  • Oklahoma defeated Texas A&M with a score of 5 to
  • Arkansas defeated Ole Miss with a score
  • Tuesday, June

  • Texas A&M defeated Notre Dame with a score of 5-1, resulting
  • Arkansas 11, Auburn 1 (Aub
  • Monday, June

  • Auburn defeated Stanford with a score of 6 to
  • Ole Miss defeated Arkansas with a score
  • Sunday, June

  • Texas A&M 10, Texas 2 (Texas ousted
  • Oklahoma defeated Notre Dame with a score
  • Saturday, June

  • Arkansas defeated Stanford with a score
  • Ole Miss defeated Auburn with a score
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    Friday, June

  • Oklahoma defeated Texas A&M with a
  • Notre Dame 7, Texas
  • Complete bracket

    And here is a link to the complete bracket on NCAA.Com, which includes matchups between different regions for the super regionals.

    Super regional round scores


  • Stanford 10, UConn 5 (Stan
  • Auburn defeated Oregon State with a score of 4-3
  • Sunday.

  • Arkansas 4, North Carolina 3 (Arkansas moves
  • Oklahoma 11, Virginia Tech 2 (Oklahoma
  • Notre Dame 7, Tennessee 3 (Notre Dame moves
  • Ole Miss 5, Southern Miss 0 (Ole Miss progresses).
  • Texas 11, East Carolina 1 (Texas moves forward
  • Stanford 8, UConn
  • Oregon State defeated Auburn with a score
  • Saturday.

  • Arkansas defeated North Carolina with a score
  • Virginia Tech 14, Oklahoma
  • Texas 9, East Carolina
  • Tennessee defeated Notre Dame with a score
  • Texas A&M 4, Louisville 3 (Texas A&M
  • Ole Miss ten, Southern Miss zero.
  • Auburn defeats Oregon State with a score
  • UConn 13, Stanford
  • Friday.

  • Notre Dame 8, Tennessee
  • Oklahoma defeated Virginia Tech with a score
  • East Carolina thirteen, Texas seven.
  • Texas A&M defeated Louisville with a
  • Regional round scores

    Knoxville Regional

    Organized by the top-ranked team in the nation, Tennessee

    Friday, June

  • Campbell defeats Georgia Tech with a score
  • Tennessee scored 10 points against Alabama
  • Saturday, 4

  • Georgia Tech 13, Alabama State 4 (Alabama State knocked out).
  • Tennessee scored 12 points while
  • Sunday, June

  • Georgia Tech 16, Campbell 5 (Campbell knocked
  • Tennessee 9, Georgia Tech 6 (Tennessee moves forward, Georgia Tech eliminated).
  • Auburn Regional

    Organized by Auburn, the 14th national seed.

    Friday, June

  • Florida State University defeated UCLA with a
  • Auburn defeats Southeastern La. With
  • Saturday, 4

  • UCLA 16, Southeastern Louisiana 2 (Southeastern
  • Auburn defeated Florida St. With a
  • Sunday, June

  • UCLA defeated Florida State with a score of 2-1,
  • Auburn 9, UCLA 0 (Auburn progresses,
  • Blacksburg Regional

    Organized by Virginia Tech, the No. 4 seed in

    Friday, June

  • Columbia 8, Gonzaga
  • Virginia Tech defeated Wright State with a score of
  • Saturday, 4

  • Gonzaga 11, Wright State 9 (Wright State
  • Virginia Tech 24, Columbia
  • Sunday, June

  • Columbia 15, Gonzaga 6 (G
  • Virginia Tech 7, Columbia 2 (Virginia Tech progresses, Columbia eliminated).
  • Stillwater Regional

    Organized by Oklahoma State, the seventh seed in the national rankings

    Friday, June

  • Arkansas 7, Grand Canyon
  • Oklahoma State 10, Missouri State 5.
  • Saturday, 4

  • Missouri State 8, Grand Canyon 7 (Grand Canyon knocked out).
  • Arkansas defeated Oklahoma State with a score
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    Sunday, June

  • Oklahoma State 29, Missouri State 15 (Missouri State knocked out).
  • Oklahoma State 14, Arkansas
  • Monday, June

  • Arkansas 7, Oklahoma State 3 (Oklahoma State
  • Greenville Regional

    Organized by the East Carolina team, who is the No.

    Friday, June

  • East Carolina defeated Coppin State with a score of
  • Virginia 7, Coastal Carolina
  • Saturday, 4

  • Coastal Carolina 10, Coppin State 8 (Coppin State eliminated
  • East Carolina scored 4 goals,
  • Sunday, June

  • Coastal Carolina 7, Virginia 6 (Virginia knocked out
  • Coastal Carolina defeated East Carolina with a score of
  • Monday, June

  • East Carolina 13, Coastal Carolina 4 (East Carolina moves forward, Coastal Carolina eliminated).
  • Gainesville Regional

    Organized by Florida, the 13th seed in the

    Friday, June

  • Oklahoma defeated Liberty with a score
  • Florida seven, Central Michigan three.
  • Saturday, 4

  • Central Michigan defeated Liberty by a score of 3 to
  • Oklahoma 9, Florida
  • Sunday, June

  • Florida 6, Central Michigan 5 (Central Michigan knocked out
  • Florida 7, Oklahoma
  • Monday, June

  • Oklahoma 5, Florida 4 (Florida knocked
  • College Park Regional

    Organized by Maryland, the 15th seed in the

    Friday, June

  • UConn 8, Wake Forest
  • Maryland 23, Long Island
  • Saturday, 4

  • Wake Forest scored 10 points while Long Island scored 4 points, resulting in
  • UConn defeats Maryland with a
  • Sunday, June

  • Maryland scored 10 points, while Wake Forest only managed to score
  • Maryland 7, UConn
  • Monday, June

  • UConn 11, Maryland 8 (Mary
  • College Station Regional

    Organized by Texas A&M, the fifth seed in the national

    Friday, June

  • Texas A&M defeated Oral Roberts with a score of
  • Louisiana defeated TCU with a
  • Saturday, 4

  • TCU emerged victorious with a score of 3 to 1
  • Texas A&M defeated Louisiana with a
  • Sunday, June

  • TCU defeated Louisiana 6 to 1,
  • Texas A&M 15, TCU 9 (Texas A&M progresses, TCU
  • Austin Regional

    Organized by Texas, the 9th seed in the

    Friday, June

  • Texas 11, Air Force
  • Louisiana Tech defeats Dallas Baptist with a score of
  • Saturday, 4

  • The Air Force team defeated Dallas Baptist with a score of 5 to 1
  • Texas defeated Louisiana Tech with a score
  • Sunday, June

  • Air Force 9, Louisiana Tech 7.
  • Texas 10, Air Force 1 (Texas moves forward, Air Force eliminated).
  • Chapel Hill Regional

    Organized by the North Carolina No. 10 seed on a

    Friday, June

  • North Carolina defeated Hofstra with a
  • VCU defeats Georgia with a
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    Saturday, 4

  • Georgia 24, Hofstra 1 (H
  • VCU defeats North Carolina with a
  • Sunday, June

  • North Carolina 6, Georgia 5 (Georgia knocked out
  • VCU is trailing behind North Carolina
  • Monday, June

  • North Carolina 7, VCU 3 (VCU
  • Hattiesburg Regional

    Organized by Southern Mississippi, the No. 11 national seed

    Friday, June

  • Southern Mississippi 2, Army
  • LSU defeats Kennesaw State with
  • Saturday, 4

  • Kennesaw State 9, Army 8 (Army
  • LSU 7, Southern Miss
  • Sunday, June

  • Southern Miss 4, Kennesaw State 3 (Kennesaw State
  • Southern Miss 8, LSU
  • Monday, June

  • Southern Miss 8, LSU 7 (LSU knocked
  • Louisville Regional

    Organized by Louisville, the 12th seed in the

    Friday, June

  • Louisville defeats Southeast Missouri State with a score of
  • Michigan 8, Oregon
  • Saturday, 4

  • Oregon defeated Southeast Missouri State with a score of 18 to 6, resulting in Southeast
  • Michigan defeated Louisville with a score
  • Sunday, June

  • Louisville 8, Oregon 5 (Oregon knocked
  • Louisville twenty, Michigan one.
  • Monday, June

  • Louisville 11, Michigan 9 (Louisville moves forward,
  • Statesboro Regional

    Presented by Georgia Southern, the No. 16 seed in the

    Friday, June

  • Notre Dame defeats Texas Tech with a score of
  • Saturday, 4

  • Georgia Southern defeated UNC Greensboro with a score of
  • Texas Tech defeated UNC Greensboro with a score of 2-0, resulting
  • Notre Dame defeats Georgia Southern with a score of
  • Sunday, June

  • Texas Tech defeated Georgia Southern with a score of 3 to 1, resulting
  • Notre Dame 2, Texas Tech 1 (Notre Dame progresses, Texas Tech eliminated).
  • Stanford Regional

    Organized by Stanford, the second seed in the national ranking

    Friday, June

  • Stanford scored 20 points,
  • Texas State defeats UC-Santa Barbara with a score
  • Saturday, 4

  • UC-Santa Barbara scored 9 points, eliminating Bingham
  • Texas State defeated Stanford with a score
  • Sunday, June

  • Stanford 8, UC-Santa Barbara 4 (UC
  • Stanford defeated Texas State with a score
  • Monday, June

  • Stanford defeated Texas State with a score of 4 to 3
  • Corvallis Regional

    Organized by Oregon State, the third seed in the national ranking

    Friday, June

  • Oregon State 5, New Mexico State 4 (Final/
  • San Diego three, Vanderbilt two.
  • Saturday, 4

  • Vanderbilt 21, New Mexico State 1 (New Mexico State knocked out).
  • Oregon State 12, San Diego 3.
  • Sunday, June

  • Vanderbilt 14, San Diego 4 (San Diego eliminated from
  • Vanderbilt defeats Oregon State 8-
  • Monday, June

  • Oregon State 7, Vanderbilt 6 (Vanderbilt
  • Coral Gables Regional

    The games scheduled in Miami were rescheduled from Friday to Saturday because of a Tropical Storm Warning in the area. Organized by the No. 6 seed Miami-FL.

    Saturday, 4

  • Miami defeated Canisius with
  • Ole Miss 7, Arizona
  • Sunday, June

  • Arizona 7, Canisius 5 (
  • Ole Miss defeated Miami with a score
  • Arizona defeated Miami with a score of 4 to
  • Monday, June

  • Ole Miss defeated Arizona with a score of 22 to
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