Closed vs Open Casket Funerals: What’s the Difference?

Closed Casket Funerals – What Are They?

The attendees who will be presented with the procedure must remain mortal, as embalming is probably not done in this case. In this case, the funeral ceremony will keep the remains closed throughout the funeral ceremony, and the casket service company will also provide the option of holding a closed casket funeral.

Open Casket Funerals – What Are They?

A lot of procedures need to be completed beforehand, such as embalming the body and applying make-up to the deceased, in order to have an open casket funeral. As the name suggests, this specific type of funeral service refers to paying respects to the deceased by displaying their mortal remains in the casket.

Throughout the service, families may also choose to have the casket stay uncovered. It can be shut later on, prior to the service, and then left slightly open according to the family’s preferences. With the upper portion still exposed, the deceased’s body is placed inside the casket after all of these steps have been properly carried out.

Differences Between Closed And Open Casket Funerals

The following are the distinctions of specific key aspects, which include the options of open casket funerals and closed casket funerals when making a choice.

  • Observing the remains ought to be done following the passing of the person, regardless of the presence of differing views regarding the mortal remains. During a period of sorrow, it provides great solace, while for others, it is a customary practice – certain societies, and even religions, may consider it unconventional to apply cosmetics on the deceased or witness the remains. It is the desire of individuals.
  • Generally, family members may wish to opt for a closed funeral casket if a loved one has passed away due to illness or a gruesome accident. In such cases, directors often offer advice on how to proceed with funeral matters.
  • Cultural and religious practices often depend on whether a cremation will take place, as well as the type of funeral, whether it is an open casket or a closed casket, with culture playing a decisive role.
  • Funerals can often be more expensive when the casket is open, as it requires additional procedures. These procedures include embalming the body, dressing it up, and applying makeup to ensure that the deceased looks presentable for the service.
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    Alternative To Caskets

    In addition, there are other funeral options to consider if you are facing a dilemma.

  • Once you have been given the option to convert the mortal remains of your loved one into stones, cremation, diamonds, or any other suitable memorial, you can opt for a befitting send-off in the form of a Memorial Unveiling Ceremony.
  • Many people choose to place their loved one’s ashes in a unique urn during the ceremony, rather than placing them in the casket.
  • Ash Scattering: If you choose to cremate your loved one, you can also organize a ceremony to scatter their ashes.
  • Making The Right Decision

    With more options now available, you can choose the most appropriate casket to ensure a send-off that befits your loved one. Based on your requirements, Casket Titan can help you select the casket. Make sure to conduct adequate research and ensure that the chosen method meets the needs of your loved one. The question of choosing between an open funeral casket and a closed one is becoming increasingly obsolete, as there are now more options available to bid farewell.

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