Chris Watts family: What have his parents said about the murders?

Reportedly, Chris Watts, the convicted killer of his parents, is working on a book about how his actions affected his son and their family’s life forever in North Carolina.

The purported title of the book is All My Broken Pieces and certain sections of it were reportedly shared on Reddit and Facebook in the preceding year.

Chris Watts parents Ronnie and Cindy Watts are reportedly releasing a book about his murder case and how it affected their familyCredit: Denver 7

Cindy and Ronnie, parents of Celeste, 3, and Bella, 4, provided statements to the police about the killing of their son and his wife.

Both of them firmly believed in their son’s innocence and consistently encouraged Chris not to admit to “something he didn’t commit.”

At that moment, Cindy informed KMGH, “If you are not responsible for this, please refrain from admitting to something you are innocent of,” I inquired of Chris.

Chris and his wife Shannan Watts before her deathCredit: Refer to Caption

“(His defense lawyer) silenced me. She completely silenced me.”

“Let them prove it and face that, I want him to if he didn’t kill the children,” chimed in his father, Ronnie.

Based on reports, it is said that Chris purportedly asked Ronnie to engage in a discussion with him about the murder shortly before confessing his culpability to the authorities.

Ronnie, a Special Agent with the FBI, allowed Coder Grahm to hear Chris admitting to his key component in the murder – he said it was a crucial time.

Chris was arrested after his recount to police did not coincide with the events that occurredCredit: The Mega Agency

Cindy allegedly could not fathom that her son had committed the atrocious offense, even though he had admitted to it.

She spoke to the press and emphasized that her son is “not a sociopath.”

“He’s not a sociopath. He’s not a psychopath,” stated Cindy to the news station.

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He dumped his family near his job siteCredit: Weld County DA

She asked Chris if he didn’t confess, and he said her son took a plea deal to save his life.

Reports suggested that Cindy and Chris’ spouse Shannan had a conflict, and that his parents did not support their relationship.

Cindy and Ronnie apparently missed their wedding as they disagreed with the couple’s decision to leave North Carolina and start a new life in Colorado.

The shirt Shannan was wearing when she was murderedCredit: Weld County DA

Shannan and Cindy also allegedly argued about her grandchildren.

After an alleged altercation, Cindy allegedly kicked Shannan out of her home following an argument, not knowing that her granddaughter had an allergic reaction to ice cream.

Who are the parents of Chris Watts?

Chris Watts, a convicted killer who was 34 years old, murdered his wife Shannan and their children. Cindy and Ronnie are the parents of Chris Watts.

Chris confessed to murdering his pregnant wife and their two daughters after their bodies were found at a nearby oil plant where he worked in Colorado.

He was also involved in a romantic relationship with Nichol Kessinger, a coworker of his.

Watts murdered his family and allegedly had an affair with a colleagueCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What is the current whereabouts of Chris Watts’ parents?

After Chris confessed to the killings, Ronnie and Cindy each provided testimonies to the court.

We are not here to ask for leniency and we do not tolerate or condone the crime that has occurred or the pain that has been caused, as stated in their attorney’s letter.

Cindy said during her son’s trial: “I have always loved you and I still do. We love you and forgive you son.”.

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Ronnie stated that he pardoned his son for his deeds.

“The Bible states that if we acknowledge our wrongdoings, God is trustworthy and fair and will pardon us,” he stated.

“Chris, I pardon you and your sister pardons you and we will never desert you.”

It was reported that Cindy is currently writing a book about the murder of her son titled All My Broken Pieces.

Sections of the book were exposed on Reddit and Facebook, and purportedly explores the core of the Watts family.

There is no information yet on whether or when the book will be published.

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