Cancel culture pioneer Phil Robertson on ‘Duck Dynasty’ downfall: ‘No regrets’

The star of the TV reality show “Duck Dynasty,” the 75-year-old 10-year veteran, who was famously suspended and then reinstated after making alleged homophobic comments in 2013, now claims that he regrets his remarks and wishes to cancel the culture of accusing each other. He says that he is a sinner and that he doesn’t believe he should be labeled as “uncancelable” just because he is an old star.

Robertson caused controversy with his provocative comments, as he promoted the release of his new book “Uncanceled: Finding Peace and Meaning in a Culture of Condemnation, Shame, and Accusations,” where he argues how Christianity serves as the perfect antidote to cancel culture.

The native Louisiana Fox News digital told us that we are all guilty of sin. Therefore, you have no excuse to pass judgment on someone else. “Mistakes make all of us.”

After his notorious 2013 interview with GQ, where Robertson strongly criticized the LGBTQ community, the founder of “Duck Commander” was responding to the negative response.

Speaking on what he deemed as sinful, the man and woman, along with the woman around them, engage in bestiality. They begin to exhibit homosexual behavior, which gradually transforms their actions.

"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson says he doesn
“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson says he doesn’t regret his 2013 homophobic remarks, and claims he wishes cancel culture “sinners” would quit “accusing each other.”

“It is incorrect. Do not delude yourself. They will not receive the kingdom of God — the cheats, the defamers, the intoxicated individuals, the avaricious, the individuals who engage in same-sex relationships, the men who sell their bodies, the worshipers of idols, the individuals who commit adultery. The self-proclaimed Bible enthusiast continued by cautioning against deception, paraphrasing Corinthians.”

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He was subsequently accused of censorship by defenders of A&E, following an uproar that resulted in the indefinite suspension of Robertson from “Duck Dynasty,” and sparked an outcry from other LGBTQ organizations and GLAAD due to his remarks.

Duck Dynasty
“I quoted a Bible verse that dealt with homosexual behavior,” insisted the unrepentant Robertson, seen here at a 2015 Ted Cruz campaign stop, about his 2013 controversy. “I didn’t dream it off the top of my head. It didn’t go any further than that.”
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I said they had made a mockery of what I said. We had all kinds of sponsors, but they just took off. After nine days, they reinstated me and described the episode as “such as” Robertson.

He declared, “However, it had no effect on me whatsoever.” Consequently, they attempted to eliminate me. All I did was cite a scripture from the Bible.

Despite the criticism, the rural entrepreneur stated that he has “no remorse whatsoever” for his words.

Robertson, the remorseless, maintained “It didn’t progress beyond that. I didn’t imagine it spontaneously.” “I cited a Bible passage that addressed same-sex conduct.”

“The duck hunter expressed that despite their errors, the Bible instructs us to show affection towards our fellow humans. Furthermore, he mentioned that he is choosing to respond to his critics with forgiveness and grace.”

Phil Robertson founded the Duck Commander whistle.
“The Apostle Paul told Timothy that whoever lives a godly life in Christ will be persecuted,” rationalized the Duck Commander whistle creator of his reality TV crucifixion. “We take persecution as a badge of honor. It doesn’t bother us at all.”
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Also, during the time of Christ Jesus, his excommunication was canceled as he was seen as the leader in hunting gear, with a feather cap, even though his views were controversial.

We are not bothered at all. We consider it as persecution to wear a badge. Robertson, in his TV reality show about crucifixion, justified this persecution. The Apostle Paul told Timothy that whoever lives a godly life in Christ will face persecution.

He also informed Fox News, “Instead, our emphasis lies in spreading the message of Jesus and continuing forward.”

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Phil Robertson of A&E
Phil Robertson of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” addresses the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort Hotel and Convention Center on February 27, 2015 in National Harbor, Maryland.
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The father of five expresses his belief that cancel culture has ultimately “exceeded reasonable limits.”

Robertson contended, “That’s the typical behavior of individuals. They discover an error you committed during your adolescence or something you expressed on the web in the distant past.” “The individuals who drive cancel culture simply aim to unearth your errors and amplify them.”

He further stated that this practice of witch hunting is particularly hypocritical since “we all make errors.”

“Simply pardon one another and progress, for goodness’ sake. I am merely attempting to express the teachings of the Lord in a society of allegations, disgrace, and disapproval. Do you believe you will evade the assessment of the Almighty? By criticizing others, you are essentially condemning yourself. You possess no justification to condemn another individual,” he persisted.

Following 11 seasons, the show concluded in 2017. Duck Dynasty served as the inspiration for his family’s lucrative business venture in duck hunting accessories, Duck Commander, which is predominantly known for being established by Robertson.

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