Can You Wear Airpods in the Shower? 4 Things to Consider

Are you able to wear Airpods in the shower without any worries? What exactly does that mean? The late-generation Airpods are now classified as water-resistant.

It is easy for many things to go wrong – it may seem safe from a distance, but technically, it is not. Airpods have excellent water resistance, which means they can endure a little splashing of water. It is the best idea to wear Airpods in the shower, as they have the best resistance to water.

If you fail to properly dry your AirPods, mold and rust may develop in the speaker. Additionally, exposure to shampoo and soap may cause your AirPods to corrode. Furthermore, several crucial components in your device may break if it falls on the shower floor or sustains sustained water pressure.

If you want to fully understand the limitations of your device, you’ll need to maximize the use of your Airpods. There is a significant distinction between “water-resistant” and “waterproof”.

Ingress Protection Rating

The Ingress Protection (IP) Rating is a measure of how well a specific device is protected against foreign contaminants. The first number rates the protection of the item against solids, such as dust, while the second number rates the protection of the item against liquids.

A rating of IPX4 (applicable to most Airpods) indicates:.

  • X – the device is not evaluated against solids, although dust and other solid particles are seldom a worry for Airpods.
  • The device is rated to handle splashing water from any direction, making it capable of providing modest and consistent protection against such elements.
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    IPX5, for reference, is a rating that guarantees consistent protection against low-pressure water streams.


    According to Apple themselves, Airpods Pro (1st and 2nd generation) and Airpods (3rd generation) have an IPX4 rating, making them suitable for use in kitchens or during exercise, and they can be safely handled even when liquids are splashing around.

    When showering, it is advisable to avoid using them if you have older Airpods. This is because any Airpods released prior to the aforementioned models are completely unsuitable, as they provide minimal to no defense against water.

    Appropriate Safety Measures

    To mitigate possible harm, you have the option to implement specific precautions. Ultimately, the choice is yours, although we strongly discourage using your Airpods while showering. As a bare minimum.

    There is a chance of increasing damage to vital components of your Airpods if high water pressure knocks them out of your ear. To prevent this, it is advisable to keep your Airpods out of the water while showering, especially when using low water pressure.

    If your Airpods happen to land on the shower floor, they could be completely ruined, either by getting wet or being stepped on. It is important to note that such an occurrence could result in significant damage. However, even a minor drop may decrease the likelihood of your Airpods falling out, so it is advisable to limit any sudden movements of your head.

    Gradually, delicate electronic components could be damaged by the moisture contained within steam infiltrating into the speakers of your device without your awareness! Since steam has the potential to harm your Airpods, it is also crucial to avoid exposing them to excessively hot water during showering.

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    Corrosion caused by Soap and Shampoo

    Over a period of time, Airpods can experience tarnishing, discoloration, or other types of chemical harm caused by the reactive chemicals found in soap and shampoo that do not combine effectively with the materials utilized in Airpods.

    You need to be particularly cautious about using shampoo, as there is a greater chance of it coming into contact with your Airpods, which can cause any number of unwanted complications.

    If you do not clean your Airpods regularly, residue may accumulate on the speaker meshes, which could potentially degrade the sound quality. Even if you used soap or shampoo, they may still leave behind corrosive components.

    Appropriate Safety Measures

    Initially, pat your hands dry with a towel before taking hold of your Airpods, ensuring to wash away any surplus soap or shampoo from your fingertips. Rather than dripping beyond your ears, lean forward while shampooing your hair so that any additional residue trickles down your forehead.

    If you have a suspicion that there is residue buildup on your Airpods, gently clean them with a fresh cloth. It is important to avoid using water to remove residue as this could inadvertently cause damage to your Airpods.

    Possible Development of Mold

    Mold flourishes in warm, humid surroundings – and moist Airpods, regrettably, meet the criteria!

    If you’re using Airpods while showering, water or dampness may get into the device.

    As Airpods can generate heat while being used, this creates a favorable atmosphere for the proliferation of mold spores, which can result in diverse potential problems.

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    Mold could compromise the functionality and quality of your sound device, as well as block its growth. Having Airpods exposes your ears to the source of contamination, which could pose health risks and cause irritation due to mold.

    Appropriate Safety Measures

    Apple provides guidance on how to dry their products closely following their instructions. Before returning their Airpods case, make sure to wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth to remove any moisture. If you need to expose them to moisture, be sure to store them in a well-ventilated and dry place.

    If you suspect that your Airpods have mold growth, cease their usage promptly!

    To seek assistance regarding the management of this distressing circumstance, reach out to the customer service department of Apple. It is crucial to avoid attempting to clean your Airpods independently, as there is a risk of encountering additional difficulties (and incurring higher costs) in the event of any loss or damage, given the intricate composition of Airpods with numerous delicate components.

    Concluding Remarks

    “Is it permissible to use Airpods while showering?”

    The risk persists, and in spite of that, cannot withstand anything beyond gentle showers – however, Airpods Pro or 3rd generation Airpods are resistant to water. Definitely not suitable for older generation Airpods – those lack any form of water protection!

    You can take precautions to make it safer to wear your Airpods in the shower, but it won’t ever be completely risk-free.

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