Camilla: who is King Charles’ wife and Britain’s new Queen?

In a remarkable turnaround, Queen Camilla, the second wife of King Charles, was crowned on Saturday, winning the acceptance of a few members of the public. This comes after years of being depicted as the most hated woman in Britain. (Reuters, May 4) LONDON.

Some claimed that the pair could never marry. Camilla faced the full force of media animosity after the death of Charles’ previous wife, the beloved and glamorous Princess Diana, in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Since Queen Camilla married eight years later, she has come to be grudgingly recognized by some as a key member of the royal family, who relies heavily on someone new to the nation.

“She is his type of kindred spirit,” expressed Robert Hardman, a seasoned royal journalist and the author of ‘Queen of our Times’, while noting that she had been in a marital union with Charles for a longer duration compared to Diana.

“They are a group. And you must be a group.”

Camilla Shand was born in 1947 into an affluent family – her father was a wine merchant and a major in the army, while she married Charles, an aristocrat whom she met on a windswept polo field in the early 1970s, and who brought her into social circles.

The couple dated for a while and Charles had considered marriage, but felt too youthful to make such a significant decision.

In 1995, Laura and Tom divorced, and they had children. Andrew Bowles, a Brigadier officer in the cavalry, decided to marry Camilla and dedicated himself to his naval career.

In 1981, at the age of 20, Diana got married to Charles, which captivated the world. However, their relationship in Britain was not as enchanting, and it eventually soured. After having two children, Harry and William, they got divorced. In 1996, Charles rekindled his romance with his former lover.

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In 1993, a transcript of a covertly recorded personal conversation, containing highly personal information, was made public through newspaper publications, leaving the public in shock.

In a secretly recorded telephone conversation in 1993, Charles expressed the strength of his love for Camilla. I would endure anything for you.

Charles admitted in a TV interview the following year that, although it was said that his marriage had irretrievably broken down, he had resumed their affair.

In her very own television interview in 1995, Diana, who affectionately called Camilla “the Rottweiler”, famously stated, “There were three of us in this marriage – so it was a little cramped.”

Many Britons could not understand why Charles, a country-loving individual, would prefer to wear a green waterproof riding coat and scarf, as pictured, instead of the glittering gowns that Diana brought glamour to the stuffy House of Windsor.

Prince Philip, Charles’ father and the late Queen Elizabeth’s husband, expressed in a letter to Diana, “I cannot fathom anyone in their sound judgment departing from you for Camilla.”


After Diana’s passing, amidst a widespread expression of sorrow and rage, the royal aides, who were responsible for restoring the damaged reputation of the entire royal family, gradually started incorporating Camilla into a more prominent position. During the following years, Camilla was specifically targeted for severe criticism.

From being able to appear together in public, Camilla successfully took the Consort Queen title from Queen Elizabeth’s approval last year and their marriage.

Experts say that the careful and diligent work of Camilla’s aides was mainly due to her great sense of humor and unique personality, resulting in excellent public relations.

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In the previous month, Fiona Shelburne, the Marchioness of Lansdowne, a trusted friend of Camilla, who is currently 75 years old, informed the Sunday Times, “She is strong and determined, she was raised with an exceptional understanding of responsibility where you persevered, refrained from complaining, presented yourself in the best possible way, and continued forward, and it has been highly beneficial for her.”

However, in order to enhance her own reputation, she has come at a cost for rehabilitation. Prince Harry, Charles’s younger son, has accused his stepmother of leaking stories to the press about him in his memoir. He also revealed that his father had asked his brother and him not to marry her.

According to a recent YouGov poll, she is considered one of the least favored members of the royal family, with 39% of people holding an unfavorable opinion of her and 48% having a favorable view. Additionally, polls indicate that she has not garnered widespread public affection.

Other studies have also shown that only a small number of people believed that Camilla should become the Queen.

Reuters informed royal author Tina Brown that the notion of placing a crown on the head of her most formidable adversary, Camilla, would undoubtedly have caused Diana immense distress. Tina Brown also expressed her belief that Diana would show her strong disapproval during the coronation ceremony.

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