Butt with a Blog

Butt with a Blog
A true Lazytown hero.

Nevertheless… Were you aware that Robbie Rotten is genuinely an upright and sincere individual? In spite of being labeled as “Villain Number One,” he is truly a champion for LazyTown, striving to liberate it from its authoritarian regime. For numerous people, Robbie Rotten is perceived as a conniving antagonist, a skillful chameleon, a proponent of indolence, and simply a general betrayer.

Robbie personally conducted an interview with reporters from Buttbuddz, showcasing his not-so-rotten heart. However, LazyTown’s government is the only one that did not provide adequate coverage in this regard.

Mr. Rotten, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to sit down and speak with us. First of all, do you have any connection to the brutish British politician, Theresa Mays?

The civilians may not be innocent, but perhaps the Mayor Meanswell acts like dictators in LazyTown, spying against ordinary citizens. She disguises herself to look like me! No! What?! Robbie:

Buttbuddz: You say that LazyTown’s a dictatorship, but can you elaborate on what it’s leaders -like Mayor Meanswell- have done to LazyTown?

Stephanie, his niece, plans to take over the family after he retires from dictatorship; I don’t think this will end anytime soon… It’s amazing how one can be in favor of all these contradictory things. He says I’m a bad guy because I like sweets and sleeping, and then he turns around! LazyTown stands for all things lazy and Sportaflop, the sworn enemy of laziness, is all about physical activity and insists that everyone follows sleeping schedules. Meanswell, also known as “Mayor,” claims that Earth is the laziest place they love. They all say that Robbie is their enemy.

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Buttbuddz: I understand the concerns you have regarding the governance of LazyTown, but how does this affect the remaining inhabitants of LazyTown?

So you never thought you would have to wear roller skates like Trixie, did you? Instead of eating his favorite candies, Ziggy is not happy. Do you think Pixel is really happy being forced to play Extreme Throwdown Football games instead of playing real football outside? Do you want to wake up at six in the morning or do you not want to be outside? Robbie, is it?

Buttbuddz: If you had control over LazyTown, how would you operate it in a different manner?

Nobody should be forced to go to school and everyone should be able to learn at their own pace. In addition, I would abolish the laws that require education and change the laws of Sportaflop to abolish the “healthy living standards” of Pepsi and cake. This way, everybody can sleep as long as their bodies need and set their own schedule.

Butt with a Blog
Robbie really would be the best mayor LazyTown’s ever had.

Buttbuddz: But isn’t exclusively consuming cake a bit detrimental to one’s health?

Can we acquire that presently, can we? And we are unable to possess that, now can we? Since those ultimately bestow Sportacus with the authority to topple LazyTown’s restructured administration, excluding Coca Cola and apples. We will obtain it, whatever you prefer; Frozen dessert, pastries. Furthermore, it’s not solely cake and Pepsi I would authorize. You can incorporate anything into a cake and still designate it as cake. There’s carrot cake, yam cake, meat cake.

Buttbuddz: Ultimately, what are your thoughts on the inhabitants of LazyTown?

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They need to realize that I often look at everyone’s living situations for help, but sometimes it feels like I’m thinking more about myself than anyone else… I wish I could be friends with everyone, deep down: Robbie.

Deep down, he will forever remain a genuinely sincere individual, but in case he doesn’t, we hope he achieves success in his endeavors to rescue LazyTown from its oppressive regime. Following our interview, Robbie promptly hurried out to continue his endeavors.

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