Bud Light’s Partnership With Band Slammed Amid Boycott

Bud Light’s partnership with the country-music band Midland has faced derision and criticism on Twitter amidst an ongoing boycott of the brand’s beer.

On Sunday, Bud Light’s account on X, previously known as Twitter, promoted a competition where customers had the chance to win two tickets to watch Midland’s performance in Oklahoma City on August 15. Nonetheless, the advertisement received a lukewarm reaction.

Since the beginning of April, Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer, has been under fire for her partnership with Anheuser-Busch, a brand of beer, as she commemorated 365 days of living as a woman by posting a video on Instagram. Light Bud, a small brand in partnership with Anheuser-Busch, unveiled this collaboration.

The partnership, artists Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, and John Rich, voiced their opposition to the brand following Mulvaney’s affiliation with Bud Light, resulting in widespread condemnation and calls for a boycott. Furthermore, the LGBTQ+ community scrutinized the company for failing to stand up for its connections with Mulvaney.

A Bud Light neon sign on August 15, 2019 in Royal Oak, Michigan. The beer brand is facing continued criticism, four months after partnering with social-media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Scott Legato/Getty Images

Modelo Especial currently holds the leading position in the U.S., Alongside its Mexican competitor. The company has also surrendered its title as the most popular beer in America. Revenue continues to consistently stay below its 2022 levels. Ever since the boycott calls began nearly four months ago, Bud Light has experienced a decline in sales within the country.

Midland, Bush, Dashboard Confessional, and OneRepublic are among the bands participating. The competition includes the brand’s Backyard Tour, which showcases shows with various bands throughout the United States on different dates in August. Despite its ongoing public relations troubles, Bud Light has persisted in posting on social media, with its latest post promoting a contest to win tickets to see Midland.

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“Join now for an opportunity to score tickets,” stated a post shared on Bud Light’s X account promoting the Midland concert in Oklahoma City. The post included a hyperlink to the contest and urged individuals to get their boots ready as Midland was on their way.

“Contrary to the belief that any publicity is better than no publicity, I don’t know if Midland Group assumes they need publicity or exposure. What would it mean for a group to be sponsored by a toxic brand? Why are there so many negative comments flooding in from users X?”

“Just called off my tickets!” An X subscriber remarked. “@Budlight being the sponsor…I am NOT participating!!! Time for a reimbursement!”.

Two Bud Light bottles, referred to as “a couple of leftovers in the basement refrigerator,” were shattered using a brick, prompting someone else to share a video.

While the majority of the comments toward Bud Light appeared to be negative, some X users expressed their excitement over the competition.

Expressing gratitude to Bud Light, someone mentioned that they had “earned tickets to attend a OneRepublic concert.”

“Continue sharing, Buddy! Adore you all!” Another post read.

Over the past few weeks, numerous social-media users have demonstrated the boycott of the beer label by sharing pictures and videos of unsold Bud Light at retail stores and event locations.

Over the past few weeks, Bud Light has employed a range of tactics to enhance its sales, including providing significant discounts that rendered the beer either free or almost free in certain regions.

On June 29, Mulvaney accused Anheuser-Busch InBev of disregarding the transphobic attacks she faced following her partnership with the company.

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Mulvaney, in a TikTok post captioned “Trans individuals also enjoy beer,” accused the brewery giant of failing to connect with her during the peak of the criticism.

Mulvaney stated, “Be aware that the situation is significantly more severe for other individuals who identify as transgender. Additionally, I have experienced a profound sense of isolation that I would not want anyone else to endure. I have been subjected to surveillance and publicly mocked. Furthermore, I have been living in fear and have been reluctant to leave my residence for several months. However, they never made an effort to support me, despite my anticipation of their assistance.”

I know a lot of queer and transgender people who love beer. We also have queer and transgender customers in our community. It is important to understand that there are serious and grave consequences for discriminating against them. I don’t hate anyone because of their identity. However, it is even worse for me to publicly support a company that refuses to hire transgender individuals. Mulvaney added, “It is even worse for me to publicly support a company that refuses to hire transgender individuals, as it gives permission for others to be hateful and transphobic.”

Newsweek has reached out to a spokesperson from Bud Light through email for a statement.

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