Bubble Letter T – How To Draw Your Own Bubble T

Learning how to write is pretty important, so we use the letter T quite a lot in our everyday words! We think it’s a fantastic letter and the twentieth letter of the alphabet.

Taking a further step, it can be fairly easy to learn how to write lowercase and uppercase versions, as they are quite similar.

In this guide, we will look at how you can create a bubble letter T, which will make this letter look more exciting. However, when you see them written down, the letters may seem boring.

We will show you how to create this fun bubble letter by going through 6 easy steps. Additionally, we will cover how you can incorporate different colors into it.

Step 1 starts with that, so let’s begin to enhance it by providing you with a few suggestions. Ultimately.

How To Draw Your Own Bubble T

Let’s Get Started


How To Draw Your Own Bubble T step 1

In this guide, we will focus on the capital letter T, which is a simple letter made up of one shorter horizontal line on top and one taller vertical line.

Despite the fact that we will start drawing the letter bubble version, you can still draw these lines as you normally would when preparing to write the letter.

If you think it will help, you should definitely go for it. Having this rough plan can only help shape the letter, even if it’s not particularly tricky to draw.

Once you are ready, we will begin by drawing the first line of the letter, which you can see as a small image reference in our drawing.

We want to make it look like a bubble letter, so instead of straight lines, we will make it rounded. We will just draw a small curved line at the base of the letter.

After you have sketched this curved line, we can proceed to the next phase of the tutorial.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble T step 2

The initial line will be significantly lengthier than the left side of the pillar on which the T is situated, resulting in the elongation of the line starting from the initial ascent. Presently, we will be prolonging it.

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Proceed at a leisurely pace, making sure to oscillate as you create lengthier strokes. Your hand may gradually become steady, maintaining a pleasant and prominent grip while drawing elongated lines in this manner.

Joining them together could help make the drawing go smoothly. You should connect the first line as smoothly as possible.

However you draw these two lines, we can then add the top of the T in the next step, so let’s proceed!


How To Draw Your Own Bubble T step 3

Another smaller arched line will be created using this one, starting at the top of the letter T as described in the previous step of the guide, as previously mentioned.

Now, just 50% of it will be sketched, and it will directly link to the column we initiated drawing in the initial two stages.

Certain interior elements could be incorporated to complete the outline of the T in the subsequent stage of the tutorial. Regardless of whether you did not initially sketch it with your pencil, your bubble letter T will now begin to take shape.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble T step 4

Prior to your sketching, whatever you sketched previously will be replicated as a reflection. Consequently, we will essentially be duplicating all the actions you performed in the preceding stages. Moreover, these components will also be depicted.

To go the other way, you will have to sketch them, but in case you need a reminder, you can retrace the initial few steps.

If we take it one step at a time, we will add some more curved lines for the top of the T, and it will be rounded on the previous side again.

After that, we will draw the column using a different long and slightly curved line. With that, your letter outline is finished!

Before we add interior details in the next step, be sure to neaten up the outlines so it looks nice and smooth.

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From now on, we will not utilize them for generating the illustration, therefore you can also delete any pencil plotting you might have performed.

Then, we can proceed to step 5 to give this flat letter T a more bubble-like appearance.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble T step 5

This main goal of this step is to take your flat letter T and make it sound more like a bubble, which is probably harder than it seems and can be easy to show how we will do it.

By incorporating a few petite ellipses into the upper sections of the correspondence, we will give it a reflective appearance and create the illusion that the letter is composed of a specific material initially.

We will give you some volume T. If you prefer, you could put them in other areas of T, but this is where we chose to place these ovals.

We also experimented with placing other objects in different locations. The material is stretchy, which gives it a look similar to the inner outlines of some lines. We achieved this by adding lines to the inner outlines of the material.

You can add more details to make it even more unique! Once you have added these details, you will see that your T letter on the page looks less flat already.

The pattern may include dots, celestial bodies, or love symbols adorning the T. Enjoyable details such as lines, tiny figures, and additional embellishments could be incorporated, for instance.

You might like to put your own spin on it, but keep in mind that we can customize the color of the T-shirt in many fun ways. It’s all up to you!

After completing step 6, we will explore additional concepts that you could incorporate to enhance its distinctiveness as well.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble T step 6

Adding some color to your drawing can really put things on spin and have a great time! This is a fun way to have some fun with colors. In this guide, we will be the final step to guide you. It’s time to add some color!

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We chose brown as the color scheme for our version, meaning that we only selected one color. As an example, we will use these colors in the way that shows you one way of doing it.

We adjusted the tones from lighter to darker, as if it were a tangible object, in order to demonstrate the impact of light on this letter T.

Infuse it with vitality by incorporating any of your preferred options. Regardless of the hue or hues you select, you can attain a comparable impact with your own illustration.

You have successfully created your bubble letter T. You can imagine adding lots of different patterns or shapes to create a rainbow effect.

Before we conclude this guide, we have a few additional suggestions for you to enjoy.

Have a few ideas in mind, but we can definitely encourage your creativity to bring your own fun to this design.

You can utilize a multitude of enjoyable terms that start with T. We constantly enjoy crafting a concept that integrates the letter with these rounded letters.

Generate a theme from those and consider additional T terms you may include, like Tyrannosaurus rex, tea set, playthings, or locomotive. Several options such as train, toys, teacup, or T-rex are available for utilization.

If you choose to use an example train, you could make it like the letter T, with trains made up at an intersection. Or, you could make them on tracks like a train and have them on a train.

Although there, make sure to stop! You can already see how you can get creative with a simple theme, but these are just a few ideas.

Some potential examples you could generate include names such as Tina, Trevor, Tom, or Tamara. Furthermore, within this specific bubble letter format, you have the option to form a name that initiates with the letter T.

This could be based on the name of someone you know, or you could just write out some of your favorite names.

Can you imagine additional methods to enhance the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this illustration?

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