Bruce Willis’ kids: Meet his 5 daughters with Demi Moore and Emma Heming

The star of “Die Hard” has happily welcomed five daughters with Demi Moore and Emma Heming throughout the years.

Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah have successfully co-parented the ex-couple in a friendly manner since officially ending their marriage almost 13 years ago. Moore and Willis tied the knot in November 1987.

In March 2009, the actor got married to Heming, with whom he has Mabel and Evelyn.

Putting your ego aside, you are willing to learn. Spending time with my daughters makes things much easier as I get older. In a June 2013 interview with Zoomer, he expressed his fulfillment of fatherhood and how being able to devote myself to them is very satisfying. Your kids need your attention and love.

Demi Moore hugs Bruce Willis
Willis shares Rumer, Scout and Tallulah with Demi Moore.
Ron Davis
Bruce Willis kisses Emma Heming
The actor is now married to Emma Heming, with the couple sharing Mabel and Evelyn.

In February 2023, Willis, who had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, saw his condition worsen once again. At this time, his children and Heming Moore gathered around him and retired from acting, due to his ongoing battle with aphasia, a brain disorder.

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Bruce Willis is hugged by Scout, Tallulah and Rumer
Rumer has followed in her parents’ acting footsteps.

Rumer, the oldest child of Bruce and Moore, arrived in Idaho in August 1988 and was raised there.

Rumer, who acted throughout her childhood and moved to Los Angeles for high school, dropped out of the University of Southern California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

In the beginning of 2019, she participated on “The Masked Singer” and in May 2015, she emerged victorious on “Dancing With the Stars,” garnering attention for her appearances on reality shows. Not only has the actress been cast in “Wild Cherry,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and a few of her parents’ ventures, but she has also grabbed headlines for her reality show appearances.

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Emma Heming and Demi Moore celebrate Mother
She gave birth to daughter Louetta in April 2023.

Following Moore’s relapse, Rumer achieved sobriety in December 2017, revealing to viewers of “Red Table Talk” that she had formed an adverse connection with alcohol.

In the subsequent month, the pair revealed their news about expecting a baby. In November 2022, the “Empire” actress made her and Derek Richard Thomas’ relationship known to the public.

Rumer’s daughter, Louetta, was born at home without the use of medication in April 2023.

Scout LaRue Willis

Bruce Willis carries daughter Scout on shoulders
Scout grew up to become a musician.
Bruce Willis hugs Scout
She is a Brown University grad who primarily stays out of the public eye.

Three years after Bruce and Moore became parents, they joyfully welcomed their daughter Scout in July 1991.

In the field of literature, the creative individual registered at Brown University to pursue a qualification and subsequently, during her teenage years, relocated from Idaho to Los Angeles alongside her family.

She is dating Jake Miller, a musician. Scout has pursued music by teaching herself to play the guitar and is releasing her album “Scout” in June 2022.

Tallulah Belle Willis

Bruce Willis and daughter Tallulah share shirt
Tallulah arrived in 1994, six years before her parents finalized their divorce.
Tallulah Willis/Instagram

In 1994, Tallulah joined the family during an episode of “Mars on Stars”, revealing that her parents’ growing fame didn’t fully understand her until nearly three decades later.

In November 2019, during her appearance on “Red Table Talk,” she candidly shared an incident where the fashion designer revealed her sobriety, just like her two sisters.

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  • Tallulah said that she started drinking at the age of 14 and died the following year from alcohol poisoning, after voluntarily seeking treatment and also using cocaine and codeine along with her family members.

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    Bruce Willis smiles in selfie with Tallulah
    She now works as a fashion designer.

    Battling since her teens had she depression the and disorder eating an for 25 age at help sought Tallulah sobriety her amid.

    In the May 2023 issue of Vogue, she shared another treatment experience, revealing that Buss Dillon was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and had been “abandoned” in Recovery Driftwood, Texas.

    Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Bruce and Moore’s youngest child ventured into the world of fashion by launching her very own brand, Wyliss, after pursuing a career in acting during her earlier years.

    Mabel Ray Willis

    Bruce Willis is tackled by Emma Heming and daughters Mabel and Evelyn
    Heming gave birth to daughter Mabel in 2012.

    Mabel, a baby girl named Mabel, was born in Los Angeles and brought up in New York. She became Bruce and Heming’s first child in April 2012.

    The year following his Emmy-winning Everything Zoomer told him that life in later fatherhood was like changing diapers for his second loving and “champ” like father.

    He explained, “I am still able to get up early in the morning and I have a lot of energy left, so let Emma relax and take care of herself while I call him happier than ever.”

    Evelyn Willis

    Bruce Willis and Emma Heming pose outdoors with Mabel and Evelyn
    Evelyn arrived two years later.

    Mabel became an older sibling in May 2014 when her sister Evelyn was born.

    In addition to sharing photos of Evelyn’s bike rides and rollercoaster adventures over the years on Instagram, Dad shared a sweet little story about researching facts related to dementia with Heming.

    Heming instructed her daughter to exhibit curiosity and acquire knowledge about her father’s ailment, emphasizing that it is the utmost expression of love and empathy.

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