Brian Laundrie’s mom wrote him letter saying she would help ‘dispose of a body’

As per the lawyer who shared the information with USA TODAY, Roberta Laundrie penned a letter wherein she advised her son to destroy it once read. In the letter, she mentioned, “In case you find yourself incarcerated, I will prepare a cake containing a hidden file. And if you ever require assistance in getting rid of a corpse, I will arrive equipped with a shovel and garbage bags.”

The undated letter was enclosed in an envelope labeled with Laundrie’s name and the instruction to burn it after reading.

“You are such a boy who reads the letter. You should know that I will always love you, and I hope you will always remember that you are the one I want.”

The envelope of a letter Roberta Laundrie wrote to her son, Brian Laundrie, instructs him to "burn after reading." The letter was handed over to Gabby Petito

Laundrie also vanished later. Her family reported her missing, and she never returned from her trip with Laundrie. Speculation about what happened to her and her fiance, as well as national attention, gained momentum in the weeks following Petito’s summer disappearance.

The family of Petito filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the police, alleging that they missed signs of domestic violence and made mistakes during the review. Ultimately, the police were allowed to leave and they said that they had been fighting. The officers in Utah pulled the couple over after showing them police footage, which drew attention to the case of domestic violence.

Earlier, the Petito family initiates legal action against Brian Laundrie’s parents, alleging their knowledge of her murder.

Petito’s body was found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming in September 2021. A coroner ruled her death homicide by strangulation.

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Officials stated that in October 2021, in the southern region of Sarasota County, Florida, within Carlton Reserve, a vast expanse of approximately 25,000 acres, the remains of her body were discovered alongside written materials, and Laundrie confessed to her murder.

Gabby Petito is pictured in materials by the North Port, Florida police and the FBI asking for help to find the 22-year-old, whose remains were later discovered near a Wyoming campground in September 2021. MATT HOUSTON/HERALD-TRIBUNE

On Wednesday, his mother’s letter discussed a court hearing. Laundrie’s parents alleged that they were aware of Petito’s demise and engaged in efforts to hide it from both Petito’s family and the authorities who were investigating her vanishing. As a result, Petito’s parents initiated a legal action against Laundrie’s parents.

The judge ordered the release of Petito’s letter, which was argued to be relevant to the lawsuit by Petito’s family lawyer, while the lawyer for the Laundries’ attempted to withhold it in court records.

According to the Laundries’ lawyer, Matt Luka, “Ridiculous” and “clearly not meant to be taken seriously” were the items listed by Roberta Laundrie. A statement given to USA TODAY by the lawyer stated that her letter was unrelated to Petito and was composed prior to her son’s journey with her, as per an attorney representing the Laundries.

“Looking back, the letter might seem regrettably phrased, but that was never its purpose,” attorneys stated in a court document.

She also didn’t intend to read it to anyone else. In an affidavit obtained by TODAY USA, Roberta Laundrie said that while they were going through a difficult period, she wrote a letter to her son, giving him instructions on how to reach out after reading the book “After Burn” that Petito had given her son. However, she doesn’t remember the exact date she wrote the letter.

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In the sworn statement, Roberta Laundrie expressed, ‘I could never have imagined the series of events that transpired months later between Brian and Gabby would mirror the sentiments in my letter. Although I employed terms that appear to be related to Brian’s behavior and his tragic act of ending Gabby’s life.’

In a statement provided by Luka, Roberta Laundrie requested that individuals read the letter in its complete form.

Roberta Laundrie, the mother of Brian Laundrie, wrote him a letter she told him to "burn after reading." It was handed over to Gabby Petito

Patrick Reilly, the lawyer representing Petito’s parents, stated in court on Wednesday that a jury should determine the time when the letter was written.

Reilly stated, “We anticipate a jury deciding the timing of the letter during the trial.” The letter is not dated, and although Roberta Laundrie has indicated it was written prior to Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito’s departure on their journey, a logical deduction is that it was written subsequent to Gabby Petito’s murder, and serves as proof that the Laundries and Attorney Bertolino were aware of Gabby Petito’s death when the relevant statement was issued on September 14, 2021.

The lawsuit is anticipated to proceed to court in May 2024.

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