Breaking Down The Seattle Sea Dragons 2023 XFL Roster

The Seattle Sea Dragons will commence their XFL season on February 19th against the DC Defenders. This time, Coach Jim Haslett is at the helm of the XFL franchise. Once more, the Seattle Sea Dragons are exhibiting exceptional form.

Just a bluebird practice kind of day at Dragon Stadium 🐉#XFL2023 | #BreatheFire

— Seattle Sea Dragons (@XFLSeaDragons) January 20, 2023

Let’s take a look at the players who should make an impact in 2023 and were drafted by the team. Seattle’s Lair is certainly filled with talent. Now, the Seattle Dragons have hit the training camp ground running, and both drafts are behind us.


Ben DiNucci is one of the more intriguing names in the XFL, having spent the last few years with the Dallas Cowboys as a backup quarterback on the practice squad, while flashing signs of talent in the big leagues.

Ben DiNucci’s first pass goes to @AmariCooper9 for 32 yards! #DallasCowboys

📺: #DALvsWAS on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app:

— NFL (@NFL) October 25, 2020

Be cautious, in case DiNucci is given control of June Jones’ offensive system. He exhibited brilliance during his time at James Madison, achieving a remarkable feat of surpassing 5,700 yards and 45 touchdowns in a mere two seasons. DiNucci consistently displayed his exceptional abilities throughout his college career. However, this might all be subject to alteration now that he is with the Sea Dragons.

Montez did indeed spend a few years in the NFL with Washington, but he never got a chance to play significantly. He was summoned to the practice squad of the Detroit Lions, but has now come back to the XFL. Steven Montez has rejoined the Sea Dragons.

Steven Montez. Flea Flicker. Longest play from scrimmage in CU Buffs history. @Airmontez12 putting on a show like he did for @DVFootballOFOD and @CoachPofod..

— Colin Deaver (@ColinDeaverTV) September 7, 2019

With Montez’s development, we can make him very valuable by utilizing his mobility and elusiveness – especially when he scrambles, which is when he is at his best. While he struggled in other situations, there were moments when he was unstoppable.

Heading into the season, it is expected that Brian will begin as the third or second string QB. Once again, the Alphas had a mixed bag of good and bad in the 2021 Spring League. He has plenty of talent in his arm, regardless. Turnovers have been a recurring issue for Brian. He has been inconsistent, similar to Montez and played for Michigan State. Another candidate for Brian is Lewerke.


Brian Lewerke to Felton Davis III secures Michigan State’s upset over No. 8 Penn State!

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 13, 2018

Lately, Harrison Frost was additionally included in the blend. Frost, a former student of West Georgia, will aim to integrate himself into the group as training camp progresses.


Ladarius Galloway has been released today, however, he was with the team for the first week of training camp. Seattle currently has four running backs on the roster.

Brendan Knox carried the defense for a TOUCHDOWN!


Herd 36Owls 31

— CBS Sports Network (@CBSSportsNet) October 19, 2019

Brendan Knox, a name that many will recognize, will have an excellent opportunity to revive his career with the Sea Dragons. After spending some time with the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, Knox had a sensational career at Marshall, but ultimately failed to make the regular season roster.

In February, anticipate him to have a significant influence if everything goes smoothly for Morgan during the training camp. Ellison undeniably possesses promise, exhibiting impressive performance at both Southeastern Louisiana and Independence CC. The remainder of the backfield consists of Morgan Ellison, T.J. Hammonds, and Scottie Phillips.

Independence RB Morgan Ellison is the KJCCC Co-Offensive Player of the Year.

Ellison rushed for 648 yards, 8 touchdowns (6.6 ypc) this season. @DreamU_IndyFB @MorganEllisonFB @IndyFBHC @koamfox14sports

— Jacob Lenard (@j_lenard) November 14, 2019

The team decided to take him out of the game due to his injury before the Houston Texans, allowing him to gain valuable experience in the NFL with Phillips. He will now shift his focus more towards playing as a receiver, as directed by coach Jim Haslett. Recently, Hammonds has played both as a running back and wide receiver in college, particularly at Arkansas.

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Wide Receivers

Josh Gordon, a widely speculated player, is joining the XFL without any doubt. Fans have been speculating about Gordon for years. There’s no denying that Gordon possesses raw talent, and whether you like him or not, he has a knack for getting into football, especially with his size. The XFL is the perfect landing spot for him to revive his professional career.

Josh Gordon’s 1,646-yard receiving season. (2013)

📺: #BUFvsKC — Sunday 8:20pm ET on NBC📱: NFL app

— NFL Legacy (@NFLLegacy) October 8, 2021

Shaa, known for his agility, is likely to be seen in action. Displaying his impressive 4.3 velocity, he maintained an average of more than 18 yards per catch in his last two seasons at Liberty. Although Kevin possesses exceptional talent, he has not yet secured a position in the NFL, which explains Shaa’s status as a smaller receiver. The Seattle Seahawks selected Kevin Shaa, a wide receiver from Liberty University, as their first pick in the draft.

How did @Kevybo_ catch that??? 🤯🤯

— Liberty Mtn Views 🦅 (@LibertyMtnViews) December 20, 2021

Interestingly, Blake Jackson is enough to be reunited with Jones in Seattle. He played for the Houston Roughnecks in the XFL in June 2020 and put up solid numbers. Fans will recognize him as a name in the XFL.

“We don’t mess with Dallas. H-Town all day.”

LET THEM KNOW @BHunchoJack 🤘

— Houston Roughnecks (@XFLRoughnecks) March 1, 2020

Plenty Of Depth For Seattle At WR

Juwan Green has spent a lot of time practicing with multiple NFL organizations in the past, but he has never made the stage squad. Every drafted prospect begins the season with the potential in mind that they will be cut before the season starts. The Seattle Dragons currently have a large number of receivers on their roster.

Damion Willis, another NFL alumni, is now searching for professional footing as he signed with the Cincinnati Bengals and got a bit of action during the regular season, but hasn’t cracked the 53 man roster yet.

WHAT! Damion Willis hauled in a @Mike_Glennon heave! #NEvsNYG

— NFL (@NFL) August 30, 2021

Jordan Veasy, Jamar Washington, Jaylon Redd, Jahcour Pearson, Kelvin Mcknight, McLane Mannix, Imoni Donadelle, Tayvian Cunningham, and the other members of the wide receiver group consist of.

Tight Ends

Joshua Perkins, who was previously playing for the Falcons, made it to the Super Bowl as part of the team that ended up snagging the Falcons. Coming from the Falcons undrafted, Perkins is now a big name for the XFL. The Sea Dragons now have two tight ends on their roster: Perkins and Ben Beise.


— Cold Blooded Sports (@ColdBloodedChat) December 29, 2019

The Sea Dragons possess an abundance of skill at the tight end position with Perkins and Beise. Perkins accumulated 358 yards in the year 2021, with an average of nearly 10 yards per catch. Beise is entering the upcoming season following a remarkable performance at Wisconsin-River Falls.

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Offensive Line

The Seattle Sea Dragons currently have 13 offensive linemen on their roster.

The list of names includes Zech, Thomas, Tyrin, Arceneaux, Tejan, Koroma, Ryan, Pope-Williams, Paul, Grattan, Liam, Jimmons, Kai, Absheer, Jovann, Letuli, Jared, Thomas, Jaren, Aiken, Frank, Ball, Chris, Owens, and Wesley Barry.

If they remain loyal to the team, both individuals are expected to excel for Seattle. On the one hand, Jared Thomas had an exceptional career as a center for the New Orleans Breakers in the All-USFL league. On the other hand, Ryan Pope achieved great success this season by winning the Championship with the Birmingham Stallions. The Sea Dragons were fortunate enough to acquire two of the most talented offensive linemen from the USFL.

Defensive Line

Seattle’s current roster is teeming with a plethora of defensive linemen. Throughout both drafts, they procured:

The individuals mentioned are Hester, Treyvon, Miller, Shareef, Paama, Sama, Hall, P.J., Goodson, O’Bryan, Lalos, Niko, Turner, Julius, Stephens, Howard, Hansen, Erik, Ponder, Elijah, Joseph, Daniel, Rice, Chris, Faoliu, Austin, and Antwuan.

Not all will stick for the regular season, but Seattle has a lot of options. There are a few talented defensive linemen on this roster, keeping that in mind. Curtis Weaver signed a contract with Minnesota but was also scheduled to play with Seattle.

Lalos continued to improve every year, establishing himself as a standout player at Dartmouth College. Following the conclusion of the NFL season, he is now making his way back to the team. After being selected by Seattle in the draft, he was later acquired by the New Orleans Saints. Lalos has dedicated a significant amount of time to the NFL in recent years, making him an exhilarating prospect for the team.

5️⃣7️⃣ days until Giants football with #57 Niko Lalos grabbing an INT in his first career game!

— Talkin’ Giants (@TalkinGiants) July 17, 2021

The potential stars are Joseph Daniel and Faoliu Austin. Both have been on NFL practice squads for the past couple of years. They haven’t quite gotten over that hump yet, but both have been on NFL practice squads for the past couple of years. However, Joseph opted to pursue a gig with the Buffalo Bills, but he was slated to play for the BC Lions of the CFL. Now, Daniel looks to the XFL for the next chapter of his career.

Antwuan Jackson, a rookie from Ohio State, has a lot to offer with his raw set of skills if he can transition smoothly from college to the pros. Although he lacks professional experience at this point, his potential is promising.


We will see if Smith can turn things around in the XFL, he needs all the opportunity. Unfortunately, his career was derailed by injuries in 2021. Smith has played for multiple NFL teams and won a super bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. Emmanuel Smith is looking to regain his footing after a couple of challenging years.

Gread tackle by Emmanuel Smith

— Carlton (@SlopingGiraffe) August 30, 2018

Tre Walker, hailing from Idaho, had a short preseason stint with the Washington Commanders in 2022 but began the season before he was let go. Walker was unbelievable in racking up 338 tackles throughout four seasons at Idaho. The XFL turns out to be his next professional opportunity.

In order to regain momentum, it is hoped that the XFL can offer Evans a solid foundation. Since experiencing an ACL injury in 2021, he has not been able to recover and perform at the same level. However, he had a successful run with the Cincinnati Bengals for five seasons after tearing his ACL. Jordan Evans just requires an opportunity to kickstart his professional career, just like Smith.

16Flashback to 2016 when Jordan Evans picked off Skyler Howard for an 80 yard pick-six in the beat down of West Virginia.

— Days until Oklahoma Football (@ouftblcountdown) August 18, 2022

Jaylin Thomas, Tuzar Skipper, Clarence Hicks, and Joe Beckett make up the remaining linebackers in the group. Skipper has also played in the NFL, having been a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, and Atlanta Falcons.

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Chris Jones is a type of corner who could dominate in the XFL. He has played in the NFL for almost 30 games, providing plenty of professional experience with multiple organizations. Jones has racked up five interceptions in four seasons at Nebraska College.

Jaguars have private workout with Nebraska CB Chris Jones. Sandalwood high school grad whose physical style reminds us a lot of Jalen Ramsey. @Joneschosen1

— Jaguars United (@Jaguars_United) April 22, 2018

Reggie Robinson, Linden Stephens, and Antoine Brooks are all promising prospects who have played at a high level during their time in the NFL. Each of them has spent a lot of time with teams, accumulating a total of 237 tackles in just 44 games over four years in Maryland.

S – Antoine Brooks selected by @XFLSeaDragons 🔥🔥🔥

— XFL ENDZONE (@XFL_Endzone) November 16, 2022

In the changing room, his guidance could potentially be extremely valuable if he remains with the team. His experience in the NFL will undoubtedly have an influence in the XFL, despite Orr not getting much playing opportunity during that period. Having been part of the Los Angeles Rams lineup when they emerged victorious in 2022, Kareem Orr already possesses a Super Bowl ring.

Big play @ReemKnows20! #BUFvsTEN

📺: Watch on CBS or Live

— Tennessee Titans (@Titans) October 14, 2020

Davis Shabari is capable of doing damage well as he posted almost 100 tackles alongside eight interceptions. He was phenomenal in his career at Southwest Missouri State. Davis keeps an eye on kickoff approaches and quickly begins to take action.

SEMO has under 200 yards of offense but took the lead on Murray State thanks to this pick six by Shabari Davis. Stay for the end to see Davis get leveled by a teammate in celebration.

— Dan Weiner (Parity) (@ReallyDanWeiner) March 7, 2021

Seattle has a lot of talent. Before the season begins, there will be cuts made in every position. Mykeal Wright, Alex Thomas, Zafir Kelly, Kendall Karcz, Alijah Holder, Rojesterman Farris, Bryce Thompson, Roger Cray, and Qwynnterrio Cole will make up the rest of the roster.

Special Teams

Fletcher Thomas, who was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 2021 draft, will be the long snapper for his team in the 2022 season. Coming from Alabama, Fletcher has a college record of kicking a long of 44 yards. Brandon Ruiz, hailing from Mississippi State, will join the Sea Dragons.

Round 46 #XFLDraft Recap:

Sea: PT Cameron NizialekSA: PK John Parker RomoOrl: LS Tommy AugerHou: LS Brian KhouryVV: K Bailey GiffenSTL: PK Donald HagemanDC: LS Erik LawsonArl: LS Antonio Ortiz

Nizialek was a solid punter in the AAF. Good snag by Seattle.

— James Larsen (@JamesLarsenPFN) November 17, 2022

Cameron Nizialek serves as the punter for the team. As he handled punting duties for the Atlanta Legends in the AAF, his name will be recognized by fans of spring football.

Final Thoughts

The Seattle Sea Dragons are an interesting team heading into 2023. The roster itself is well constructed, with dynamic playmakers across the board. The coaching staff, whether it’s Jones, June Haslett, or Jim, will determine whether the right chemistry can develop or not. Ultimately, it remains to be seen.

We are eagerly anticipating. They will commence their season on February 19th, in DC against the Defenders. Regardless of the eventual outcome, the Sea Dragons will undoubtedly be an entertaining team to observe.

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