‘Brady Bunch’ Star Ann B. Davis Dead at 88

She was 88 years old when Malcolm Robert, her longtime agent in Hollywood, confirmed that she had passed away in San Antonio. Known as the chipper live-in housekeeper Alice Nelson on the popular ABC series The Brady Bunch, B. Ann Davis was well-known in the industry.

Later that day, Davis passed away, while residing with her close friend and minister William Frey and his spouse. On Sunday morning, she was found unconscious after missing her usual hair appointment and hitting her head in a bathroom accident on Saturday. Prior to her passing, Davis had received two Emmy Awards for her portrayal of the spirited secretary Schultzy on The Bob Cummings Show.

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Malcolm, who collaborated with her for 22 years, expressed, “She was exceedingly pleasant.” “And only a handful of individuals have been as satisfied with their circumstances,” he exemplified numerous notable individuals. She took pleasure in her chosen vocation. Recently, she celebrated her birthday [on May 3] and was in excellent physical condition. It is truly disheartening that she had to pass away in this manner.

Throughout the course of time, the ensemble gathered for numerous reunion movies and derivative shows. After that, it underwent a year of syndication. The Brady Bunch, a television series conceived by Sherwood Schwartz, initially premiered on ABC from September 1969 to March 1974.

In the show, Carol’s previous marriages were never mentioned. Cindy (Susan Olsen), Jan (Eve Plumb), and Marcia (Maureen McCormick) are the three daughters of Carol Ann Martin. Carol Ann Martin (Florence Henderson) ties the knot with Mike Brady (Robert Reed), a widowed architect with three sons: Bobby (Mike Lookinland), Peter (Christopher Knight), and Greg (Barry Williams). This is the tale of Mike Brady, a widowed architect with three sons, who weds Carol Ann Martin, a woman with three daughters.

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Davis played Alice, the housekeeper on the sitcom family-friendly and occupied the square center of the show’s peppy, sometimes goofy and sometimes wise, checkerboard.

In a 1992 interview with People magazine, Davis revealed that she was an enthusiastic knitter who enjoyed creating “beautifully crafted rugs.” She mentioned that she would engage in needlepoint with girls, while the boys would pursue rug hooking. She further added that she believed children generally fare well when engaged in such activities, stating, “This is basically a reflection of the real-life story.”

The Bob Cummings Show, also known as Bob That Love, debuted as a midseason replacement in January 1955 on NBC. The show, which starred Bob Cummings as a ladies’ man and Hollywood photographer named Bob Collins, finished its five-season run in September 1959 and then moved to CBS.

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Davis won the comedy actress Emmys in 1958 and 1959, after being nominated for the past two years. She portrayed Bob’s enamored and amusing young secretary.

Davis also had a regular role as Miss Wilson, a never-been-kissed physical education teacher on the short-lived NBC series Forsythe John Show in 1965-66.

Her final credit was in 1997, when she made a guest appearance on the sitcom Something So Right.

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