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Bryan “Nino Maravilla” Flores lost the Lightweight Super USBA IBF title after ten rounds, with Shinard Bunch scoring a knockdown in the first round. The main event, presented by Carlos Tello Andres and Sampson Lewkowicz of Boxing Sampson, Joe DeGuardia of Boxing Star, and Paco Damian of Presents Paco Promotions, took place at Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, California on Friday, with Nedal Abuhumoud of Generation Next Boxing Sho overseeing the event.

In the main event of the IBF USBA Super Lightweight title fight, held in Chihuahua Juarez Ciudad, Bryan Flores from Brooklyn, NY and Trenton, NJ, with a record of 23-0-1, faced off against Shinard Bunch, also known as “Showtime,” with a record of 20-1-1.

In the first round, Flores was the busier of the two fighters until the final seconds when Collantes, the referee, went for an 8-count as Edward sounded the bell. Bunch ended the round with a combination punch, landing a left hook on Flores’ chin.

Flores was busy and on the defense as he boxed Bunch around third round. Bunch didn’t capitalize on the knockdown, only using an effective jab for the most part. Flores may have taken the round as the busier and more aggressive fighter.

In the sixth round, Bunch utilized a solid jab and landed a powerful overhand right to Flores’ head, which resulted in a knockdown. Flores may have been slowed down by these actions, and it is possible that Bunch took control of the fifth and fourth rounds.

Raul Rivas told him that the crowd wanted to know if they wanted a stronger finish. The trainer told him that they needed more action between the rounds. Flores outworked Bunch by holding a lot in the ninth and eighth rounds. Flores continued to be busier of the two. In the seventh round, their heads clashed midway through the round.

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In the final and tenth round, Bunch, who was exhausted, managed to knock out Flores, the only one remaining with the mouthpiece.

The scores were 96-93 Bunch, 97-92 Flores, and 95-94 Flores, with 97-94 Flores from this author.

In a majority decision, Guido “GES” Emmanuel Schramm from Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a record of 16-1-1 (9 wins), weighing in at 153.7 pounds, emerged victorious over Super Welter Jahyae “The Golden Child” Brown, hailing from Schenectady, NY, with a record of 13-1 (9 wins), weighing in at 153.2 pounds, after an intense battle lasting over 10 rounds.

During the match, Brown effectively used a powerful uppercut in the center of the ring, landing it on Schramm in the second round. In the first round, Schramm drove Brown into the ropes and could have scored a knockdown with a strong right hook. Referee Michael Margado observed this potential knockdown. Brown continued to defend well and landed solid punches on Schramm in the third round.

As Brown counterattacks, Schramm emerged in the sixth round, maintaining his role as the attacker. Although Brown is skilled at defending himself while backed against the ropes, Schramm primarily had Brown cornered in the fourth and fifth rounds.

Schramm, predominantly, was outperforming Brown in the seventh round. Both possess impressive uppercuts. Schramm, enabling him to surpass Brown in terms of landing punches, appears to decrease in speed during the eighth round.

In the final and tenth round, Michael Margado remained as the referee. Schramm, who was busier and looking like the winner, continued to fight. Throughout the entire round, Brown had Schramm cornered and landed a powerful overhand right to his head, causing Schramm to be hurt. This continued into the ninth round.

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The scores were 95-95, 98-92, and 97-93, just like this author.

Robert “Tiger” Perry from Jersey City, NJ, and Super Welter Raul Garcia from Santo Domingo, DR, had a draw after 8 uninteresting rounds. Perry, with a record of 9-0-1 (3) and weighing #155.5, faced Garcia, who had a record of 12-0-1 (10) and weighed #155.8.

In the fourth and third rounds, Garcia allowed Perry to continue his defensive action, even though there was much missing in what dictates the right way to proceed. In the first two rounds, both boxers mainly used jabs, with Garcia allowing the aggressor to take control.

In the final seconds of the fight, Edward Collantes, the referee, witnessed Garcia landing a left hook to Perry’s chin. Both fighters looked tired as they entered the eighth and final round, with neither showing signs of slowing down. However, in the seventh round, both fighters lacked accuracy in their punches. The pace of the match was slow, with little solid punches landing. In the sixth round, Garcia landed a left hook to Perry’s chin within the first minute.

Garcia and Perry each achieved a score of 77-75, whereas Garcia had a tie with scores of 76-76 and 77-75. Nonetheless, neither of them merited a victory, thus a draw was deemed appropriate.

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