Bosses of Mass Destruction

The Night Lich, Nether Gauntlet, Obisidilith, and Void Blossom are the four captivating yet challenging bosses added to Minecraft, scattered throughout various dimensions. Masters of devastation.

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Night Witch

Due to the sheer size of the Lich Tower, you might naturally come across it while exploring. It can be found in colder biomes within a structure called the Lich Tower. As a first encounter with bosses, you might come across the Night Lich on the surface of the Overworld.

The Lich Tower

They will indicate the direction of a Lich Tower (if one is present) within a reasonable range. Similar to Ender Pearls, they serve a purpose and must be defeated in order to acquire Soul Stars. Undead creatures like Skeletons and Zombies drop these items. Soul Stars can also be obtained by releasing them, though.

The tower also has multiple floors, which contain chests filled with loot. Inside the tower, there are also multiple spawners that summon Skeletons and other mobs, equipped with armor.

The Night Lich will appear; if it is not already present, the daytime will be transformed into nighttime. To activate each Night Lich, a Soul Star is needed. There are four Chiseled Stone Altars located on one of the floors. Once these altars are filled, the process is complete.

The Night Lich

To defeat the Night Lich, who possesses the ability to summon multiple phantoms and cast explosive projectiles at you, the only realistic way is to use a ranged weapon such as a crossbow or bow. This will require you to constantly move around a lot in order to avoid being hit.

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The health bar of the Lich Night cannot be regenerated if a section has been cleared once, and it is split into four sections.

Nether Glove

A visual appearance of an eye consisting of four sections creates a structure in the middle of the stadium. The Gauntlet Arena, usually partially immersed in molten rock, accommodates the Nether Gauntlet, the subsequent adversary discovered within the Nether.

The Gauntlet Arena

The unveiling of the monument will result in one of these blocks shattering, and the Nether Gauntlet will materialize. On the façade, specifically, it will be struck in the eye unless the Nether Gauntlet remains unharmed. It is crucial to emphasize this.

Dodging should be relatively simple. However, if the player destroys the nearby terrain and knocks up the enemy, they will deal a significant amount of damage. One of the primary attacks of Gauntlet Nether is when the player charges at the enemy and clenches their fist.

The Nether Gauntlet

The Nether Gauntlet occasionally makes a second attack, firing a laser that destroys blocks and deals high amounts of damage. After charging up for a few seconds, it must also be avoided.

A Explosive Enhancer or a Chart of Height can be crafted using the Fiery Gaze discovered in the Trunk. Certain Old Ruins make up the petite formation that appears in the Nether Gauntlet’s location after it is vanquished. Inflicting harm via the gaze is the sole method to triumph over the Nether Gauntlet, which could require a considerable amount of time.


Boss, within the End, there is a giant, structure-like mob called Obsidilith that can be found floating atop a floating structure, which has to be recommended to defeat Elytra.

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The Obsidilith Arena

Similar to a towering structure, the Obsidilith emerges into existence upon the addition of an Eye of Ender. The Obsidian Altar can be discovered in its vicinity. Conversely, ascend to the rooftop to prevent access to the remaining portion of the Obsidilith Arena.

It should be noted that there are multiple attacks. You should move away from these and try to move when the lights are on the ground around Obsidilith. They may knock you into the air and cause a lot of damage. The Enchantment Falling Feather or the Falling Slow effect is advantageous in this case. The Firework Rockets and Elytra are helpful in this situation, where you may also be annoyingly knocked into the void.

The Obsidilith

To enhance efficiency, the speed of the enchantment process should ideally be increased by using a Netherite Pickaxe. These blocks should be destroyed, empowering the ability to summon the runic Obsidilith around the arena. Additionally, the Obsidilith will occasionally teleport around the arena while dealing immense explosive damage.

Please bring construction toys or a means to ascend it, as the treasure will appear inside a Shulker Box on top of a newly created Obsidian Pillar once defeated. The Obsidilith should be relatively simple to overcome. Apart from that.

Some of the loot you will receive are an Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe and Hearts of Obsidian, which can be used to create the Blast Amplifier or the Staff of Suppression. Additionally, you will receive some blocks of Purpur and Obsidian.

Empty Flower

Upon entering the arena, a creature known as the Void Blossom will emerge in an underground area that bears a resemblance to the Lush Caves in the Overworld. The Void Blossom, which is a sizable flower-like entity, is present as well.

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The Void Blossom

After getting low health enough in the next section, it won’t regenerate into the next section. This boss has multiple health bars, so you have to fight it again once. One of the main things you need for this fight is the ability to move fast and heal your health regeneration.

During the fight with Blossom Void, the player will summon spiky thorns from the ground, which will also deal a lot of damage and poison you if you are hit. Blossom Void is using a green light to spit out attacks, and it is possible to see the ground light up if you look carefully, but these attacks are quite difficult to dodge.

Void Blossom Mid-Battle

At the conclusion, cages, akin to End Crystals, will be encased by Vines for protection. These cages will require destruction. By consistently mending the Void Blossom, the Void Blossom will summon numerous petals around the arena several times during the battle.

When I defeat Blossom Void, it drops a Fruit Crystal that grants Resistance and Regeneration. The recipe for Spear Earthdive and Pearl Ender Charged requires the Thorns Void Two, which can also be obtained as a drop.

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